"I'm going to need your help. I don't see a way out of this one."

"I think you're under estimating yourself. You have been in some impossible situations before and have always found a way to somehow come out on top. I don't see this being any different."

"This is different. This time the group don't have to beat us, just outlast us. At our age, we can't keep this up forever. Our enemies are a lot younger. They can just keep this up until we eventually fall."

"Okay fine. I don't think you'll need it, but you have our support." Salma Hayek answers, then adds, "Just one thing. Before this secret alliance is official, I need you to something for me first."

"Damned it girl, you always have a string attached." Halle Berry answers with a chuckle. "What's your favor? What do you need?"

"Christina Applegate is trying to screw me out of my championship. She's putting me is a Triangle match for the title. "I'm fighting the number one contender, Jenny McCarthy and giving Jennifer Love Hewitt her return title match at the same time. Make sure I keep my title and you'll have a partnership between my Confidante and the Fab Four against the ABA and the Resistance."

"Now how the hell am I'm supposed to do that, and nobody find out I'm helping you?" A befuddled Halle asks.

"I don't know. But you're Halle Berry. I've got faith in you. You'll figure something out." Salma answers.


"Yes! This is Marv Albert and we are ready for our main event at **ONSLAUGHT 2** The Drama Queen title is on the line as the champion, Salma Hayek takes on two challengers, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jenny McCarthy. I am joined by my normal colleague, Stephen A, but we have a pleasant surprise in the broadcast booth for this match. Our usual partner Pam Grier was called away unexpectedly, so she sent the lovely Halle Berry to take her place for this match." Marv explains to the broadcast audience.

With a toothy grin Stephen A adds. "Let me say this. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to sit here with the amazing Pam Grier. But I can't think of anybody better than to fill in her absence, than the flawless Ms Berry."

"Thank you for the kind words fellas, but let's save them for the girls who really deserves it, the competitors in the ring." Halle begins moving the conversation. "First you have the reigning Drama Queen, Salma Hayek. She was the first ever War Queen, and a former Hardcore Champion as well. Second, we've got Jenny McCarthy. She's another former War Queen, and the leader of the ABA. Jennifer Love Hewitt deserves all the credit in the world as a breakout superstar. She shocked the world by beating Jennifer Anniston for the Drama Queen title, and has been lights out since then. This is going to be an exciting match, and I can't wait for it to begin."

"Looks like we won't have to wait long." Marv says. "The champion is on her way to the ring now."

The camera turns to Salma Hayek making her entrance on the stage leading to the ring. She is wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and has the championship belt strapped around her waist. A classy and elegant woman, the champion glides to the ring. Once on the ring apron, she pauses and unstraps the belt from her waist. Salma proudly presents the title to the cameras and crowd. Then Salma crawls between the ropes and enters the ring. Salma holds the belt to her face and takes a long look, checking her reflection in the shimmering gold. Finally she hands the belt to the official and readies for action.

Second the fan favorite, Jennifer Love Hewitt is announced. The native Texan returned to her Southern roots, wearing a buckskin bra and a pair of Daisy Duke cut off jean shorts. Jennifer prances happily to the ring. Jennifer waves and greets fans all along the way. In turn, the fans respond with loving cheers. Jennifer sees Salma chuckle at her bouncing around like bubbling teen. Jennifer ignores Salma, thinking that she will have the last laugh when she takes her Drama Queen title back.

Lastly Jenny McCarthy comes to the ring. She appears to be in an ill mood as she trudges to the ring. Jenny wears her Mobster style motif in a black pin-striped business jacket. Jenny wears no shirt underneath her jacket to show her impressive cleavage. She has a matching pair of shorts and tops off the Mafioso look with a black fedora hat. Jenny climbs to the ring apron and starts with a few foul mouthed comments for each of her competitors. Jenny then sheds her hat and jacket. Jenny prepares for combat wearing a black silk bra, black suspenders, her pen-striped shorts and black gloves.

Soon afterward the bell rings. All three competitors slowly edge to the middle of the ring extremely cautiously. All three head's are on swivels, eyeing foes on both sides. When they are in the middle of ring each reaches out and the others slaps their hands away. "I expected an interesting match tonight." Halle comments. "The two challengers have history with Salma. She fought Jenny many years ago in a especially grueling and nasty fight, and I think Salma went a little too far busting Jennifer's tits when Salma won the Drama Queen title."

