Born: January 20th, 1966 Height: 5’5” Weight: 110lbs Eyes: Green Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34-28-36 Years Catfighting: 17
Previous League: The BBA (Black Beauties of America), Playboy Catfight Federation, 3XL,Video-1, Liberty League of NYC
Previous Belts: BBA Champ 2x’s, BBA TVE (Television and Entertainment) Champ 2x’s, BBA Tag Champ (with Vivica Fox) 3x’s, BBA Tag Champ (with Traci Bingham) 4x’s, Playboy Champ 2x’s, Playboy Tag Champ (with Traci Bingham) 2x’s, 3XL Tag Champ (with Traci Bingham) 1x, V1-TV Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Playboy Material! (Tit-smother submission), Grade-A Ass! (Ass-smothering Submission!), Bronx Bomber! (Can use to counter or as a straight finisher. As a Straight-Finisher she delivers a cunt-kick to stun and stoop bitch! Then turns and hauls ass towards the ROPES! REBOUNDS OFF OF THEM AND LAUNCHES HERSELF WITH A SUPER-SHOULDERBLOCK RIGHT INTO THE BITCHES HEART-TIT! As a counter she simply waits till her opponent charges her or irish-whips HER and then she SPRINGS IT ON THEM!), Buffalo Girl! (Unloads with a Stunning-Punch to the MOUTH! Or? Kick to the CUNT! She immediately follows that by grabbing her opponent with both hands and then YANKING THEM INTO HER as she RAMS the side of her body and ass INTO THEIR UPPER TORSO! She keeps a grip of them with the arm on whichever side she bodied-into them with! While taking her opposite arm and delivering TWO GUT-PUNCHES WITH IT! She then BODIES THEM AGAIN! KEEPING A TIGHT GRIP OF THEM AND KEEPING THEM CLOSE! And gives them TWO MORE GUT-SHOTS WITH THE OPPOSITE FIST! After a THIRD BODY-ATTACK! She then unloads unloads a GUT-SHOT! FOLLOWED BY AN ANGRY UPPER-CUT!), Letters of Marque! (Rarely used, but is actually a high-flying 180-SENTON BOMB!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, MILF, great brawler, Queen of Body Attacks and Shoulder Rams, ultra-aggressive and knows how to stay on a bitch, lightning fast, attacks exposed weaknesses early and often, great at body attacks, great speed moves, Mistress at Charging Attacks, great technical moves, Evil and Bratty Princess Complex that she uses to perfection to get people to underestimate her, treacherous and cunning she has great ability to study an opponent and find their weaknesses, able to take an ass-whipping, able to withstand opponents momentum, unusual ability to body-through a hit in order to land an attack, able to break an opponents momentum by countering with a body attack,  Mistress of BDSM, great tag catfighter/stablemate and teammate, charging attacks and body shots do even more damage as she builds momentum, Blind Rage of Bitterness which allows Stacey to simply ignore attacks and ATTACK her enemies, able to withstand multiple finishers early, good leadership abilities, some submission moves in general but very skilled at her submission smother finishers, some power moves, abilities increase in title matches, eager to toady to power and is a great lapdog, abilities increase dramatically when working with Vivica Fox, abilities increase when working with Traci Bingham and/or the Tenison Twins, although ultra-aggressive this bitch knows when she’s reached her limits and will actually RETREAT, great showmanship, great at cutting a promo, some top-rope attacks, although LIMITED she does have very impressive high-flying moves, willing to push herself even further under the hand of a skilled manager/mistress or master and her abilities increase accordingly
Weaknesses: Even though the nature of her moves suggest she’s a power fighter she ISN’T and all of her moves depend primarily on her legs, taking out Stacey’s legs wipes out most of her strengths and actually demoralizes her GREATLY, womanhandling her mind-fucks the shit out of her and will cause her to hand her opponent the match at some point or another and some way or another, Stacey can at times say shit that totally destroys her actual intention, stubborn to the point of confrontational but this weakness is non-existent to those who she has put her faith/trust in, her stubborness however can be exploited in a match where she will at times refuse to give ground to gain more later, Stacey/like Traci Bingham but much-much less/has issues of self-esteem which can be manipulated by a skillful catfighter as long as the bitch can then keep from getting clocked by her when she goes into a blind rage, just like Traci Bingham’s Blind Rage it does not make her invulnerable and if she takes too much fuckin punishment it can pile up on her AT THAT MOMENT or once she comes down from off of the adrenaline rush, Blind Rage can be overwhelmed or used by the opponent to their advantage, Blind Rage can also be off-set and/or overpowered by a bitch meeting brute force with brute force or even Blind Rage with Blind Rage, although extremely willful Stacey actually has a low psyche and her willfulness tends to show itself in the wrong ways, arrogant and conceited bitch especially so towards enemies and on-lookers, Vivica is practically Stacey’s Mistress which is the main reason for her animosity at being abandoned, bitch-slaps really fuck her up, repeated bitch-slaps stun her and do abnormal damage, constantly hitting her with them during the match wears her out and can even Sudden KO her, mouth, like Vivica she takes abnormal damage and stunning from turnbuckle-corner blowjobs (smashing her face into the turnbuckle-corner for ye ole 10 count, etc), repeated gut-shots cause her to start taking abnormal damage and makes it easy to chain-stun and chain-hit her, once worn out on any level Stacey cannot recover, she has NOT reached her full potential as a catfighter but needs a manager/trainer to push her to reach through and open those last locked doors, Stacey is actually a follower who can lead and will submit for better or worse to someone who reigns her in, although she is great at studying opponents weaknesses she cannot always execute a way to exploit them, controlling her momentum and setting the pace of the match always wears her out and then she simply takes damage till KO’d or pinned

