Stone Rage Christmas Special
Oh Christmas Tree Match



With the world thirsting for more personalized entertainment options, the demand for more Stone Rage Catfights is overwhelming. The studios want it. The public wants it, so Rage is giving it to them. Feeling in the Christmas spirit, he dreamed up a unique match. He called it an "Oh Christmas Tree match". It is simple but kinky. To win the match, the winner must incapacitate her opponent, then tie her up in Christmas tree decorations. Strings of Christmas tree lights, strings of garland and other decorations are provided to bind the looser. The match is over win one woman plugs in the lights and turns her foe into a humiliated and humbled human Christmas tree.

Stone Rage turned the idea and concept over to his staff and booking committee and returned to his concerns and dangers of maintaining a firm hold of his organization that is threatened by the studio executives. Studio consultant, Quatro Calderon took the bait. Knowing that the studios will be upset that Rage came up with another creative and profitable concept, Calderon tries to find a way to embarrass Rage with the outcome. Meanwhile Rage is able to return to much more daunting matters. Things like opening his new Battle Star arena, giving him control of a state of the art facility for his events. Also he has been secretly buying up controlling stock, and replacing members of the board of directives with new ones that are loyal to him and the league.

Calderon is banking on being able to destroy Stone Rage's prize group of wrestlers, the Fabs. He seeks to wear them down with matches, defeats and humiliations before introducing his own team to take their top spot. With the Fabs defeated and disgraced, he will discredit them professionally as well, and make an example of what happens when someone tries to buck and go against the entertainment system's hierarchy. Whether Rage's plan or Calderon's plan will prevail remains to be seen.

Notwithstanding all of that mess, it is Christmas time. The public really only cares about seeing some big ole tittles jiggling, and a couple of big asses bouncing. The booking committee with Calderon's influence provided that for the public. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson answered the call for big titties and asses. Either certainly filled the bill for two scantily clad, smoking hot chicks. Perhaps most importantly, there are two absolutely phenomenal set of breasts, and possibly the greatest ass ever.

Kim Kardashian versus Jessica Simpson was a natural matchup that had to happen eventually. It is a brunette versus a blonde, who both are the same age and approximately the same height. They have known each other very well for decades. They have both spent much of their younger years in the same clubs partying with the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Both are totally confident that they could kick the other's ass for decades now. Both socialites were desperate to get in the ring and take the spotlight. Each is willing to do a lot for a million dollar payday.

Anyway.... Merry Christmas! Let's get this thing started!!!

It is a Saturday night Pay Per View Christmas special. A made for TV event held in the Stone Rage studio. There are no fans but extra cameras to capture every tantalizing frame and every angle. No members of the respective girl's teams, The Fabs or the Resistance are allowed in the building, so there will be no interference. It is just a smoking hot chick versus a fine as hell babe. May the better woman or the sexiest bombshell win.

Jessica comes to the ring looking extremely festive, wearing a Santa Claus coat and Santa hat. Her red Santa coat floats halfway down to her ass. Her cute buns are shoved in red bikini panties that are accented with white fur along it's edges. Her Daisy Duke famous legs are in thigh high red stockings and a pair of white heels. She wears a matching red string bikini lined with white fur under her Santa jacket.

Kim makes her entrance to the ring right after. She is dressed similarly to Jessica, wearing a Santa coat and Santa hat also. Kim's ass bouces beyond the coat too, but it is covered by a white pair of panties with red faux fur along it's edges. She wears a matching string bikini top with the faux fur under her Santa coat. Kim does not wear stockings, but red fur boots up to her knees.

Kim is very businesslike once she entered the ring. Kim ignores everything and starts stretching for her match. Kim puts her foot on the top rope and stretches her muscles out in a very sexy fashion. Jessica impatiently whips off her Santa jacket and tosses it out of the ring while she kicks off her heels. She snatches her Santa hat off and tosses it away and screams, "Come on ring the damned bell. Let's get this started!" The blonde vixen is positive she is going to win and ready to totally demolish her party pal. Kim throws an unconcerned glance at Jessica's way, then take off her Santa coat and Santa hat too. Kim stretches a little more before the match. Kim's lack of concern seems to agitate Jessica. "Ring the bell!" the blonde demands.