Immediately after Halle's comment, the women close on each other. Feeling the immense intensity and tension, Salma says, "Fuck this" and turns and runs, and slides out of the ring. Jennifer makes a move to chase after the champ. Once Salma escaped out of the ring, Jennifer turns back for Jenny. The blonde strikes with a quick kick to Jennifer's stomach. Jennifer drops to one knee with a howl. Jenny smiles, but it immediately disappears when Jennifer retaliates with a straight punch to Jenny's belly. As Jenny doubles over Jenny pops up to her feet and slams Jenny over the head with her fist. Then she captures Jenny in a head lock.

Jenny struggles in Jennifer's clutches for a few seconds before she can escape and push Jennifer off. Jennifer is shoved into the ropes and rebounds off. Jenny is waiting, doubled over to back flip Jennifer. Only Jennifer leaps over Jenny and grabs her around the waist at the same time. Jenifer turns Jenny upside down with a Sunset Flip. Jenny ends up with her shoulders down and her ass in the air and being pinned. Even before Jennifer completed the flashy maneuver, Salma is already sliding back into the ring. Salma is there to kick Jennifer to break up the pin attempt at the one count.

Salma snatches Jennifer up to her feet and wraps a head lock around Jennifer's head. Salma digs is and applies the pressure. While Salma is occupied wrenching and twisting Jennifer's head in a head lock, Jenny gets to her feet and takes advantage of the opportunity to walk over and wrap her arms around Salma's head, and put a head lock on her also. So all three women are in a line. Jennifer is caught in Salma's head lock. Salma is squeezing Jennifer's head in a head lock, while Jenny is wrenching Salma's head in another head lock.

The fans sit riveted waiting to see how this unique multiple head lock situation is going to work out. Jennifer acts first with a hard shot to Salma's ribs that makes her release Jennifer with a shout. Salma then sends a similar punishing punch to Jenny's ribs and gets out of Jenny's head lock. Jenny and Salma looks up while still holding their sides, and sees Jennifer surging toward them with both arms extended for a double clothesline. Jennifer plows over the blonde with the clothesline, but the savvy champion ducks under Jennifer's arm. Jenny goes down. Jennifer turns around and Salma catches her with an arm toss and throws Jennifer on the mat.

Jennifer sits up and clutches her lower back with a howl. Immediately she finds Jenny and Salma standing over her. Jenny quickly kicks Jennifer, knocking her back to the mat, then follows with a fast elbow drop. Jenny pops to her knees with a slight exclamation of accomplishment. Salma encourages Jenny and says "Let's get her." trying to form a brief alliance with Jenny.

Salma and Jenny each grab an arm and jerk Jennifer to her feet. They double whip Jennifer into the ropes then hold hands and prepare to double clothesline the Texan as she rebounds. Jennifer runs faster and hardened and break through the clasped hands and delivers the impact to her rivals. Jennifer actually broke through with such force, that she made Salma and Jenny bump into each other, chest to chest and stumble backward a couple steps. It gave Jennifer just enough separation, and distraction for Jennifer to spin on a dime and launch a drop kick to Jenny's face. The blonde is knocked off her feet. Jennifer is on top of her in an instant covering Jenny for a pin. Almost before the referee slapped the mat once, Salma has wacked Jennifer in the back, and breaking up the pin.

Jennifer rolls off Jenny and Salma is kicking and stomping on the challenger. Jenny gets to her feet shortly and joins in kicking the downed Jennifer with more vicious blows than Salma. Jenny and Salma pause for a moment, and look at each other and share a couple of words. In moments the two sexy forty-plus MILF's make a quick allegiance to take out the younger woman before kicking each other's ass.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has used the ropes to get to her knees. Both Jenny and Salma grab Jennifer by the back of the head and presses Jennifer's throat against the middle rope. Salma moves through the ropes to the ring apron, but keeps pressing down on Jennifer's neck against the ropes. It gives Jenny the opportunity to race across the ring and bounces off the far side ropes and come racing back across the ring and jump on Jennifer's back with both knees. Salma celebrates and congratulates her old foe. Jenny races back to the other side of the ring and rebounds back coming even faster. Jenny leaps leading with one knee, but Jennifer break free and slips out of the way. Jenny's knee lands in Salma's chest, and sends the champion catapulting backwards to the arena floor.

