The Renegagde Run Begins

"Our first competitor comes from Sydney Australia. Allow me to introduce the award winning rapper, Iggy Azalea!!" One of Iggy's classic songs, Fuck It Up blasts through the room, and the blonde comes marching from backstage soon afterwards. Her phat booty twists and turns mightily, like bouncing beach balls. Iggy's over exaggerated sexy stride switching to the ring is just what the fans needed. Their mouths watering is almost as audible as their 'oohs' and 'ahhhs'. A few more gyrations turns it into a spectacular show.

It was so spectacular of a show that not everyone noticed the marvelous Halle Berry sneak into the arena through the side door. Halle approaches a stage worker and whispers to tell the producer to get a camera to catch Iggy's opponent coming from the dressing room. "I don't want anyone to miss the show." Halle advised. The hand radios the producer quickly as Halle walks away to the commentator's team.

The commentating team of Jam Rodriguez and Cole Hunter notices Halle coming toward them. "Halle! what are you doing here?" Jam exclaims. Halle continues and sits at the announcer's table like she is supposed to be there and motions to receive a microphone headset.

"I should be here to smack the shit out of you for what you did to my girl, Tia Carrere. after the last match." Halle gets comfortable then continues, "But that isn't why I'm here right now."

Halle is interrupted by the ring announcer, or perhaps she paused for him to begin. "Our next competitor, fighting out of Omaha Nebraska, actress, activist, and author, Gabrielle Union!"

The cameras pick up Gabrielle as she walks through back stage. That surprised Gabrielle a bit. But what really shocks her is when rival Rosario Dawson steps out of the shadows in front of her. "Hey Gabby, I wanted you to see this coming." Rosario calmly announces before she starts wailing on Gabrielle with both fists. The surprise attack definitely takes Gabrielle by surprise. She is on her heels, trying to defend herself against the hailstorm of violence coming her way. The fans are in an uproar. Gabrielle desperately tries to strike back. It is chaotic backstage.

"What the fuck!" Cole Hunter exclaims as he leaps to his feet.

"This is crazy!" Jam begins trying to recover his professionalism. "Halle what the hell is going on? This sneak attack isn't what the Fab Four do!"

"You're right. This isn't what the Fab Four does." Halle answers with a snarky tone. "But we're not the Fab Four anymore. We're the Fab Fifty now and things have changed." Halle clarifies. "The Fab Fifty is tired of being taken advantage of. We're sick and tired of the never ending dirty tricks and bullshit around here!" Halle huffs. "Gabrielle took advantage of Rosario having too much to drink at a producer's pool party. I'm sure that you've seen the various pictures and clips that were leaked on the internet of the fight. Gabrielle sucker punched a drunk woman too intoxicated to be in a fight and proceeded to beat the shit out of Rosario. Not only that, she prolonged the fight, and pounded and battered Rosario unmercifully. She took advantage of the situation to pulverize Rosario when she was helpless and couldn't defend herself. Ro (Rosario's nickname) isn't drunk or defenseless today. She is just fed up and pissed off! Payback is a mutha fucka Gabby!"

Now there is a full fight happening backstage. Gabrielle is desperately trying to battle out of the hole of the surprise attack. Meanwhile Rosario is trying to press her advantage. Gabrielle wore an aqua bikini for her match against Iggy. Rosario chose black form fitting leather pants and a black tank top tonight. The top was cut low and teased a lot of cleavage of Rosario's cookie 'n cream colored breasts that are bouncing wildly and enticingly with every swing.

The two are battling tooth and nail. Rosario strikes Gabrielle in the gut with a kick to double her over and gives Rosario an opening. Rosario clubs Gabrielle over the back as hard as she could. Rosario slings forearm blasts to Gabrielle's jaw. Rosario takes Gabrielle by the hair and slams her face into one of the countless road cases for production equipment that lines the hallway. Rosario seizes Gabrielle's hair again and is about to run her face into a brick wall. However Gabrielle is able to put on the brakes and reverse the situation and slams Rosario into the wall.

"This is insanity! This is chaos! This is exactly what Stone Rage bought the Fab Four and the Fabs together to stop!" Jam rattles on. While Rosario is slightly dazed, Gabrielle turns over a nearby seven foot tall set of shelves with cords and tape on them trying to bury Rosario. With the agility of a Jedi knight, Rosario does a flip and gets out of the way before getting crushed.

"You're right again. For over a decade we have fought to maintain the system around here. But now that very system has been corrupted from the inside." Halle explains. "Now corporate sponsors and powerful executives have infiltrated the system and manipulated it for their benefit. They follow no rules. We won our Unconditional Surrender match against the Chosen three different ways. Christina Applegate just restarted the match over and over again until they kicked our asses." Halles eyes light in fury as she continues. "That was that mockery... that was bullshit... Then the booking committee chairman sexually abused and violated our Roselyn Sanchez and forces her out of the Fabs. Things have gone too far!"

Gabrielle advanced on Rosario as soon as she flipped out of the way of the shelving. Rosario has risen to her knees when Gabrielle grabs her by the hair and slams a forearm across her face. Rosario fell back to the floor, but Gabrielle pulls her back up to her knees quickly for another forearm smash to her gorgeous face. Rosario is down again and tries to crawl to create some distance between her and her assailant. Gabrielle captures Rosario by the hair again and pulls her rival back to her feet. This time, Gabrielle slings Rosario into a stage prop, a six foot tall letter 'S". Rosario knocks the prop over and lands on top of it.

