Nightmares of Futures Past

Wounded War Queen, Salma vs. Spears, Round One, Part One…

I worked my ass off to get to this point… Whomever Stonerage put in front of me…? I beat them…

Darkness... everywhere...

I don’t think you understand… How hard I had to work to reach this point… I don’t even think Penny, understands it all either…

The capacity crowd of the Georgia Dome...?

I know what it takes 2b a champion, to be a leader. To be the odd bitch out…

Was filled with a nervous energy, as a hushed calm came over them in eager anticipation. .. of what the helllllll was gonna happen NEXT!?!?

Penny and Jenn don’t understand what it’s like to rise to the top and then get undercut… That’s what this is all about 4-meh and for these bitches I lead… I won’t allow them to experience being shit on the way that I wuz… And now that I see that he knows that I am not trying to bust up his group out of bullshit and spite…? I know… I can FEEL IT! He’ll let us in… And I swear… I’ll make sure he doesn’t ever regret it! I will pour everything I have into helping his company climb to the top… And I know what he wants from me, from us! He wants us to push his precious little pussies that he loves soh much… Like anyone with a brain already knows…

It had been a wild night of catfights so far! Celebs from C-List to Top-Notch had been mixing it up and the crowd had been treated to top-shelf matches that reminded everybody of why Stone Rage's, Battle Zone League, IS-THE-SHIT! So they already knew, that there would be no, Fingerpoke of Doom, for the main event! Nobody was gonna lie down after doing the job nWo-style, here! Uh-uh, NO!

I may have lost to that bitch Stacey downstairs… But I know now that we have someplace to go, someplace to hang our hat at! And that’s all I wanted, that’s all I needed! And…? I know when I ask… He’ll take care of meh… Take care of us… In every way possible… I will push Vivica soh fuckin hard she’ll swear that he’s still fucking her! And I know… He likes to fuck them… And so… Will I, so will we… I know what role he needs us to play and what makes it sweeter is the fact that… If we win… Something tells me that he will actually let us supplant them, re-place them! For their fuckin failures… But if we lose…? Just the thought made Salma moan and even though Penelope had no idea why or what was going on, she could see as she sat next to Salma’s bed? She saw Salma’s eyes flutter and the rolling whites of her eyes accompanied by a moan that was easy to read and all too quick for Penny to understand even as she asked softly “What… is she dreaming about…?

Salma knew that, if we lose? We’ll be absorbed into his VLK team… in every way… And like I said… Anyone with a brain already knows that without a good villain… Who gives a shit about the crappy hero… I will lead my Band of Bitches against his VLK… Just as he has made it clear that this is what he wants from meh… And we’ll make it… Very entertaining… By the time Penny, Jenn and I are done with Vivica, Lucy and Chiaki…? They’ll be begging him, to call us off!!!!

The Past….
The current War Queen had showed her stuff to the current contender by accepting her help a month-and-a- half-ago. .. And then? Laying her the fuck out along with a few other former champs, after she didn't need any more "assistance" from her! Over the last month, as the crowd stood silently stirring now. Over the last month, Salma Hayek had made it clear that she would get back her belt, her PRECIOUS! NO MATTER WHAT! So when the news started to spread of the stipulations that the Mexican Matron had come up with for her second chance to get her Precious back!?!?

People were lining up around the corners to see this blockbuster bitch-fight! The more information leaked out? The more that tickets couldn't be printed fast enough! Salma wasted no time in making it clear that she would not lose! She would retake her title as War Queen and add it to her Hardcore Championship BELT! She intended to fuse the two belts into the new, Hardcore War Queen, TITLE! All she had to do, was pry her Precious from the hands of a blond-haired bimbo, Pop Princess! Then she would show the rest of the Battle Zone, exactly who is in control of things around here!

But reigning War Queen, the Blond Bayou Bomber! BRITNEY SPEARS! She was hot like lava, and she burned CAT to a CRISP! If CAT had made one helluva of an entrance into Stone Rage's, Catfight Celebrity League?!?! Britney had hit the ground with the deep impact of a meteor and totally crushed the competition! CAT found that out the hard way! Ironically, which Britney made sure to point out. CAT didn't like the fact that Britney was a newcomer and had gotten a title shot in short order! Even after LOSING to Jennifer Lopez! This only enraged Britney, AND Salma, who thought that it was too fuckin funny that CAT would complain when it was the same shit that Salma had said when CAT got a shot when Salma was War Queen! BUT!?!?