While Jenny stands shocked that she missed, Jennifer darts in behind Jenny and rolls her up in a small package, going for the pinfall. Jenny kicks out easily at the one count. Jenny pops to her feet and is rocked by a forearm shiver to the face, then is staggered by a chop across her chest. Jennifer tries to whip Jenny across the ring, but Jennifer reverses and sends Jenny hurdling into the corner. Jennifer hits very hard and crumples down to the mat. As Jennifer sits stunned in the corner, Jenny rushes over and starts stomping on Jennifer's chest. Meanwhile Salma is back in the ring and walks up behind Jenny. Salma grabs Jenny by the shoulder and spins her around to face her. Salma yells, "What ta fuck?" in her Spanish accent.

Jenny flips Salma off screaming back, "Fuck you!" Jenny takes a shot and tries to kick Salma in the stomach. The champion catches Jenny's foot before it impacts. Now Jenny is bouncing awkwardly on one foot, while holds her foot, and wickedly contemplates what kind of pain she is going to cause her vulnerable opponent. Jennifer leaps to her feet and attacks. Jenny hears Jenifer's feet and drops down. Jennifer flies over Jenny and blasts Salma with a running clothesline. Salma is flat on her back and dazed. Jennifer stays on top of the champion, and tries to get a quick pinfall. The referee only counts to one before Jenny kicks Jennifer in the side and makes her roll off top of Salma.

Jenny grabs Jennifer and pulls her rudely to her feet. Jenny slings Jennifer across the ring. Jennifer goes hurtling into the corner, leading with her shoulder. Jennifer goes in-between the top and middle turnbuckle and hits the steel ring post in between with her shoulder. When Jenny turns around, Salma is there and kicks Jenny in the gut, doubling her over. Salma wraps her arms around Jenny's waist and hoists the blonde in the air. Salma slings Jenny's body all the way over her shoulders so they are back to back but Salma holds Jenny a couple feet in the air, and suspends her up by holding high with grips under Jenny's arms. Salma hops up and drops to her butt on the mat and launches Jenny forward. Jenny plummets unprotected and smashes to the mat face first. Fans leap to their feet, exploding cheers, seeing Salma pay homage to her Mexican lucha heritage, and perform a devastating version of a Gordybomb. This is the move made famous by the patriarch of the legendary wrestling Guerrero family, Gordy Guerrero. "Oh my, a spectacular move by Salma Hayek" Marv exclaims. "The champion may be nearing a victory here."

Jenny took a sudden hard jolting impact. Salma suspects it might be enough to end this match. Salma quickly rolls Jenny over and covers her for the pin. Salma gets a two count with Jenny unable to make an effort to escape, but Jennifer runs over and stomps Salma in the back to break up the pin.

Jennifer sinks her fingers into Salma's long flowing deep black hair and snatches the champion to her feet. Salma counters and knocks Jennifer's hands away. Then she rips off a forearm blow to Jennifer's chin. Salma grabs Jennifer on either side of her head and head butts Jennifer extremely hard in the nose. Jennifer's eyes water and her knees goes weak. A daze descends over Jennifer's head. "Umph! That looks like it hurt Jennifer." Stephen reports.

"Yes Salma is definitely in control." Halle adds. "Jenny is down on the ring apron and Jennifer is definitely dazed. Salma has all the momentum going her way."

Salma hooks Jennifer's head under her arm and grips her jean shorts. Salma hoists Jennifer upside down and falls back for a suplex. Salma stays hooked up with Jennifer even after they crashed to the mat. Salma spins over and rises back to her feet, pullling Jennifer along with her still caught in position for a suplex. Again Salma hoists Jennifer upside down and holds her there for a couple of seconds before falling backwards and suplexes Jennifer a second time. After the second thunderous boom, Salma maintains her hooks in Jennifer, then flips over and gets to her feet once again. Feeling her own strength waning, Salma quickly executes a third suplex. Salma snaps Jennifer over backwards for a sudden impact with a swift snap suplex to the mat. Immediately after the third suplex, the fans are yelling "Three Amigos!" Then Salma feels a debilitating weight come crashing down on her massive bosom.