Frustrated by the timekeeper's indifference, Jessica tells the man, "Enough of this, it's time to start this fight." She then starts across the ring, Kim turns around at the last minute to see Jessica. Seeing that it's about to go down with or without him, the timekeeper quickly rings the bell as Jessica approaches Kim. An instant after the bell sounds, Kim turns around as she senses Jessica approaching. The brunette is met promptly with a low blow cunt kick.

Kim yells "Uhhhh Hoooo!" as she stoops over clutching her pussy. Jessica grabs two handfuls of black hair and uses it to toss Kim out of the corner. Kim is launched off her feet and lands on her back with a thud. Jessica is on top of Kim in an instant afterwards. Within a couple of seconds the Texas country blonde has wrangled Kim face down on the mat and takes a seat on Kim's back. Jessica puts Kim in a Camel Clutch, by pulling Kim's arms over Jessica's shapely thighs, then pulls back the reins on Kim by jerking back hard on Kim's long black hair, and bending her backwards. Kim howls and spits, "You low blow cheating bitch!"

"Oh, it's not cheating." Jessica answers. "How can you low blow a bitch that is a total cunt!" Then Jessica unties the knot in Kim's bikini top that is behind her neck. With the top knot gone, Kim's big tits tumble free to the mat. The only good thing for Kim is that the shifting of weight on her back, allowed Kim to roll and throw Jessica's narrow ass off of her back.

Kim tries to get away but Jessica is trying just as hard to coral Kim with her legs. First Jessica catches Kim's arm in between her legs and tries to contain her with a cross arm breaker, but Kim immediately starts wiggling free before truly being locked in. Jessica shifts to a leg scissors around Kim's mighty fine tits. With one arm free, Kim reaches out and grabs Jessica's overstuffed bikini top and pulls on it. Jessica retaliates by clawing at Kim's pussy. Jessica's leg scissor loosens up and the two struggle in odd and awkward positions between one another's legs and twisting out. All the while they are tearing at each other's bikini tops. Kim scores first by tearing Jessica's top completely off. Only seconds later, Jessica pulls a string on Kim's top and it falls to the mat too.

They grappled around across the mat a bit with tits bouncing. Jessica briefly takes control by getting behind Kim and wrapping her legs around the brunette's waist, then trying to wrap her arms around Kim's upper body. Kim proved too strong for Jessica to contain. The brunette broke free, but Jessica kept riding her. Eventually Jessica found a way to keep Kim down. She rolled Kim onto her back and got on top with a full body press. Then Jessica moved up and plopped her big breasts down on Kim's face. Kim's mouth and nostrils are buried. All that could be seen is a bit of her nose and her popped out eyes. All that could be heard were Kim's muffled screams. "I can't hear you", Jessica cracked. "Sounds like you have a mouthful." Jessica joked then laughs heartily at her own jest. Apparently Kim did not find it funny. She shoved Jessica off top of her shortly after.

Both ladies quickly get up to their knees and lock up again. Jessica slips and out wrestles Kim again. She gets to Kim's side and starts pulling the brunette's white bikini panties down. Jessica shoves Kim down to the mat and starts working her bikini bottoms down her legs. Kim yelps, "If you're going to take mine off, then I'm going to take yours off too!" Kim reaches a hand around Jessica's back and pulls her red bottoms down below the blonde's ass. They continue rolling around, where Jessica seemed to have no problems peeling Kim's panties off. It took Kim a few more rolls around and more effort, before she could strip Jessica of her panties.

Kim tossed Jessica's panties to the side once she finally stripped them off. The two break apart and pop up to their knees again. Jessica cracked "Getting your panties was really easy. I should have known." As Jessica finished her hands lash out and wraps Kim's panties around the brunette's neck. The blonde taught Kim a valuable lesson to hang on to stripped panties. They make a great weapon. Desperation and panic was on Kim's face. Kim tries pulling Jessica's blonde hair to escape.

Jessica smoothly transitioned Kim into a side headlock as the brunette tried to snatch Jessica's head around by her hair. Then Jessica snaps Kim to the mat by the headlock. Jessica pins Kim down by lying across her body and lets her big naked tit fall on Kim's face. The big sexy boob covers half of Kim's face including her nose and mouth again. Jessica can hear the millions of boners popping out across the country from the sexy scene. Kim shakes her shoulders to grind her tit into Kim's face to Kim's muffled shouts of protest. Jessica got too engrossed in her erotic display and she allows Kim to wiggle a hand free. Kim chops Jessica across the throat to loosen the headlock. Then Kim is able to force Jessica off top of her.