Britney didn't back down, she simply smiled about the shit and the irony and then proceeded to pick up the 1-2-3, WIN! And the belt! Then she made it clear that the belt was hers and hers ALONNNNE!

However? Britney got brought back to earth in a hurry. Carmen Electra, had a whole lotta help in toppling the Pop Princess, not like Britney didn't try to bring in some extra muscle to try to protect her new investment as War Queen. But in the end, none of that shit mattered as the pile of bodies she'd created turned to bitter bitches that wanted a piece of her wonderful White ASS! And they got it, but at the absolute wrong time! It cost her the belt, and Carmen Electra became the new War Queen! Britney had to battle back. She had to quickly claw her way back to the belt before someone else could get their grubby little hands on it! And quickly claw, she did! She used her return title clause and got back into the ring against Alyssa Milano and proceeded to outlast the brunette bitch in a classic catfight of blond versus brunette! She then proceeded to kick the CAT again and put the pussy out to pasture in regards to title shots during Spears reign. CAT would have to start from the bottom and work her way back up for another chance to be the woman to beat as War Queen, but? While all of this was going on? The Mexican Matron had become Hardcore Champ. Then she went for the vacated Latina Supreme title, but lost it in a rematch from earlier in her career against Jennifer Lopez. Undaunted, Salma set her sights on regaining her Precious and fusing it with her new Hardcore title...

The giant jumbotron came to life in the darkened arena... showing Salma's rise to War Queen, with images of the aforementioned matches, briefly flashed in-between her history of success and victory, to rise to the top of the Battle Zone League. The darkness was peppered with the popping of flashbulbs as people quickly snapped up shots of the images of the mighty Mexican Matron's matches, and how she ruled the BZL (Battle Zone League), as its War Queen. Her style, her sass, her tits, that ass! The crowd was treated to a quick crop of clips of her entrances... And the unique outfits that she always came to the ring in! They got to see that even at 5' 2! She was not some wafer thin run-way model! No! They saw the devastating effect... of taking a clothesline to the tits from a belligerent bitch like Salma, was no laughing matter! They could see her animosity and evil intentions as she mowed down her opponents or powered them to the ground after getting a good firm grip of them! The intensity in her eyes, as she sought the camera after showing that she wasn't here to take autographs and kowtow! No, she was here to kick ass, take names and win belts!

The sneering smile, of those perfectly pouting lips, and that devilish gleam in her eye, just before she dropped the Hammer! And plunged her elbow into the cleavage of some poor bitch who'd bothered to try to take her Precious from her! Her occasional goofs with the camera, cupping her tits, smiling like a silly little fool for her fans, and then beating the crap outta some slut! Her hardcore matches whizzed by and showed how she'd beaten the likes of Mariah Carey! Proudly holding the Hardcore Belt up with both hands as she shook her tits showing that they were as real, as her in-ring abilities, and that she was allllll woman, and damn proud of it! Then...


The crowd was already wild with anticipation from the collage of clips for the challenger! Their roaring applause was only dying down... when the screen lit up again with lighting and a strobe affect that showed the sauntering walk of the War Queen that took down the brutal-bitch that everyone thought no one could beat! More flashbulbs broke the darkness along with the ever-increasing clips of a Pop Princess in action, in the ring, while the sauntering walk of this willful wench continued to steadily stream in-between each kick, each punch, each enemy, each obstacle! That she cut down from in front of her, till... It showed her standing triumphant with the War Queen belt in BOTH HANDS! And a whirlwind of defeated and dethroned bitches whizzed by till fans erupted at the same time as two huge displays of pyrotechnics took place directly opposite of one another in the arena!

Some people were scrambling, because none of the earlier catfighting celebs had come down those two pathways!?!? So they were kinda caught out of position! But as the crowd scrambled and adjusted, columns of fire spewed up on one end... while lightning strikes struck the other end causing sparks to fly! Both sides intensified and the crowd saw on the jumbotron, the run-ins that led to this point, between the War Queen Britney Spears, and the Hardcore Champion, Salma Hayek! The video that they'd shot and the song that Britney did for it, blared over the sound system of the Georgia Dome as the video showed the two sexy catfighting cunts all decked out as exotic medieval sorceresses battling for supremacy! Finally, it shows the two face-to-face and they begin hurling all manner of lighting and fire at each other as they close in and actually start fist-fighting while using their magical powers to try to finish each other off!