Stacey is furious with Vivica for leaving her, Traci and the Tenison Twins to have to put up with Lisa Raye’s heavy-handed, BULLSHIT! Stacey bought into Vivica’s, Sisterhood-shit! Hook. Line. And sinker! She really expected Vivica to follow-through and get them all back on track and headed upwards and onwards and AT FIRST!?!! She was! They started to mesh together rather nicely and Vivica has bridged the difficult gap of getting loose cannon Traci Bingham in-line and onboard with them. Even getting Stacey to step up and have more than her share of heart-to-hearts with Traci. In all honesty this was yet another reason why she was so fuckin pissed with Vivica! Because she’d shown she could actually pull this shit off with all of these different Black women from different backgrounds! But WITHOUT HER?!!!

Total chaos… No, mass confusion! This collection of women from all across the spectrum of Black American women, ranging from all classes and backgrounds, MELTED DOWN IN A FUCKIN HURRY! WITHOUT THE WOMAN THAT BROUGHT THEM ALL TOGETHER! This left Lisa Raye, Vivica’s 2nd, to take charge, and take charge that bitch did! IT SUCKED AND IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES, as Traci would say. Stacey attempted to tell Lisa that she was pushing too hard on everybody! They had a fragile cohesion without Vivica, but Lisa was so caught up in being “the Queen” of Turks and Cacos! BULLSHIT! It wasn’t long before she started getting into words of war with some of the other Sisterhood members that weren’t down with her heavy-handed SHIT! This led to a power struggle where Lisa ended up winning! This only pushed matters from bad to worse! Now… Let’s be honest. Stacey, Traci and the Tenison Twins did NOT back anyone who may have wanted to oust the crazed Queen. So of course, in the end, they reaped what they’d sown. Since they didn’t speak up till it was too late!? Lisa Raye was NOT trying to hear it from the four of them! So she simply started leaning on them hard! And she made it crystal clear that she had connections now to END any bitches career at her whim now that she had the full backing of her husband and his avenues of advancement!

