Born: January 2nd, 1967 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 127lbs Eyes: Dark Brown Orientation: Bi Measurements: 34C-25-35 Years Catfighting: 20
Previous League: BZL(defunct), SF-CF, Aloha League of Ladies (Hawaii)
Previous Belts: BZL Hardcore Champion 1x, SF-CF Champ 2xs, SF-CF Queen 3xs, SF-CF TV Champ 5xs, SF-CF Femme Fatale 3xs, Aloha League Kahuna (Champion) 2xs
Finishing Moves: Aloha! (Breast smother submission), Aloha-A! (Strikes with an Open-palm to the RIBS to knock the wind out of the bitch! Then she unleashes a Standing Roundhouse KICK TO THE TEMPLE TO KOER!), Head-scissor Necklock! (Whether standing or grounded she locks her legs around the bitches neck and head and CHOKES THEM OUT!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, MILF, ultra-aggressive, great power moves, great technical moves, attacks exposed weaknesses, Mistress of the Fists and Foot, great fighter, great brawler, able to withstand multiple finishers, abilities increase with momentum, good speed moves, able to withstand opponents momentum, quick and able to fight lightning-fast bitches and slow them down to her level, able to take an ass-whipping, skilled at launching offensive barrages against opposing bitches, able to break bitches momentum USING her own ability to launch offensive barrages, great teammate and stablemate, Mistress of Dirty Tactics and Win-At-All Costs, great leadership ability, skilled at BDSM, good at body attacks and charging moves, good submission moves, good fuck-fighter, abilities increase in title matches, abilities increase when working with Fab-4 teammates, cannot stand Jessica Alba, great at cutting a promo, great showmanship
Weaknesses: Tia at odd times has entirely too much ego and can often times be tricked and hoodwinked into fucking up, mercurial streaks are also a big weakness of Tias and as such she can abruptly hit the wall making her extremely vulnerable to Sudden KOs during a match, although skilled she tends to take damage like a bitch when barraged by an opponent which makes her easy to KO or pin as the match wears on, can be worn out mentally by controlling the match, she has limited speed moves and takes abnormal damage from them and high-flying moves, chaining moves on her can cause her to become stunned and once stunned a skilled catfighter can start chain-stunning her, her abilities decrease as match goes against her and thats all the way across the board, even her leadership ability declines as a match and situation swings against her, inconsistent during a match and at times she just runs out of steam without warning/leaving her wide-open and vulnerable at that moment where she takes ungodly damage if she is hit

Let me be blunt and make no apologizes for it Period, point blank; Shit is fucked up for Tia and the Fab-4! Never in a million years could Tia and Co. imagine!? That the ABA would gain control of the BZL and that Stone Rage would be sent packing after the multitude of times that those tramps tried to oust and overrun the league! But now things have gone from bad to worse as Tia finds herself not only on the outside looking in, but in dire-straits on all fronts! The ABA under Demi Moore has achieved more in her half-of-a-years time as leader, than they did for the entirety of their miserable fuckin existence! What concerns Tia though is the fact that word has been spreading that a new celebrity catfight league is about to rise within this year with a TON of known and unknown talent from here in the U.S. and abroad! The last thing that the BZL needs is Demi Moore and the stank-pussied ABA, ruining and running things while some newbie tries to challenge for the top-spot! But worse than this worse-than-that news!?!? Is the fact that some of the bitches in this W3W are or WERE, BZL Bitches!?!? And now with the Defacto Dummies of Demi running roughshod!? Theyre practically steering them right into the W3W with this shit!

Regardless of how it was done, Tia is not one for sitting around and scratching her head and ass while letting bitches shes beaten up on in her SLEEP! Destroy what she and the other Fab-4 members have worked so hard to protect and serve. The biggest problem though is the fact that without Stone Rages protection, the ABA can really fuckem over hard, fast and often! So Tia has begun digging into just what the hell happened that allowed the ABA to escape from Las Vegas and have them catching the backlash of their own VICTORY, over these two-bit-tramps!

Shes called up and called in as many favors as she could and as much legal advice and options as she and the Fab-4 can, or could! And it is within this desperate scramble to stop the tidal wave from washing them under and OUT of the BZL, that Tia has found the keys to STOP the ABA not only COLD BUT FOR FUCKIN GOOD! After a quick sit down with Halle, Pam and J-Lo, and the fact that all of them emptied their pockets of every little shred of information about how they got caught-up in the backlash from the ABA Tia realizes that for Demi and the ABA to seize the shares they seized, the WAY that they seized them!?!? They had the means to put these pussies away FOR GOOD! But little did Tia or any of the other Fab-4 members realize as they made that fateful call that would derail and destroy the ABA once and for all They had unwittingly created and inserted the key to begin the Countdown to Armageddon and the total annihilation. Of the very company they were trying to protect and save from Demi Moore and the ABA.

DOWNLOAD - Idol Meteomix Vol.3 (Part 1)
DOWNLOAD - Idol Meteomix Vol.3 (Part 1)