Cameron Diaz struts confidently and purposely to the ring. Flanking either side she has Charlie's Angels costars Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lui. The movie's theme song, Independent Woman, by Destiny Child, plays loudly in the background. The whole scene looked like scene that Hollywood would produce. The three heroines walking boldly to the ring with determination etched on their faces, heading into the climatic final fight scene. Drew and Lucy are dressed seductively in skintight black outfits, while Cameron is in the center wearing a red tank top and the same form fitting black pants. They enter the ring to the roar of their adoring fans.

The scene suddenly switches as the funky beat of Independent Women fades away gives away to the electric guitar wails and yells of Kid Rock's American Bad Ass. Jenny McCarthy enters the arena leading Christina Applegate and Nikki Cox down the ramp. Jenny wears cut-off jean shorts and a black leather vest that has her tits spilling out. Christina wears a pair of tight worn out blue jeans. The jeans have several large holes, and show a lot of milky white skin underneath, and wears an equally tight white T-shirt with ABA across her chest. Nikki wears one of her extra short, red mini dresses she has become so famous for wearing in her sit coms.

These three are a stark contrast to the previous trio. They approach the ring with a swagger. They yell and tease the fans how they will demolish their competition. They justly receive a few boo's from ringside fans, who were on the receiving end of some of their taunts.

Anna Nicole SmithFollowing Jenny & the ABA is the referee Anna Nicole Smith. She wears a black & white striped halter-top and a small pair of black shorts. Anna is the hand chosen referee of the champion, Jenny McCarthy. Deputy Commissioner Julie Strain begged Stone Rage to let her be the second official for the match, but he denied her the chance. He feared she had not sufficiently healed from the brutal beating Anna, and the ABA gave her the previous month. "Cameron will be fine without your help" Rage said.

As Jenny and company climb into the ring, Cameron, Lucy and Drew are huddled in the corner going over final strategy. Jenny releases an evil smile then takes advantage of the situation. Jenny Christina & Nikki charge across the ring and attack the unsuspecting Angel's while they have their backs turned.

The ABA strikes swiftly and effectively. Nikki batters Lucy. Christina pops Drew and Jenny is all over Cameron. The Angel's ear's were ringing before they ever had a chance to retaliate or to defend themselves.

Jenny grabs Cameron and slings her out of the corner by her blonde hair. She comes to a skidding stop halfway across the ring. Drew starts to punch back against Christina and is successful in backing the attacking blonde off of her. Once there is a little space between then, Drew pounces on Christina, knocking her to the mat, and starts to grapple with her there. Nikki's quick fists have dazed Lucy. She traps the smaller Asian in the corner and wraps both hands around her slender neck. Nikki chokes the brunette while wringing her head from side to side, and banging the back of her head against the turn buckle.

Drew is successful in pinning Christina to the canvas. She grabs the blonde's hair and starts pulling. Drew has Christina yelping in pain until one of Christina's fist shoots up crashes into Drew's chin. Drew is stunned for a moment and Christina rolls her off of her. The two roll till they reach the edge of the ring. Christina skillfully sends them tumbling over the edge so that when they land, she lands on top of Drew, and she takes the full impact of the fall. Drew is knocked senseless by the fall then Christina takes advantage by beating her senseless.

Nikki keeps Lucy trapped in the corner while choking all the resistance out of her. When the redhead finally releases her, the breathless beauty crumples to her ass. Nikki keeps up her attack by kicking her in the mid section. Lucy realizes she has to somehow fight back. She uses the ropes to slowly pull herself to her feet. When she is half way there, Nikki carefully measures then blast her across the jaw with a left hook. Lucy's head snaps to the side like it's on a swivel. Her body starts to go limp when a second big left hook hits her chin and sends her tumbling through the ropes and out of the ring. Nikki smiles broadly then goes out of the ring to punish the Asian beauty.

Jenny is all over the tall slender Cameron kicking and stomping all over her body. Cameron grits her teeth and is determined to repay this vile foe for her attack. She fights through the pain to get to at Jenny. She lunges out, but Jenny catches her around the neck and falls forward, driving Cameron to the mat in DDP's Diamond Cutter maneuver. Cameron screams and grabs her the back of her neck. Jenny mercilessly just pulls Cameron back to her feet and kicks her foe in the stomach causing her to stoop over. Jenny catches Cameron's head with Cameron's chin resting on Jenny's bicep. Jenny then drops to her but executing a Stone Cold Stunner. Jenny quickly leaps to her feet and looks down at her victim. She has a hardy laugh when she sees her opponent lying beaten and flat on her face, only minutes in the contest!

Jenny is still giggling as she pulls the bright red top off over Cameron's head. Cameron only mindlessly moans as she is reduced to a lacy black bra. Jenny pulls the stunned actress to her knees. She holds her there by a handful of hair and smacks her very hard across the face a few times. "Get up and fight you bitch!" Jenny yells, but poor Cameron is too dazed to respond. She winces at each slap, but her eyes remain glazed and unfocused. Jenny locks her opponent in a headlock and escorts her to the ring ropes. Cameron walks clumsily on her knees, being lead by Jenny.