Then DARKNESS! EVERYTHING GOES DARK AGAIN WITHOUT WARNING! Whistles of approval can be heard amongst the cheers and then... it dies down slowly in anticipation of what’s next...

Nothing... at first... but then, at first... becomes, at the moment... then, a moment, becomes a minute, then a minute becomes an anxious crowd... and then?

White smoke... slowly billows up from ALLLLL the entryways... the crowd, grows more than a little tense as, but then the two entryways where all this shit started at? The smoke intensifies there, and the crowd follows the cue, settles down... and sure enough... they hear the announcer tell them "Its time..." The crowd erupts as the thick smoke is blown clear from the respective stages to reveal Salma on one side, and Britney on the other! Both are decked out in the same sorceress garbs as the videos, and both? Are absolutely stunning... to look at. The flashbulbs breakout again as the spotlights are on these two, while the darkness of the Georgia Dome is everywhere else, except on these two battling bitches...

But it is the abrupt snicker of Salma that stands out, because it actually comes across the PA system as she says "Britney? U have something that belongs to me, and although I appreciate the fact that uuuu've?" Salma's face was up on the jumbotron and she looked magnificent as her eyes slowly shifted to the side to show she was searching for the right words, till? She flashed her tongue at the corner of her beautifully maroon-glossed lipsticked-lips "U've kept it warm, but now its time for my Precious to come home... And my slaves, to enjoy the spoils of war."

On cue Salma's slaves appeared behind and around her, crouching, yet eager to get a taste of Britney's best! The pro-Salma supporters roared their support as Salma told Britney "I intend to send you straight to hardcore hell tonight, do not resist, blondie! I don't want u to strain your back or brain, before my boys get a chance to blow both of them out."

Britney smirked as her image came up on the jumbotron, and both bitches were split-screen now as Britney said "Hmmpf, if they're anything like their mistress? Then we already know how hard they blow, and soon so will my slaves after they get a taste of Mexican muff." the crowd erupted as Britney's boys surrounded her and both Britney's and Salma's images disappeared off the jumbotron, showing both were more than confident about something where one of them had to lose. They both opened their hands... and a multitude of special effects went off with random bursts in the upper areas of the arena and then they cascaded down towards both bitches stages, till random sparks erupted on Britney's side, with an occasional streak of lightning raining down on her end! As quick jets of fire came up near Salma on her side! The two assaulted each other and went through the motions like they'd rehearsed and it brought the crowd to an absolute fuckin frenzy till Salma screamed "ENOUGH OF THIS!" And she cast off her cloak and mantle, tossed off her metal headband, ignored the continued fire attacks of Britney! And she hauled ass towards the ring!

Britney continued to rain down fire as Salma dashed towards the ring with jets of flame coming up only moments behind where Salma'd just passed "YOU STUPID, BITCH!" Salma sneered, but Britney cursed back "CUNT! WE'LL SEE HOW FIERY LATINA'S ARE AFTER I FLAME-BROIL BARBEQUE YOU AND THOSE LITTLE DOGS TOO!"

But Salma stayed a step ahead and was getting closer and closer to the fuckin ring till she threw out her hand and a bolt of lightning rained down from the arena ceiling and DAMN NEAR HIT BRITNEY! With a startled YELP! Britney re-gathered herself and then cursed Salma "YOU BITCH! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" Then she tossed off her cloak and mantle and hauled ass for the ring too!

But Salma got there first and the ring lights lit up as the crowd continued to enjoy this most unexpected means of opening up a fuckin fight! Salma slid under the fuckin ropes! She looked absolutely beautiful in her erotically revealing outfit. A pair of solid thigh high meshed maroon stockings. The pattern looked like scales, snakeskin, but it isn't. She was also wearing a pair of very nice, low-cut, maroon wrestling boots with a flared open calf collar. Her t-string was also maroon, and highlighted by the fact that her waistband was a bit flared out like a pair of normal panties, but the back was just as thin as any "normal" t-string, which made for a nice view, normally, but? Salma wore a maroon waistband with a "tail" that covered and concealed those cute asscheeks quite nicely. So as she got to her feet, it gave the audience a flash, a peek, and left them wanting more. The waistband was held by a gold ornament skull that looked like it cost a pretty penny. But as soon as Salma saw Britney racing towards the ring, she laughed at her stupidity and then opened her outstretched hand and sparks flew just a few feet behind Britney, as she got closer and closer to the ring!

