The Sisterhood initially was an idea that Stone Rage ran by me for a group originally called, Bitch Society. Now… according to Stone Rage’s original premise… thisBitch Society was initially intended to be basically a group of bitter Black bitches who, I guess, were supposed to be a spin-off of the ABA, except with Black women. Uhhh…? I wasn’t too keeeeen on the idea, myself. And said as much. It was kinda cliché, which is bad coming from me? Hey I like cliché as much as the next guy. Hell I like campy too, and vampy! Can’t forget vampy… Plus it rhymes with campy… which also rhymes… with trampy… This is a travesty… -_- There is a point, gimme a second here because it’s 3 in the morning and insomnia is now giving way to sleep, so? My thought processes are kinda jumbled... OKAY!?!! Bottom line is that when he floated the idea by me I immediately Bitter Black bitches, uhhh, Noh! And my main reason for saying no was because it didn’t have any point to it. Who can’t create ye ole stereotypical bitter Black bitches? I’m thinkin I throw a rock into a crowd of Black women I’m gonna cause some bitterness pretty quick! As well as cause my own demise… And demise… is a bad word in this case, especially if it’s my own. So I’d prefer there to be a REAAAASON, behind the jealousy or bitterness, just call me a stickler for details, because there always is a reason at the root of it all. It could be her own fault, could be shit simply landing wrong and ending up on top of her,COULD BE BOTH! But just to drum out and parade out clichéd crap that we get to see OHHHH quite enough of on a daily basis?!?! NAH, pass!

Stone Rage did however inspire me to come up with an idea that tied more into my own concepts and thus the Sisterhood was born. Okay, behind the scenes bullshit DONE! As well as why I’ve created this, AND NOW… The Sisterhood…

The Sisterhood was a conceptual creation of Vivica Fox when she was a catfighter for the BBA. At that time she was still active in celebrity catfighting and wanted to create a place for Black actresses to network and build a contact place and point so that they could pool their resources and information to creating better opportunities in entertainment for Black women. Vivica and Kellita Smith had their own production companies, while Teisha Campbell had become very successful at land investments and property acquisitions. Stacey Dash had contacts in the music industry and believe it or not Traci Bingham had heavy contacts in White American business/finance. To top this all off Vivica’s best gal pal, Lisa Raye, was getting married to the ruler of Turks and Caicos, who wanted to really build-up his island nations entertainment industry. Vivica began the long process of recruiting women for their sorority as well as trying to mend fences with some who were only in the BBA because they really didn’t have anyplace else to go. In short order she laid the foundation and established the group only to retire from active catfighting after the success of Kill Bill Volume One.

Now… even though she retired she didn’t stop being the leader of the Sisterhood, acting more as a manager and behind the scenes mover and shaker. But as the years went by and she kept trying to parlay her KBV1 success into more lucrative deals, the Sisterhood begin to loose its objective and focus since Vivica was spending more-and-more time focusing on herself. Eventually her personal career decisions took her away from the BBA and the Sisterhood, which caused the various elements that made it up, to start clashing again like they used to. In this power vacuum began a tempest of backbiting and catfighting as the group began to fall apart! Vivica, off trying to save her own career, essentially abandoned the group and started to pursue her own agenda’s altogether! When the smoke cleared Lisa Raye emerged as the leader of the Sisterhood and she booted a number of bitches out so that they wouldn’t be able to oppose her. She then set about reestablishing order and turning what used to be a group into a personal dictatorship. Once she suppressed the last few voices of dissent that could actually oust her, she then set about the business of dominating the BBA. Once that was done!?!! She then decided that she needed to set an example of why Black people can’t get anywhere, because some like to start shit and then run off and abandon what they started! She then began actively searching for Vivica and ultimately found out that Vivica had somehow made it into the BZL, which angered Lisa even further since Vivica talked so much shit about how they needed to enhance and uplift and all of that other rah-rah, shit!

Lisa left Stacey Dash, Traci Bingham and the Tenison Twins in Sin City to hunt down and destroy Vivica! So that they could drag her ass back to the BBA and parade her around as “What NOT TO DO”! But Stacey, Traci and the Tenison Twins took the opportunity to BOLT! Having been made the whipping-bitches of Lisa who had very personal grudges against them and their choices and what they represented. Lisa however, intentionally left them there so that she can follow them to Vivica and she is well aware of their intent to go crawling back to Vivica even though the bitch left them all high-and-dry to pursue her own ends. Lisa Raye intends to stomp Vivica into next week, along with the cowardly cunts who weren’t woman enough to stand-up to her, for themselves! So her torture of these four bitches in particular was not only intentional but used as a lesson to show the other members of why it is that Black women aren’t taken as seriously as they could be, or should be, when too many of the wrong ones are put forward to represent “them” as a whole. The Sisterhood is composed of Lisa Raye, Kellita Smith, KD Aubert, Denyce Lawton, Khrysti Hill, Golden Brooks and a slew of others. Some members may actually be targets of Lisa Raye’s to be made examples of, while others are legit. Either way, under Lisa’s control and command the Sisterhood holds ALL OF THE GOLD for the BBA and they have been more than able to fend off those who oppose them in their league. Now they seek to humiliate and destroy those OUTSIDE of the BBA just to show that they mean BUSINESS! The Sisterhood is another key to the Countdown to Armageddon, especially since most of them were never tendered contracts by Stone Rage for his BZL….