While Salma was slinging Jennifer around in the three consecutive suplexes, referred as the Three Amigos, she ends up near the ropes where Jenny was lying. As soon as Salma came crashing down on her final suplex, Jenny launched herself over the top rope and comes crashing down on Salma's chest with a big body splash. The unexpected impact knocks the breath out of Salma. Jenny stays on top of Salma and the referee starts the count. The referee looks closely making sure that Salma's shoulders are on the canvas, considering that she is still hooked with a flaccid Jennifer Love Hewitt. With the referee attention diverted, Jennifer puts her feet on the middle ropes to get more illegal leverage to keep Salma pinned.

"No!" Halle exclaims as Jenny launches herself over the top ropes. When Jenny puts her feet on the ropes, Halle comments, "She's not going to get away with this." as Halle raises her cell phone.

In the ring, the referee's focus is on Salma's shoulders. Salma flops around, trying to kick out, but is encumbered by Jenny's illegal leverage and Jennifer still being hooked together from the suplexes. Jenny still is barely able to contain the flailing champion. As the referee is about to slap his hand to the mat for the third time, Jenny grabs a handful of Salma's white tights to hold Salma down just long enough for the referee to complete the third count.

The referee pops to his feet while motioning for the bell. Jenny scrambles to her feet, looking for confirmation that the match is indeed over. Salma sits up, stricken with horror and heartbreak on her face. Jennifer rises up with sever disappointment on her face. The referee calls to the time keeper give him the Drama Queen belt and he hands it to Jenny. Immediately Jenny explodes in a celebration. Salma drops her head in despair.

As Jenny is hopping up and down, hooting and hollering, Halle climbs on the ring apron and calls the referee over. She shows him a picture on her cell phone of Jenny with both feet on the middle rope and with a handful of white tights, pinning Salma. The poor guy instantly realizes his error and starts wondering what to do. Halle starts arguing that he cannot let the match's decision stand. It is a disgrace to let a championship change hands in such a manner. Finally the referee tries to right the wrong. He runs over to Jenny and snatches the belt out of her hands. He shouts a brief explanation to Jenny of an illegal pin, and walks out of the ring heading to tell the timekeeper and ring announcer of his decision to reverse his decision, and restart the match. Jenny follows the man shouting and screaming her protests while Halle looks on nearby with a smug smile and an occasional chuckle.

Jenny is irate and follows the referee to the time keeper's table, screaming and shouting her protests the whole way. Once the referee hands the title belt to the timekeeper, Jenny grabs the man by his collar and jacks up the referee. "Give me my fucking belt back you idiot!" Jenny shouts.

"No it was an illegal pin. I'm restarting the match" The referee maintains as he gives the time keeper a hand signal to ring the bell. The bell distinctly rings throughout the arena.

Salma and Jennifer had been standing in the ring watching this drama between the referee and Jenny unfolds. However once the bell rang Jennifer started clobbering an unsuspecting Salma over the head. Jennifer saw a rare second chance and was determined to make the most of it.

Jenny's temper explodes once she heard the bell as well. Her knee rockets up and smashes the referee's balls. The poor guy lets out a horrific howl and starts to crumble to the ground, if not for Jenny's grip on his striped shirt. He does start descending to the ground as Jenny releases one hand and slaps the referee across the face and hits him over the head. Halle comes to the referee's defense, shouting, "Hey! Lay Off him. He's just doing his job!" Jenny turns and sees what should be the true focus of her ire. The bitch taking pictures on her cell phone.

Jenny rushes over to Halle and rears her fist way back to wallop Halle over the head. Halle puts one arm up and easily blocks the punch. Then she fires back with straight shots to Jenny's face. Halle has Jenny's head bobbing on her shoulders, and Halle is not about to let up and give this extremely dangerous foe a chance to recover. Halle's fists pop Jenny's face and educated feet rocket up with kicks to Jenny's body. Halle is going to take advantage of Jenny's emotion fed recklessness and issue a whipping to her old rival.

Meanwhile in the ring, Salma has not been able to put it together after the bell rang again. Jennifer has been flat out wrestling Salma. Jennifer has been bouncing Salma's beautiful body all over the ring with hip tosses, throws, slams and flips. A rocked Salma gets to her feet after getting bounced by Jennifer again. As Salma is almost erect Jennifer comes swooping in and grabs Salma by the hair and launches them both and executes a stunning Texas Bulldog as she drives Salma's face into the canvas. Jennifer could tell by the thud Salma's body made that the champion might be done. Jennifer rolls Salma onto her back and pins the champion. She immediately notices no referee comes to make the count. Jennifer looks around and sees the referee still at ringside on his hands and knees. She sees Halle slamming Jenny's head into ringpost outside of the ring. The fans start counting, "One! Two! Three! Four! Five Six! Seven!..." Showing that Jennifer should be a new champion, before Salma kick out and knocks Jennifer off top of her.