Salma's sleeves covered from the top of her biceps to her wrist, and they too, were scaled maroon mesh. She'd even polished her fingernails maroon, and she wore thin, gold wrist chains, that looped around her middle fingers and gave her quite the exotic look "Die Britney... die." Salma smiled as each burst came closer and closer to Britney, as the black snakeskin wearing sorceress was trying not to let fear grip her! The lightning effect had gone off wayyyy closer on her stage than they'd rehearsed, and she knew one wrong slip, and her pretty little ass was TOAST! "Salma? Salma you, BITCH!" FASTER! GOTTA RUN FASTER!

Britney glared at Salma as she got closer and closer! I'm gonna plant my FIST! Right between those giant milk-jugs of yours, you BITCH! Salma's tits were cradled in an exotic maroon bra that outlined them in its support, but had nothing else except the material that connected the spade-like coverings that hid Salma's nipples and areola's. Everything else was bare and exposed, except? The fact that clasping the bra together from the FRONT, was a snug sitting gold skull, perched between Salma's tits.

Hurry up u fuckin fool, Salma sneered to herself, so I can fuckin pin u and get my belt back. U don't dezerve to b War Queen, sloppy cunt, and by the time I'm done with u? She lifted her chin up and looked down at Britney who had BARELY stayed ahead of the lightning effects! By the time I'm done with u, they won't have enuff of u left to scrape up off this mat 2 FUCK! She lowered her arms and let all of her animosity build up as Britney slid underneath the ropes! Now I'll show u, she LET Britney get to her feet! She didn't wanna over play her hand. Britney's bratty little bitch behavior, had made her more than enough enemies! Last thing Salma wanted to do was get off on the wrong foot by ambushing the bitch as she slid under the ropes, uh-uh, no. I wanna beat u so bad, the right way, fair-and-square, no cheap-shot-shit.

Soon as Britney slid in, she shot straight to her feet "SALLLLLLMAH!" I'm gonna fuckin KILLLLLL UUUUUUUU!

"Bought time u got here, for someone so young, u're pretty slow. C'MON!" now’s the time for revenge, and I shall HAVE IT!

They ran at each other screaming as the crowd faded to nothing and all that they felt was the pounding of their hearts, the clench of their fists, and the hard-charging fast footfalls as they closed in, AND UNLOADED! Britney slammed her fist into Salma's face and a jet of fire went up on her side of the ramp way! But then she took one back from the bitch and an explosion of sparks erupted on Salma's entryway! Salma unloaded another shot and connected causing another eruption of explosive fireworks, but she took another shot from Britney which caused another pyrotechnic on Britney's side! And Britney didn't let up! She didn't let up AT ALL as she landed another punch accompanied by another pyrotechnic! But Salma simply unloaded back on her and an eruption of electricity showered Salma's stage! Then it just broke the-fuck-down! The two battling bitches just started hammering each other one-for-one like FOOLS! The crowd went wild as they kept this crazy shit up for a solid minute with accompanying fireworks to match each swap of punches that the two rabid bitches exchanged!

The jumbotron showed it all, and only the ring was lit! It was more like watching a heavyweight BRAWL! As these two teed-off and TEED-OFF! The Spanish announcers, Japanese announcers, African announcers, announcers-announcers! Could've caused an amber alert with their high-level of CHATTER! As they described for the folks at home, just what the hell they were seeing!

FINALLY, Britney broke the stalemate with a stunning RIGHT! That shook Salma backwards! Then she found her own head getting snapped back as the Mexican Matron mashed her fist into Britney's HEAD! Salma saw the opening, closed in, and ate a fist for DINNER! Britney took a step forward and found her progress chin-checked in a hurry by Salma's counterpunch! PISSED OFF! The War Queen UNLOADED, but then ate TWO COUNTERPUNCHES! HOLY FUCK!?!? Britney cursed to herself, then she tossed out two, but took THREE! WHAT THA FUCK!?!?! THEN SALMA SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER AND SHORT-ARMED CLOTHESLINED THE AIR AS BRITNEY DUCKED! As soon as Salma spun around Britney was right there to snap two jabs in the angry Hardcore cunts FACE! DAZED! Salma staggered back, and Britney grabbed her, ignoring her bitter protests! Yanked her in and gave her a knee lift to the fuckin GUT! As soon as Salma reacted, Britney hammered her with another! Then, pushed her back and tagged her chin with a hard-ass-hit that sent Salma staggering sideways!