Kim found herself in a good position behind Jessica. She grabs both of Jessica's arms and jerks them behind her, and plants her foot in the blonde's back for a modified surfboard hold. The huge modification is that they are both lying on the mat on their sides. That plays a huge factor is Jessica being able to break free from Kim rather quickly.

Jessica scrambles to her feet quickly while Kim lies on the mat taking a few deep breaths for a second. "Hah! Riding that big fat ass is tiring you out huh?" Jessica grabs Kim's furry red boots in a flash and lifts Kim's legs. and hooks them up in her arms. Kim struggles, but cannot prevent Jessica from turning her over into a Boston Crab hold. "Oh yes" Jessica coos as Kim squawks in pain. Jessica does squats up and down trying to torture Kim's back anyway possible. After a while, even the dumb blonde figures out the squats were a bad idea when her thighs started burning. Jessica abandons her Boston Crab and drops her foe to belly flop the mat. Jessica then viciously stomps Kim on her lower back two times. A third kick to the side flips Kim over onto her back. Jessica finishes with an elbow drop to the pit of Kim's stomach. Obviously showing fatigue the brunette howls in anguish.

It is obvious even to Jessica that the way to victory is to continue to wear Kim's big fat ass out. So Jessica drops to the mat with Kim and applies a leg scissors around Kim's head from behind with her red nylon covered legs. It created quite a scene. Bikini tops and bottoms are scattered around the ring, and two equally naked babes with two phenomenal bodies struggling on the mat. Kim's bald pussy and huge ass is flopping around with her legs wide open. Kim's furry red boots slip and slide on the canvas. Meanwhile Jessica's plump, juicy, round tits are thrust out, as she tries her best to crush Kim's head.

While fans are enamored by the physical features, the curvaceous warriors were thinking something entirely different. "Gawd my legs are burning!", thinks Jessica. "My mom thighs sure aren't the same as my Daisy Duke legs back in the day. This scissors hold is killing me but it's got to be worst for that fat ass Kim."

Meanwhile Kim still flops and growls under the pressure of Jessica's leg scissors. Kim has both hands on either of Jessica's thighs, trying to pry them apart; or was she? "Good ol' Jess" Kim thinks. "You never fail me. Work those thighs girl." Actually Kim was not trying to pry Jessica's thighs apart, but applying an opposite force to make Jessica expend more energy to apply the leg scissors. "I hope the dummy wants to do more squats during the match" Kim thinks while chuckling in her brain. Kim's hands actually keep Jessica's legs from crushing her skull, and wearing Jessica down instead. Kim actually has a chance to rest and catch her second wind, and contain her emotions after the fast start. Kim plays possum by flopping around and grunting, while groaning Jessica is pouring all her strength and energy into her thighs.

Kim feels Jessica's thighs straining to maintain their pressure. She figures the time is right. She suddenly thrusts her hands down to Jessica's cris crossed ankles and breaks them apart. Kim is now freed but does not go anywhere. Instead she grabs Jessica's nylon encased foot and bends is at a painful angle. Jessica howls and screams, unable to go anywhere until Kim finally relents and let's her go.

Jessica SimpsonJessica rolls away holding her ankle and exclaiming in pain. She sits up and is surprised to see Kim standing and coming at her full of fire and vinegar. Kim strikes like a viper with a lightening speed kick to Jessica's gut. With a short, loud "Ung!" Jessica falls to the mat like she was shot, with her breath knocked out of her. Jessica sits up holding her belly when Kim savagely stomps her again. Jessica rolls over to protect her stomach, allowing Kim to take a seat on Jessica's back.

Kim pulls Jessica's arms behind her back then drapes them over her thighs. Kim clasps her fingers under Jessica's chin and pulls back for a conventional Camel Clutch versus Jessica's modified hold at the beginning of the match. "This is how you properly apply a Camel Clutch, Jessica!" Kim instructs. Kim's version certainly seems a lot more painful, but Jessica's hair pulling version was certainly more entertaining and sexy.

Jessica frantically yells, "Get your giant fat ass off of me!"