The Sisterhood under Vivica had helped to get Stacey back in with the Black community after she’d often said very disparaging remarks because of her bad relationships with certain Black actors in Hollywood. She had gone on record during her heyday of the mid-90’s, to say some shit that she knew wasn’t true! But she was frustrated beyond belief with the crappy Black bastards that she kept reeling in whenever she went fishing for a man! SO… she confessed words in a Black magazine, of all places, that quite frankly destroyed her career and rep with Black Hollywood. With that done, she found herself quickly relegated to Black whore in White Hollywood, till she of course, fell the fuck off… And frankly… nobody gave a fuck. For a time, it was all good. She married a White man and things were great… except for the fact that her career was in the crapper big-time! So she returned to the BBA amidst a chorus of boos and sellout chants. She worked in the V1 League but that didn’t last for long, so she ended up back in the BBA… Again to boos and taunts of being an Oreo! Frankly if it weren’t for Vivica stepping in and pulling her fat out of the fire, her frustration was about to cause her to fuck-up again and say something even worse than the last time!

The reality was and in the end, still is, that Stacey wants things HER WAY or the highway. She’s somewhat snobby and stuck-up and those two traits DO NOT FLY FAR in the Black community ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET! From Brooklyn to the Bush, a snobby Black person is bound to get their wig split by other Black people, PERIOD! You can speak the King’s English, the Queen’s Common and so-on-and-so-forth, but it’s the tone and the reaction that it causes, straight from the heart! That is where the root lies at the term of “Acting White”, contrary to the dumb shit spun by “so-called” Black experts. It’s a feeling that a Black person gets in their heart and in their head when talking to this other “Black person” whose attitude reeks of “I’m better than you and why don’t you understand that already!?!?” Ironically, Stacey actually comes from nothing. She has no pedigree of any caliber to stand on, as far as family wise, so? She’s not an Nkrumah, a King or Shabazz family member. She’s not a Julian or Garvey, she’s just… some snobby Black bitch from the Bronx! LOL! So of course when she first stepped on the scene she was adored and loved by Black people, especially Black men. She had her pick of the cream of the crop and she kept choosing CRAP! Simple as that. She was poor in her decision-making when it came to men. This would ultimately come true with her White husband who basically got tired of having to kiss her ass over the most basic of shit! So in the end it had nothing to do with “Black people”, and everything to do with Princess Dash and her piss-poor attitude!

Well…? Thanks to Vivica? Stacey got a reprieve even as her marriage was melting away before her eyes. Stacey and Traci in particular, became very reliant on Vivica who had made her own share of crappy decisions in her personal life, in the exact OPPOSITE WAY from Stacey and Traci. She picked men who were rough and tumble, rugged and thuggish, and then looked crazy when things didn’t work out. So Vivica often cited herself as an example and extended her hand to them which took them both off-guard. Keep in mind that Vivica was a long time friend of Stacey’s and stuck by her even when she was going through her “I hate Black men”-phase. So for Vivica to up and disappear so suddenly and then leave them to the hands of insenstive HOODRAT QUEEN, Lisa Raye!?!! She might as well told Stacey to fuckin impale herself on a goddamn sword and commit suicide! Worse though… Stacey got that feeling that Vivica’s sudden departure… was because of a man… And with Vivica’s track record, whenever she got involved with a man, she was INVOLVED! ALL THE WAY! So we all know that some things you JUST CAN’T DO TO A WOMAN. As far as BETWEEN WOMEN!?!! One of them is; You can’t run your fuckin mouth about how much you’re down with them and working through that phase where That’s just… NOT a good thing to do… especially among older women who’re all coming off the rebound or destruction of their marriages or long-term relationships. Which unfortunately for all of them… including Lisa Raye, is exaCTLY where they ALL STAND. Stacey, Traci and the Tenison Twins finally found a lead that could take them to their AWOL leader! Unfortunately they escaped from one bitch, Lisa Raye! Only to run into a few more, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz! But Salma and Penelope, KNOW where Vivica is and as Stacey suspected… she’s holed up underneath some MAN, while they’re all out in the cold getting dumped on by bossy-ass Lisa Raye! Stacey needs to have a little conversation with Vivica in order to express… her disappointment in her… WITH HER FUCKIN FIST IN HER FACE!!!!