U FUCKIN CUNT! U WON'T, but regardless of Salma's internal protest! Britney was BACK ON HER WITH A KICK TO THE FUCKIN GUT! THEN A, then the bitch went to the well too many fuckin times! Salma caught Britney's leg and sneered at her "U fuckin basura bitch!" But Britney quickly shifted and Salma told her "I WATCH WRESTLING TOO BITCH!" Salma just, PLOWED INTO BRITNEY AS SHE WAS TRYING TO GET HER BALANCE TO CATCH SALMA WITH A TIRED-ASS ENZIGUIRI! As far as Salma was concerned, Britney might as well have said "Pull my finger!" Either way, Britney howled hard as hell as she got driven to the canvas by Salma! A brief scuffle ensued, but Salma quickly got control of Britney! Floated over onto the left side of Britney's body, for all the struggling Britney was fuckin doing! And got a good hold of the Pop Princess, pinning one-arm to Britney's own body, even as Britney struggled like her life depended on it! Because it did! If there was one thing that Britney wasn't!?!? It was a mat wrestler! Sure she'd jab you up, hit-chu with a coupla mat moves, some suplexes, if u wanna call'em that?!?!? Shit like that, ye ole generic wrestler 10 from the old Smackdown video games an shit! But actually get in there and roll around like a pig-in-slop and grind it out on the mat!?!?

NO WAY! Not in this lifetime or the next! So of course, being off her feet, strugglin like a fish outta water, wasn't exactly her cup of tea! SHIT! I CAN'T GET THIS "NNNF-shit!" didn't think this bitch was that fuckin STRONG! What the "OW! WHAT THA FUCK!?!? OH UUUU, BITCH!" It didn't take Britney long to realize that Salma was grinding her CHIN, into the back of her fuckin SPINE! While she kept her pinned! Its----NOT SUPPOSED TA GO THIS WAY! I like the scripted fake shit BETTER! Britney kicked her legs and tried to get the fuck over onto her?!?! Can't get any LEVERAGE! Gotta get, got one arm free, but? I'm laying on the fuckin thing! BITCH! Can't b-lieve I let myself get SUCKED INTO WRESTLING! I'm so gonna punch yer lights out... if I can get the fuck outta this SHIT!

But Salma was just gettin warmed up as Britney struggled even more! Just like I thought, Salma smirked. U can't fuckin wrestle your way out of a thrift shop! By the time I'm done with u, u'll b begging me 2 let u pass the fuck out! Shit talking, tramp! Salma finally cranked up the PRESSURE and started squeezing the holy hell outta Britney! Now, whatever is holy about hell, ya got me, but Britney screamed like someone sure was puttin the hurt on her! But Salma had only begun to torture the little blond bitch! She quickly got her legs up and AROUND Britney's MIDSECTION!

OH GOD! Britney knew that "NNNNN----NNGHHHH- -----HHHHHHF!" I GOTTA GET OUTTA THIS!!!!! For a brief moment Britney could hear the roar of the crowd, in-between the pulsing of pressure that was coursing through her body and causing her fuckin head to POUND! BItch, isn't... fuckin around... Knew she wanted the... fuckin BELT, BUT DAMN IT!?!? "Get... off... MMMEEEEEEEEEH!!!"

Even Salma was surprised as Britney scrambled up onto her knees with her head still against the mats, while she was still getting the life squeezed outta her! FIGHT ALL U WANT BLONDIE! U'RE DONE 4! Salma cranked up the pressure EVEN MORE and her waistlock with her legs, was damning! They looked exactly like what they'd dressed themselves up as! Two powerful women fighting for all they were worth to hold the coveted War Queen title and continue to reap the rewards and all that it offered! And that's why the challenger was stunned as the champion got her only free-arm out and up underneath herself! Used it, she used IT and her legs to get UP ENOUGH! It looked like a scene out of some PBS Wildlife show! Salma, wrapped around Britney's body like a python! Britney, struggling, visibly so, to get her the HELL OFF! For a brief moment the two of them were on their feet! But really it was just BRITNEY! Carrying Salma, who was hell bent on hanging on and bringing the Blond Bayou Bomber back to the fuckin mat! Back to where she had a distinct and DAMN NEAR UNBEATABLE ADVANTAGE! So it was a weird sight to see as Britney got to her feet for the fewest of seconds, staggered a few steps as fast as her feet and BACK could carry Salma, then SHE SPUN WITH ALL SHE HAD AS SHE WAS BROUGHT DOWN BY THE EFFORT! RIGHT ONTO THE STILL CLUTCHING SALMA!!!!