"Yes, I've got a big ass!" Kim angrily responds, "But my big ass has been working out relentlessly for the last 15 years. I've never taken four, five or six years off doing not a damned thing, and letting myself go!" Jessica answered with a series of moans and groans. Kim is fiercely rearing back on the blonde's head with strain and annoyance showing on her face.

Kim is having fun hurting Jessica. Kim is also anxious to finish Jessica off. Most importantly, Kim wants to show the world how she has grown as a competitor in the ring. Kim shoves Jessica down and rises off of Jessica's back. Kim pulls Jessica to her feet by Jessica's blonde hair and takes two meaningful steps and slams the blonde's face into the nearby turnbuckle. The pop singer shouts and drunkenly turns to face Kim and then slumps in the corner for support. Jessica thinks, "Where did this burst of energy come from?" Kim attacks, launching three very hard and distinctive punches into Jessica's soft belly. Jessica's head and hair whips forward with each blow, showing the might of Kim's assault. Kim follows the punches by immediately punishing Jessica with two knees sequentially driven into Jessica's hurting belly.

Jessica is having a hard time breathing. Then Kim raises her foot and presses it against Jessica's throat to choke her. No pinfalls and no submission also mean no referee is needed in the ring. Jessica struggles in the corner with no assistance coming. "There bitch! That's what you get for fucking sucker punching me!" Kim vengefully says, responding to Jessica's low blow at the opening bell. Although very few fans, watching on pay per view, were listening to the words coming out of Kim's mouth. They were spellbound and amazed by the sight of Kim's mountainous, naked ass with her legs split at an overly obtuse angle. Kim's pre-match stretching was just an appetizer, but this sight is the main course. Kim's red furry boots only made her hotter.

The leg split choke hold is exhilarating for Kim. She enjoys watching Jessica struggle and squirming for air, but it is hardly the most effective choke hold. Kim brings her leg down and tosses Jessica out of the corner with a judo flip. Jessica lands on her back, but quickly sits up to her credit. The formidable blonde rubs her neck a couple of times before getting to her hands and knees to stand and rejoin the fight. At that moment Kim pounces on Jessica. She grabs the buxom bimbo sexpot from behind. Kim forces Jessica back face down on the mat, and then grabs Jessica's ankles. From there Kim sits down on Jessica's back while securing Jessica's ankles and legs to bend the blonde's body into a ninety degree angle. Quite simply, Kim put Jessica in a Boston Crab. Again, Kim's version is classic, scientific and extremely effective. It is the perfect hold for the giant booty empiress. Jessica's face and boobs are crushed to the canvas by Kim's massive ass. This allows Kim to bend Jessica into a 'L' shape with ease. Jessica's wails and scream are authentic. She is in a horrible amount of pain.

Kim is aware that her ass is sealing Jessica's doom. Kim understands that while both of their bodies are incredibly sexy and desirable, there is one difference. Although they are almost the same height their measurements are not equitable. Kim's hips are freakishly wide. Jessica's waist and hips are narrow. The bottom heavy brunette is actually quite a bit larger than the bouncy petite blonde. Kim was always aware of this fact, even during their partying days. Maybe because of her wide hips, Kim always works out to maintain her sexy. So she felt like she was bigger, in better shape and sexier. The thought of Jessica's narrow ass doing squats with her Boston Crab makes Kim laugh.

However she thinks that it is time to have a little fun before decorating her opponent like a Christmas tree. Kim releases the suffering blonde then rolls her over onto her back. Jessica is breathless, moaning and coughing and appears to not have much left. Kim moves around and sits down on Jessica's face. Trapped under an assload of flesh, literally. Jessica flops like a fish out of water underneath. With a sweet, yet devious smile, Kim looks directly into the camera and asks, "Wonder if I can make her cum one time?"

Kim reaches forward and starts rubbing Jessica's pussy like she is expecting a genie to come out of it. Jessica's legs work feverishly as Kim rubs and vibrates the blonde's cunt any way she can. As Kim becomes more intense, and brings Jessica closer to an orgasm, Jessica finds a way to escape from being totally underneath Kim's booty. Kim pleads, "No, stop!" realizing what is building inside of her. Kim looks back at Jessica with a sexy smile. Kim maneuvers one of her legs and catches Jessica's head in the crook of leg. With Jessica's face captured between Kim's thigh and calf, Kim grabs the back of Jessica's head and pulls it forward to restrict, if not flat out choke the blonde. Meanwhile Kim's other hand continues working over Jessica's pussy. Being stimulated and choked at the same time, does the trick. Jessica bows her back and moans, giving Kim erotic success and cums for the big booty brunette.