Jennifer and Salma scramble to their feet. Salma is re-energized, pissed and embarrassed that Jennifer had her dead to rights on a pinfall victory. Salma comes up swinging. She boxes Jennifer's ears a couple of times and disorients her. Salma scores a quick uppercut to further Jennifer's dehlima. Now Salma launches a haymaker at Jennifer's head. Jennifer ducks under Salma's swipe and slips behind Salma with the same motion. Jennifer and Salma are back to back and Jennifer intertwines her arms with Salma's and bends forward. Salma is upended and falls backwards sliding down Jennifer's back until her shoulders are on the canvas and both feet are in the air. Jennifer's arms are locked with Salma's holding her in place for a backslide pinfall.

Salma kicks her legs but she cannot get her shoulders off the mat. Luckily for her, there is still no referee to count the pinfall. The fans join into the fun and begin counting in unison. By the time the fans count to eight, Salma's futile kicking and running her legs in the air slow. Jennifer is too strong for Salma to break free. By the count of thirteen, Salma stops struggling and embarrassing herself. She just waits for Jennifer to release her while the fans continue counting Salma's shoulders to the mat. Once the fan's count reaches twenty-five, Jennifer relases Salma's arms and frees Salma.

Salma gets up, red-faced embarrassed that Jennifer is dominating her and has proven on two occasions that she should already be the reigning Drama Queen. Salma has curses and threats on beginning to stream from the tip of her tongue as she steps toward Jennifer. Salma's chatter ends before any intelligible words as she is leveled by fierce clothesline. Jennifer shouts "Shut up!" as she blasts Salma. The latina goes down hard and grabs the back of her head. Jennifer looks around angrily for the referee. She sees him at ringside trying to break up Halle and Jenny who are literally at each other's throats. Halle has one hand around Jenny's throat and the other full of blonde hair. Jenny has both hands around Halle's neck and the referee is in-between them, trying to push them apart. He hopes that if he can get Halle out of the action, he can regain control over the match, and it can continue to a decisive ending.

Jennifer goes to the ropes and starts yelling at the referee to get back in the ring, and count the pinfalls. When the referee ignores her, Jennifer climbs through the ropes onto the ring apron. As she is about to jump down, Jennifer is snatched back by Salma yanking Jennifer's hair. Instinctively Jennifer whirls around and clobbers Salma over the head. Salma reels. Jennifer grabs Salma and pulls her close, then fires a knee low into Salma's gut. Salma doubles over clutching her belly. Next Jennifer leaps over Salma and grabs her around the waist at the same time. Jennifer executes a Sunset Flip. Salma ends up with her shoulders again on the mat and her butt in the air. Jennifer's legs pin Salma's arms down as Jennifer sits behind Salma securing her in place with her arms around Salma's waist.

Salma hears the fans feverish cheering as Jennifer executes the flashey move. Salma tries to kick out again, but it is still a total failure. Salma's great big tits fall in her own face. Her ass is in the air, and she is doubled up with her feet by the sides of her head, giving the fans a sexy crotch shot. Salma struggles a little more as the fans energetically start counting another would be pinfall. Finally Salma stops struggling and accepts the fans counting another shameful would be defeat. The fans count to ten, and keep going. Salma is crestfallen. A third would be embarrassing defeat is almost as bad as losing her title all together. Especially falling to Jennifer Love Hewitt, a woman that Salma simply does not have a lot of respect for in the ring.

Catching a glimpse of what is happening in the ring, Jenny purposely fires a free elbow to the bridge of the referee's nose. The guy's head snaps back and tears come to his eyes. Jenny knows that things are out of control now. If the match ends in a count out or disqualification, the greater her chances to get a championship rematch.