SHE SMASHED SALMA BETWEEN HER AND THE MAT! AND SALMA SQUEELED AS SHE WAS FORCED TO LET GO FROM THE IMPACT! Everything went blurry for a split second, but a split second was all that Britney needed to GET AWAY! And LORD DID SHE HAUL ASS AWAY FROM SALMA! "U BITCH!" Salma gathered herself in a hurry and quickly scrambled to her feet "GET BACK HERE BRITNEY!" Salma closed in a hurry and Britney was still scrambling on all fours "U LITTLE TRAMP! TAKE UR ASS-WHIPPING LIKE A WOMAN!" But Britney turned at the very LAST SECOND AND EXPLODED UP INTO THE HARD CHARGING HARDCORE CHAMP "HULHHHH!" AND DROVE HER TO THE MAT! It actually took Salma off-guard, but her instincts were razor sharp! Even though Britney had blasted her onto her back, it was like the prey, diving back in to wrestle in the river with the gator it'd just gotten the fuck away from! Not smart! And Salma, without a moment’s hesitation, was quickly gripping and grabbing all over Britney's body to get a firm hold of her to fuck her up some more!

The sheer fear of what she'd done, kept Britney's legs driving as she started crying out as she was being overcome with fear from being DUMB ENOUGH TO DIVE BACK TO THE FLOOR WITH THIS BITCH! The flashbulbs were snappin as Britney's ass was up in the air for all to see, the tail of her waistband made for one sexy sight covering her backside as she struggled to get out and away till Salma, FINALLY! Got a hold of her and wrestled her down onto her side, causing Britney to let out a sexy sounding scream at her own fuckin failure to GET AWAY! Britney flailed about, trying to get Salma OFF OF HER! But Salma got a handful of HAIR! And I trust you'll notice by now that there is no ref. Salma got a handful of hair and QUICKLY scooted her ass over and got her legs, BACK AROUND ONE OF BRITNEY'S LEGS! Britney!?!? Still wild-girl FLAILING! Tried to pry Salma's hand out of her hair, then she started slapping at Salma while she was trying to get her leg free! Salma wasted no time, pulling herself closer to Britney even as Britney was trying hard as hell to get the fuck away!

The crowd raved and ranted for their favorite, but it wasn't long before Salma had Britney in a headlock. Britney then found herself in ALLLLL KINDS OF TROUBLE! As Salma was determined to stop her strugglin once and for all! NOH! Britney tried to back out as Salma had her all contorted the fuck up by one leg, and had her head in a headlock! FUCK IS SHE DOIN TA MEH! U FUCKIN BORDER JUMPING BITCH! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!?!?! Now, I know this makes no sense, but fear and panic can really cause some weird ass shit to run through a motherfucka' s mind. 'Specially somebody on the verge of being choked the fuck out! Like BRITNEY HERE! Salma shifted and Britney didn't need a roadmap of Salmaville to know exactly what county she was in! OH SHIT! NO WAY!?!?!

But sure enough, Salma had inched Britney up onto her heart-tit! NOH!

"Hey---- BRIT-KNEE!" Salma kept cranking on Britney's LEG, while she struggled to get Britney's--- --- face------ just a little bit "GOT---- MILK!" DIE BLONDIE! DIE!

Britney struggled till she felt the fact that Salma's single leglock was FUCKIN PUTTIN HER TRAPPED LEG TA SLEEP!!!! NOH!

And it was at that moment that pain and NUMBNESS hit her all at once!?!? Her strength faltered for that split second, and she was forced to move into Cleavage County! AND THAT FUCKIN GOLD SKULL CLASP! OW! Not what u want, ay BRAT! Salma got a firm hold of the back of Britney's head and pressed her HARD RIGHT INTO HER TITS AND THAT SOLID GOLD ILLEGAL WEAPON! With tits like these, Salma smiled to herself, when they're REAL! And they get mashed the fuck up!?!? They make GREAT FUCKIN PILLOWS! GREAT FUCKIN PROTECTION! SO UNLIKE U SILICONE SLUTS! MINE FLATTEN OUT, so? My little gold friend can't fuck me up if I do THIS! Salma STARTED HAMMERING THE TOP OF BRITNEY'S FUCKIN HEAD WITH THE BOTTOM OF HER FIST! WHILE HER LEFT ARM KEPT THE BLOND WAR QUEEN PINNED IN HER TITS! BRITNEY WAILED AND FLAILED and Salma knew, because she was enjoying Britney's screams into her tits! But she knew that Britney's big-ass FOREHEAD was gonna have one helluva IMPRINT of Salma's gold skull ornament!