Kim KardashianKim rises off of Jessica and is as proud as a peacock. Jessica looks deflated flat on her back with her legs open, and wearing those sexy red nylon hose, making her spectauarly mouth watering. The big busty vixen was breathing hard and softly moaning. She looked fit to be tied and decorated like a Christmas tree. Kim stands with her hands on her wide hips like super vixen. Jessica is still moaning but she bravely starts peeling her sexy ass off the match and starts to slowly get up.

This is when Kim returns and walks behind Jessica as she sits up and locks a sleeper hold on the bodacious blonde. Jessica's face is contorted, her hands grab at Kim's arms vainly, but her body looked dreamy. Naked with her chest thrust out, Jessica's body has an alluring sheen of sweat covering her. Jessica has a whole lot of sexiness left in her body, along with a lot of scrappiness. However, neither of which are helping her get out of Kim's sleeper hold. It does not take long for Jessica to succumb to the hold. Slowly her arms fall to her sides and her shoulders slump. Jessica's eyes close and a peaceful slumber comes over the blonde. Seeing victory in hand, Kim tosses the sleeping princess aside and rises to her feet.

Kim takes a moment to soak in her impending victory as she stands over Jessica. The voluptuous reality superstar gets her thoughts and plans together about how she is going to decorate and humiliate the slumbering blonde. Kim exits the ring and saunters to the ringside box with the supply of decorations and returns to the ring with them.

Returning to the ring, Kim is shocked shitless to see Jessica reviving and starting to move again. Kim gets pissed at her opponent's resiliency. She is thinking that there is now way this blonde bitch is going to ruin her glorious triumph. Kim drops the box and hurries to Jessica. She grabs an arm and a handful of blond hair to roughly pull Jessica up to her feet. Kim whips Jessica into the corner turnbuckles. Jessica gallops out of control and crashes tits first into the padding. Jessica bounces back out of the corner and looks like she is about to fall. Kim arrives to catch her busty plaything from falling and pushes her back into the corner. Jessica is still out of it, and much more delusional than normal. The poor thing is struggling to figure what the hell is going on. Kim does not care. She opens a violent attack, pounding Jessica's soft belly again. She finishes her volley with three well placed knees to Jessica's already agitated pussy. Once done Kim steps back with a mischievous smile.

Kim climbs onto the middle ropes straddling the blonde. Kim traps and looms over Jessica ominously. Kim bends over and slams her own big ass tits into Jessica's face. Kim's breasts are just as big as Jessica's, and she repays the blonde for her smothering efforts earlier in the match. Jessica slowly marches in place while slowly waving her arms up and down. The beleaguered pop star makes a tantalizing damsel in distress. She is helpless, naked except for those sexy red pair of hose, her gravity defying breasts are swaying like Christmas bells, while Jessica is doing a lot of dick teasing moaning. However the scene is stolen by the sight of Kim bent over. Her ass is unforgettable always, but this unique position is a once in a lifetime sight. Imagine two flesh covered water melons attached together.

After both women stimulate the pay per view audience with a spectacular peep show, Kim stands upright again. She has a wicked, vengeful smile this time. However she feels certain that she proved her breast are just as big and spectacular as Jessica's. The feeling was fleeting though. As she climbed down from the ropes she got another glance at Jessica's breathtaking boobies and became envious again. Feeling green, Kim tosses Jessica out of the corner by her long hair. Poor Jessica goes flying and lands with a boom. Her naked body and sumptuous breasts are jiggling so violently upon painful impact, it was hard to feel sorry for poor Jessica. Most would much rather see the sexy thang tossed again.

The bewildered blonde raises her head off the mat. Once again Kim is there to help the discombobulated girl to her feet. Kim violently bends the perplexed sexpot backwards and tucks her chin under her arm, locking Jessica in a Dragon sleeper. The blonde temptress mindlessly struggles to no avail. All Jessica has left is some futile arm waving. Kim announces her building prominence in the league by viciously pounding the helpless Jessica in her belly button several time. With her statement made, the fans well entertained, Kim mercifully decides to put Jessica out of her misery. Kim bares down with the Dragon Sleeper and expediently puts Jessica's lights out.