The referee reels backward a few steps, pausing to clear his vision. Halle takes advantage of the opening to unleash several hard fist that drive Jenny back into the announcer's table. First Halle has Jeny bent over backwards awkwardly over the edge of the table. While trying to get away from Halle and more pain, Jenny shortly found herself stretched on her back across the announce table with one of Halle's hands across her throat, choking her, and the other hand full of blonde hair, and banging Jenny's head against the table. Stephen A exclaims "What the hell!" as he and Marv leap backwards to avoid Jenny's flailing arms.

While this was going on, Jennifer released Salma when the fans finished a twenty-five count. The dispirited Salma got to her feet slower than before. Jennifer was up and waiting on her muttering, "I'm finishing you this time bitch." Jennifer slips behind Salma and locks a sleeper hold around Salma's head. Suddenly Jennifer sees Salma's fighting spirit re-ignites. Salma fights to get out with elbows to Jennifer's side and struggling with all she can muster to escape, and save her title. Jennifer is just as determined to hold on, and she is not as depleted as Salma is at this point of this chaotic fight.

Halle has Jenny pinned on the announcer's table, sitting on the blonde's chest and choking her out. Jenny is fading fast, but sees the referee coming to break up the action. She has given up hope of winning the title, she wants to get disqualified and then politic to get another title shot. As the referee walks up to separate them, Jenny's foot flashes up and kicks the dude square in the face. He was coming to save Jenny and did not expect this shot. The referee goes down holding his face. Then he raises one hand and gives the signal to ring the bell and throw out this match. He is dazed and confused, and knows that he cannot continue in this match.

Jennifer hears the bell and is confused about what is happening. Salma is seated on the mat huffing and puffing and trying to hold on by a string. Jennifer is seated behind Salma with her arms around Salma's head for the sleeper hold. When she hears the bell, Jennifer's anger rises. Her only chance to regain her Drama Queen title is probably gone. In her anger she squeezes Salma harder. Salma gags, flails and fades into slumber soon after.

With Salma incapacitated, Jennifer tosses her body to the side and goes out the ring to check on the referee, and try to find out exactly what has happened. As that was happening and Jenny is fading away on the announcer's table. Once Jenny stops moving, Halle climbs off her chest and enters the ring to check on Salma.

Jennifer finds a dazed and confused referee who is barely responsive. Halle found a totally unresponsive Salma. Jennifer tries to talk to the disoriented referee to get the official outcome of the match, and gets a few confused words. He muttered 'disqualification', 'outside interference'. Jennifer's eyes lift the ring and focus on Halle Berry. Jennifer growls loudly as a burning fury flares inside. Jennifer's perception is that Salma will never, ever give her another shot at the title, and her hopes of regaining the title are all but loss.

Jennifer rises and marches to the ring with her fists balled and trembling in anger. "You meddling bitch! You cost me my shot at the title!" Jennifer grumbles as she approaches Halle.

Halle looks and see the furious woman coming toward her. Halle rises and backs off timidly, "Calm down Jennifer... I I I I just was trying to help. Jenny made an illegal pin!" Halle tries to explain. She backs up with her hands up, begging off until she backs against the ropes. Then Jennifer pounces on Halle with fist flying. It resembled a wild, ferocious tiger attacking a hapless antelope. Halle had no chance to fight back, flee or anything as she torn limb from limb. Halle covered on the ropes as Jennifer's blurry fast fist beat her senseless.

"Oh my goodness!!!!!" Stephen A exclaims to the pay per view audience. "Jennifer Love Hewitt is just beating the hell out of Halle Berry!"

Halle tries fighting back, and receives a beating. She tries to tie up and clench Jennifer and gets punished. Escape simply was not an option. Halle covers her head totally as she is pinned against the ropes and takes her beating. Jennifer is on a rampage. She set out knock Halle's block off and is determined to do so. Halle has her head covered so that it is impossible for Jennifer to kayo Halle. The only opening left was Halle's body and specifically her ribs. Jennifer starts launching hooks into Halle's sides and ribs. Her blows make a thump like a drum. Poor Halle squeaks at each blow. Next Jennifer hears whimpers like a wounded animal or a small little girl. Jennifer knows that she is on the verge of cracking a rib, but she is determined to knock Halle's head off. Jennifer feels that if Halle make her break a few ribs to knock her head off, then that is Halle's own fault.