Britney's world was spinning! She couldn't feel SHIT! EXCEPT THE PAIN IN HER HEAD AND THE LACK OF AIR! She tried to move her FACE! FUCKIN-FUCK IZ THHHHHHAT!?! ? It can't end like this, she kept saying it to herself over-and-over-and-over, then!?!? OW FUCKIN-FUCK- U-FUCKIN, SALMA! FUCK U HARD! The pain was exactly what Salma had hoped for and her little skull ornament was doing EXACTLY what she'd worn it for! And it was a biting, PAINFUL EXPERIENCE for Britney! She flailed around like a fool! Like a cat with its head stuck in a jar or some shit like that! All she wanted was OUT! And she was just about OUT! From lack of fuckin oxygen!

Salma pounded the top of Britney's head a few more times, then locked her right arm into position to CRUSH Britney's face further into her tits to smother the stupid little southern slut OUT! The sensations were quick and startling! But sharp and she actually flinched! She tightened her tit-smother, but another volley of sharp stinging shots forced her to actually let go of her leglock! Britney had balled her fist up and started punching the crap out of Salma's left thigh! It numbed up her leg just enough for Britney to get the freedom she needed! Salma's hold, unlike her first one, left Britney's arms totally free! Britney quickly took the same hand, her left hand! That she'd used to punch Salma's thigh! She fumbled around as Salma tightened her hold and caused Britney to let out a silent scream! But she, stayed focused enough to get that hand against Salma's numbed up leg, on the inside of her thigh! And FORCE HER LEG OPEN! Salma immediately went to close her legs back but Britney struck her in that brief window of opportunity, by PUNCHING HER RIGHT IN HER PUSSY!

Salma IMMEDIATELY, her head IMMEDIATELY! SAT UP! AND SHE WHINED DEEP IN HER THROAT! Uuuu----- BITCH!?!?! But then Salma FLINCHED AGAIN AS BRITNEY NAILED HER AGAIN "U!" A THIRD SHOT MADE SALMA'S EYES NARROW, and then she peeled back her lips, baring her teeth in pain. Britney then BROKE FREE! SAT UP, and glared down at the stunned and hate-filled face of Salma! She went to punch Salma right in the face, but the bitch SHOOK HER OFF ALONG WITH THE STUNNING EFFECTS OF BEING PUNCHED BELOW THE BELT!

Britney's face was cherry RED! And she had the most UNBECOMING OUTLINE ON HER FOREHEAD! But? To hear the primal heaving and animosity coming from Salma? She actually limped away from her, because her own leg was still fucked up from that single-leglock, never mind that she was still trying to recover from nearly being a permanent resident of Salma's infamously world famous, TITS! But to watch Salma getting to her feet, heaving like?!?! Like some, rabid animal?!?! Fuck is? Britney tried to get the feeling back in her leg as Salma stood up and screamed at her like a CRAZED LUNATIC! Britney's face contorted in confusion... and fear, as Salma's stage ERUPTED with LIGHTNING AND EXPLOSIVE PYROTECHNICS WHILE SALMA SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER AT BRITNEY!

Ok then, Britney nodded slowly. Ok then, I get it now. Yeah, yeah u had meh, but? U don't anymore. Yeah, I did what I had ta do, no different than u. U wanna unleash the fuckin animal, u wanna be one of those Barcelona bull’s, bitch? Britney steadied herself... and put her fists up... as Salma stood STEAMING! With a slight motion, Britney beckoned "C'mon then... let’s give these people... a night to remember...

DOWNLOAD - Crystal Johnson vs. The Machine (Aftermath 2008)
DOWNLOAD - Crystal Johnson vs. The Machine (Aftermath 2008)
DOWNLOAD - Complete Dest. of SoCal Val Pt.2 (Custom PhotoPack)
DOWNLOAD - Complete Dest. of SoCal Val Pt.2 (Custom PhotoPack)