Once Jessica in nothing more than an alluring slumbering lump of flesh, Kim lets her fall lifelessly to the mat. Kim does not waist any time and retrieves the decoration box immediately. Kim finds a coil of Christmas lights and returns her attention to her blonde play doll. Kim pulls Jessica up to a seated position and wraps the line of lights around the blonde's upper body and bounds her arms by her sides. Kim has learned that Jessica is tough as a cheap steak, but she is sure, as she ties a knot and then double ties another knot in the string of lights Jessica Simpson has finally been neutralized.

Jessica moans and starts coming around to a semi conscious state. Kim already has another string of lights. Kim hauls the moaning, mindless bound blonde to her feet and leans her against the ropes. Kim holds her up long enough to wrap the second string of lights around Jessica and the ropes tying them together, insuring that her new Christmas tree stays up right now. Kim is wrapping a third string of lights around Jessica's legs as the blonde becomes aware of her predicament. Kim has some more decorating to do and does not want to be kicked along the way. By the time Jessica becomes fully aware, she is all tied up and can barely move. She just exclaims, "Oh shit!"

Jessica SimpsonKim laughs out loud at her opponent and continues decorating. Kim adds two string of gold garland and wraps, or more descriptively, ties both of them around Jessica's body. Kim is very pleased with the garland because it matches Jessica's hair. Kim gets two oversized red and gold Christmas tree balls and gleefully adds them to her tree with tight nipple clamps to each of the squealing blonde's nipples. Jessica stares daggers at Kim and threatens, "You know you're going to pay for this fat ass!" Instead of anger, Kim responds with a smile. Then she takes a bright red ball gag and straps it in Jessica's mouth to end all conversation. Kim then adds two more Christmas tree balls with painful clamps on Jessica's ear lobes. Finally Kim finishes her decorating by adding a headband with two stars standing high and tall on two springs to appropriately top her tree.

Still something seemed missing. Then Kim spied the perfect thing in the box. She found a bullet vibrator with a wireless remote. Kim takes the vibrator and approaches the bound blonde. Jessica's eyes get big and she shakes her head 'no'. Kim feels a bit of remorse, but humiliating losses in the past to Shakira, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt passes her mind. A memory of The Massacre flashbacks in her head. Kim just smiles and bends over to slip the bullet vibrator into Jessica's pussy. The sex toy completely disappears inside the sweating bound blonde. Kim takes the electrical plug for the lights and connects it into an electrical outlet to turn on the lights.

Once the lights are on and flashing, the bell rings and the match is over. Kim mashes the button to turn on the vibrator then starts celebrating. Normally the sight of naked a Kim Kardashian jumping up and down is mezmorizing, but the cameras keep finding their way to the struggling blonde Christmas tree. Jessica's body gyrates violently and erotically from the vibrator. There is a booming sound and confetti showers the ring from the ceiling. Kim continues celebrating her huge victory and basking in the glory of the raining confetti that keeps falling like she won the Super Bowl. An old corny version of the song 'Oh Christmas Tree' started playing as part of the celebration. Jessica felt like the song mocked her and took offense. She yells muffled insults through her gag and makes her Christmas ball bounce on her body. Kim hit the vibrator three more times, turning up the speed three levels. Jessica's naked body starts struggling harder against her bonds even more. Jessica's gagged screams and cries are louder. The blonde's face turns rosy red to match her stocking as she battles against another public orgasm. It all amuses Kim even more.

The music blends to Bing Crosby's song, It's beginning to Look Like Christmas. Waves of ecstasy roll through Jessica's body, and the buxom blonde's body moves and grooves to the tune of the bullet vibrator. The stars on her head band swing back and forth to her beat. The announce team start giving their final thoughts of the night. Then the confetti turns into snowflakes floating down to the ring. Kim gasps excitedly, feeling the Christmas spirit. Somewhere she found her red and white Santa cap and has placed it back on her head. Kim smiles and waves to the cameras, and instantly becomes an iconic image that embodies a Stone Rage Christmas forever more. Her buck naked hour glass figure, wearing nothing but a classic Santa Clause hat and the now famous furry red boots, smiling and blowing kisses into the air will be replayed for years to come. In the background is her flashing light Christmas tree squirming sexually. It is a vision that lives on forever. Jessica's head falls back and she gives a long lusty howl through her gag.



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