Halle holds out as long as she can. The veteran knew better than anyone in the ring, the strategy behind everything. The turtle defense of her head and sacrificing her body was the only way to keep Jennifer from knocking her out. However Jennifer's body punishment is simply unbearable. Halle endures the punishment and holds out as long as she can. However Jennifer's punches are breaking her down not only physically, but emotionally. Jennifer's punches are stripping Halle of her championship pedigree, and reducing her to just another woman being overpowered and subjugated by a stronger woman. Halle lowers one arm to protect her body. Jennifer smiles and takes the slim opening and finds Halle's jaw. That punch stuns Halle, and she never sees the next three heavy blasts that knock Halle loopy. Halle's arms fall to her sides, and she simply sways, almost out on her feet. Jennifer grabs Halle by the collar of her business style blouse and starts blasting away at Halle's incomparably gorgeous face.

After bombing Halle into oblivion, Jennifer unhands Halle's blouse and steps to the side, allowing Halle to collapse lifelessly to the mat. The fans are roaring. Jennifer is far too deep in the moment to stop. Jennifer grabs Halle's blouse and rips it open, launching buttons in all directions. Next Jennifer goes about the business of stripping the blouse of a moaning Halle. Jennifer loops the garment around Halle's neck and states, "This ain''t over girl. Get your ass up." Jennifer pulls Halle to her feet by the makeshift noose. Jennifer turns her back to Halle so they are back to back. Jennifer bends over forward and hoists Halle across her back. Halle is lifted off her feet, suspended on Jennifer's back and hanging by the blouse wrapped around her neck, choking her.

Halle flails around briefly but they soon subside. Halle likes on Jennifer's back without resisting as a sign of surrender. Halle only responds to reflex reactions to being choked. Halle never wanted to raise Jennifer's ire, she only wanted to help Salma. She definitely wants this fierce onslaught on her to be over as soon as possible. Halle acknowledges and knows on all levels that she is beaten and defeated. She is defenseless against this woman's wrath. Jennifer releases the blouse allowing Halle to slide off her back and fall into an akimbo pile of arms and legs.

The fans are still clamoring for more, and Jennifer is still lost in the moment. Jennifer reaches down and starts unfastening Halle's skimpy black lace bra. Within seconds, Jennifer has removed Halle's bra and wrapped it around Halle's neck. Jennifer gets to her feet and starts dragging Halle around the ring on her ass by the bra around Halle's neck. Halle gags and pulls at the undergarment around her neck helplessly as she is drug and really being paraded around for all the fans. After Jennifer had completed a full lap, Halle's eyes are starting to roll up in her head. The fans and Jennifer may have been enjoying themselves, but Halle has been choked into a helpless state.

Both Jenny and Salma are stirring. Jenny is still on top of the announcer's table, and Salma is in the corner in the ring. away from Jennifer and Halle. Jennifer sees Salma trying to leave the ring and races over. Salma is crawling out when Jennifer seizes her. Jennifer pulls Salma to her feet, then hoists Salma up on Jennifer's shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Jennifer tosses Salma off her shoulders and sends her hurdling toward the turnbuckle. Salma comes crashing down face first on the top turnbuckle. Salma's head snaps back but she lands on her feet, and rebounds backwards. That is backwards right back to Jennifer. Jennifer dips low and scoops Salma back onto her shoulders again in another Fireman's Carry. Jennifer carries Salma away from the corner, to the center of the ring near the down and out Halle. Jennifer tosses Salma up in the air off her shoulders again, but stays under Salma this time. As Salma plummets down, Jennifer raises her knee as Salma drops and strikes her chin on Jennifer's knee. The move is called GTS, or WWE Superstar's finisher, Go To Sleep. Salma's body recoils and falls lifelessly to the mat.

Immediately Jennifer goes about the task of stripping Salma's white one piece swimsuit. In seconds Salma is down for the count wearing only a white thong. She lies beside Halle Berry who is not in much better shape. Halle is down and breathlessly hurting, topless and only wearing her business style pants.

While all of this was happening in the ring, Jenny had awakened from her slumber on the announcer's table. She takes a gander in the ring and smiles. Then Jenny crawls off the table and takes a seat in Halle's chair joining Marv and Stephen A at ringside. Jenny puts on Halle's head set. "Isn't this wonderful? Halle and Salma are getting everything they deserve, you got to love this." Jenny says. "Marv, Stephen, don't let the cat get your tongue. Tell us about the match" Jenny encourages. From that point Jenny becomes the new third member of the broadcast team, calling the action, joking and calling the match like she was born to do so.