Jenny takes Cameron to the ropes and presses her throat across the bottom ring rope. Jenny places her foot on the back of Cameron's neck and presses down with all her weight & strength to choke her rival. Cameron flails helplessly to Jenny's delight. Quickly boring o this maneuver, Jenny reaches down and unfastens the lacy bra, and tosses it into the front row of the audience. Jenny grabs Cameron by her ankles and drags her defenseless opponent to the middle of the ring.

Jenny flips Cameron over onto her back. She spreads her legs open, and starts stomping her exposed pussy. "REMEMBER THIS MOVE JULIE!!!" Jenny taunts, referring to the beating they gave Julie Strain last month. Jenny drops Cameron's legs, and allows them to fall heavily to the mat. Jenny reaches down and peels the black stretch pants off her tall, helpless opponents' long legs. Poor Cameron can only squeal in protest to the treatment she is receiving, but can do nothing to stop it. Jenny grabs her legs again and flips her over onto her stomach and into a Boston Crab.

Cameron screams as her back is being bent backwards. She yells, and starts slapping the mat in agony to indicate her surrender. Unfortunately the referee, Anna, was too busy cheering Jenny and encouraging her to inflict more pain, that she ignored Cameron's attempt to surrender. Jenny quickly bores of this maneuver too, but not quickly enough for her tortured victim. Jenny drops Cameron's legs and stands off of her back. The tall blonde lies face down on the mat loudly sobbing.

Jenny braces one foot on Cameron's lower back, and starts tugging on Cameron's black lace panties. Jenny yanks & tugs, causing the fabric to dig and cut into Cameron's pussy, before giving away and ripping right off her body. Jenny takes one last look at her nude victim sobbing at her feet. She pulls Cameron to her feet and slings her toward Anna. The Playboy model catches the lanky, stumbling blonde by clasping her right hand around her throat. Anna lifts the blonde above her head with one hand and choke slams the slender woman hard on the center of the ring. Cameron is knocked out upon impact, and lies lifelessly spattered on the mat.

Nikki rolls an equally nude and battered Lucy into the ring. Jenny pulls her up by her raven hair and slings her toward Anna too. The lithe Asian is easily lifted and choke slammed even harder right beside Cameron.

Christina rolls Drew into the ring. The double tough actress uses the ropes to get to her feet, but she too has been badly beaten. She stands with the support of the ropes breathing heavily. Anna walks over to her and clasps her big right hand around her throat. Drew squeals but is helpless to prevent the big blonde from lifting her up walking her to the middle of the ring and choke slamming her on the other side of Cameron.

Jenny is giggling and laughing as she surveys the three nude Charlie's Angels splattered on the mat. She playfully sits on Cameron's chest and places one hand on each of the other Angel's chest and allows Anna to give a long three count to end the fight. Jenny rises off the Angel's yelling, "You don't think we're gonna let them off this easy?" to the ringside fans, as Christina & Nikki search for some items under the ring.

Christina returns with four bottles of syrup, and distributes it to her friends. All four girls start squirting the thick, sticky liquid on the prone bodies of their victims. Nikki has retrieved four bags of feathers and they start sprinkling white feathers on their victim's bodies. Jenny laughs yelling, "let's tar & feather these whores!"

"Yeah, all Angels need feathers for their wings!" adds Nikki. The battered trio of Angels lie on the mat squirming, but ultimately having to accept their humiliation at the ABA's hands.

"Oh aren't you funny" says a booming voice across the speakers. The ABA stop their humiliation session of the Angel's to see Commissioner Stone Rage standing on the stage by the dressing rooms. "I've had all of you ABA bitches that I can take." Rage continued. "Oh I could simply throw you out of the league, but that's too generous for you. So, I have created a team of Super Women to kick your Asses and put you in you place once and for all. They stand for all that's good about this league: Class, Charm, Beauty, Intelligence and Intestinal Fortitude. You call them my Fabulous Four, or Fab Four, if you will!" Rage Says to the delight of the crowd.

Let me introduce them to you!" Rage says with a huge smile. "First.... the very beautiful & very, very sexy, Jennifer Lopez!" Lopez joins Rage on the stage and kisses him on the cheek. "Second... the simply gorgeous Halle Berry!" Rage continues as Halle joins him and J.Lo on the stage. "Next... the blonde goddess herself, Pamela Anderson!" Pam joins the stage. "And last but certainly not least, cause she gets to kick your ass Jenny for the title next month, the tough and lovely Tia Carrera!" Rage says as Tia enters and places her hands on her hips and gives Jenny a menacing glare.

Stone Rage starts to smile, and can not contain his delightful chuckle. "Good Luck Mrs. Asses...... you're definitely going to need it!"

Charlie's Angels have their wings plucked by the ABA

Jenny leads Christina & Nikki to a Dominating Victory!

But their Biggest Threat yet to Come!!!
Stone Rage has introduced The Fabulous Four enter the Battle Zone

Jennifer Lopez, Tia Carrera, Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry

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