Jennifer looks down at Salma and Halle and finally realized what she just done. She just steam rolled two former War Queens, two of the league's biggest superstars, two future Hall of Famers. Jennifer did not just beat them, she really ripped them both a new ass hole. Jennifer has been considered a cream puff around the league for years. Now those years have passed and Jennifer seeks to establish herself as a force in the league. Jennifer feels this is her greatest moment in her catfighting career. The feeling even surpasses beating Jennifer Aniston for the Drama Queen title.

Jennifer ask the fans "Do you want more?". She repeatedly shouts out the question and riling up the fans. Naturally most fans cheer for more. After all two of the most gorgeous women in the world are topless on the ring. Who would not love to see the beautiful heroines in peril with bouncing bare titties more?

After getting the support of the fans, Jennifer peels Halle off the mat. Jennifer twists Halle's arm, forcing the Academy award winner to double over. Jennifer lifts her leg and puts it across the back of Halle's head. Jennifer hops up and comes down, driving Halle's face into the mat. Halle's body bounces from the impact. Jennifer could tell Halle will be feeling that move for a long time. Halle has been beaten to a compliant state. She is unresistant, allowing Jennifer to take her time and perfectly execute every move for maximum impact.

Jennifer goes to Salma. "Still think you've got perfect breasts Salma?" Jennifer loudly asks as she brings up Salma's comments from their last encounter. Jennifer pulls Salma off the mat. "Let's see how tough they are." Jennifer double hooks Salma's arms behind her and lifts Salma off her feet, holding her in the air by the double hooked arms. Salma's arms are pulled together behind her, causing her to thrust her enormous tits out. Then Jennifer thrust Salma forward and drives her chest first to the mat in a move called the Implant Buster. Salma's big fun bags take the impact and her body too bounces like a ball from the impact.

Jennifer knows that she has to end this but not before one more indignity. She pulls Halle up again. At this point Halle is no more than a practice dummy for Jennifer to apply holds. Jennifer grabs Halle around the head and neck, then leaps up and comes down with the point of Halle's chin leading the way. Jennifer executes Halle own finishing manuever, the RKO on her. Halle lands harshly and bounces over spread eagle on her back.

Jennifer gets to her feet and takes off running. She runs into the ropes and bounces off coming back toward Salma. Jennifer leaps in the air and comes down ass first on Salma's tits, in a variation of Salma's finishing maneuver called the Spanish Cannonball. Salma's arms and legs spike up from the impact, then fall lifelessly back to the mat.

Jennifer stands and goes to Halle. Jenifer stoops down and slaps Halle's face. "You fucking bitch! You cost me my title shot. This will teach you to interfere in my matches ever again!" Jennifer repeatedly slaps Halle's face as she talks. "If you cross me again, I will fuck you up worst next time skinny bitch!"

"Disrespectful" Stephen A tells the audience. "So disrespectful".

Then Jennifer goes to Salma. She stoops over Salma saying "Listen you piece of shit. You can run and hide all you want, but that Drama Queen title is mine! I will hound you every day until I can get another shot. I will kick your ass every time I see you until I get another shot. I will hurt you until I get my title back. Be smart and let's settle this like real women. Because one way or another that title is coming back to me."

Jennifer finally walks out of the ring, leaving a devastated Salma and Halle lying flat on their backs in the ring.

"What a night! What a way to end this Pay Per View." Marv exclaims. "Stephen A, Jenny any final thoughts on this night."

"All I can say is that Jennifer Love Hewitt was big time tonight. She beat the hell out of Halle Berry and Salma Hayek, two All-Stars of the highest order, like they were a couple of scrubs. What else can I say?"

"This proves what Salma Hayek is no champion. If it wasn't for Halle's interference, I would be going to my victory party right now. In the end, I hope everybody got what they deserved. Salma got her ass kicked for being a disgrace as a champion. Halle got punished for interfering where she does not belong. And me? I deserve a shot one more for the Drama Queen title."

"Thanks for tuning in, good night." Marv closes. The credits start rolling on the screen, while the camera shows a topless Salma and Halle lying on the mat as the final images for the pay per view.

Both start stirring near the end of the credits. Salma looks over to Halle and whispers, "Any support you need, me Penelope and Vanessa have your back." Halle nods but says nothing. She just hopes in the end, that this will all be worth it.


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