Halle shakes her head and continues, "There is nothing but crooks and criminals at the head of this league anymore. You don't take your court to the criminals, you take your criminals to court. That is what we are doing. This is the court of hard knocks and trial by combat! Court's in session! We will bring order and fairness back to this league, by any means necessary!"

Rosario rolls off of the giant letter, but Gabrielle is all over her. Gabrielle is in the process of scooping Rosario up to body slam her on top of the 'S" when Rosario resists. She sinks her weight down and starts firing fists into Gabrielle's ribs. Then she uses Gabrielle's momentum against her and reverses everything to scoop Gabrielle up and slam her hard on top of the prop instead. A boom sounds off like a bass drum.

Rosario's arm stretches out like an elastic band and snatched a broom handle nearby. Rosario wheels the broom around and tries to break the broom into splinters over Gabrielle's head. Gabrielle scurries out of the way allowing Rosario to slam the broom handle against the prop. The vibrations rattle Rosario's bones through out her body. Rosario looks up at Gabrielle to see an aluminum trash can already launched at her. Gabrielle's thrown trash can hits it's mark. The trash can bashes into Rosario's face and knocks her off her feet, and sent the broom flying away.

Rosario looks up while sitting on her sexy ass with wide eyes and not even sure how she got there. Suddenly Rosario's eyes get even wider as she sees Gabrielle coming fast and strong at her with a pipe, or a microphone stand, or a long piece of conduit. Rosario was not even sure what it was. Instantly this backstage ambush has become a horrible idea. Concern that Gabrielle is about to demolish and totally beat the dog shit out of her ass again strikes Rosario. With another defeat, Rosario will have to accept and admit that Gabrielle is a far badder bitch than she is, and Rosario should start calling Gabrielle mommy.

Then reality strikes that as she is about to get hit by whatever long hard object Gabrielle is about to clobber her with. Gabrielle instinctively raises her hands and catches the pole in between her palms before it could do any damage. Rosario's hand close around the pipe and violently shoves it backwards into Gabrielle's gut. Gabrielle doubles over with a deep gasp. All the breath is knocked out of Gabrielle. Both women drop the pole. As it clangs to the backstage floor Gabrielle is backing away trying to breath again. Her chest is hurting and her legs are weakening. Rosario springs to her feet, determined to prove that she is Dat Bitch who is bad enough to jump Gabrielle Union backstage and whip the shizznit out of her hot ass.

Gabrielle is back pedaling trying to buy time to catch her breath. But she cannot get away fast enough to escape a left-right combination on the fringe of Rosario's fists that is hard enough to whip Gabrielle's head around violently. Already dizzy from the air being driven from her, Gabrielle wobbles and staggers then falls against a set of stairs that is on wheels. These mobile stairs are for the stage hands to reach the second level of the backstage shelving, easily and safely. They are about seven feet tall and have a platform on top where two people can easily stand to retrieve boxes or whatever is needed.

For Gabrielle, these stairs are an ill advised, although convenient escape route from the sure beating Rosario is about to deliver. Gabrielle backs up the stairs, hoping that Rosario will not follow. No such luck, Rosario follows although a bit slowly and cautiously. After reaching the platform, Gabrielle rises to her feet to make a stand. She starts punching Rosario as she approaches the top of the stairs, to make Rosario have to fight her way up. However that was not much of a problem, as Rosario walks through Gabrielle's assault and starts pounding her with harder punches to the body and head, that Gabrielle could not match currently. In the short exchange, Gabrielle is getting blasted two punches to one, and getting the brakes beat off her ass. Things looked to be about done. Rosario has no intentions of prolonging the whipping like Gabrielle had done. Rosario gathers herself and delivers a flat footed kick to Gabrielle's chest, right between her perky little tits. Gabrielle is propelled backwards, and flips over the railing that is around the platform and tumbles off to the concrete arena floor.

Fans watching in the arena gasp and exclaim. Backstage there are scared yells from onlookers. Although still dangerous, it is only a seven foot or more fall, and Gabrielle landed on a box or two to help break her fall. She is rocked but not severely injured. Rosario watched her rival fall then broke into a smile. She pranced down the stairs while happily humming a tune. Once descending her head turns from left to right until she saw what she needed. Rosario walks over to a 4ft X 4ft X 4ft road case with wheels in it. She goes and gets the case and rolls it back over to where Gabrielle lies.

Gabrielle lies on top of a couple of crushed cardboard boxes while looking up at the ceiling. Every bone and internal organ in her body was jarred by the fall. She is alright, but she lies there waiting for her body to reboot following the crash, and her guts to stop quivering. Rosario returns before that could all happen. Rosario reaches down and pulls the stunned Gabrielle off the floor. She is still dead weight at this point, so Rosario had to strain a little bit to get her rival up, then up ends her head over heals and tosses Gabrielle inside the big road case that she bought over. Then Rosario pushes the road case with Gabrielle inside away, with a cameraman following them. Rosario pushes the case through backstage at a brisk pace. She pushes it through a side curtain entrance and enters the arena. It is the same side entrance that Halle used that is barricaded off so the necessary personnel can reach the announcer's desk.

Rosario happily wheels the case to the ringside area, then turns it over on the side to dump Gabrielle out on the ringside mat unceremoniously. Gabrielle rolls out of the case like a bungle of cords. Her body unfolds and goes rolling across the ringside mat. She had a little time to recover from her fall by this time. Rosario walks around to snatch her struggling rival by the hair and bring her up to her feet. Gabrielle is extremely strong willed and very embarrassed now. Once on her feet, Gabrielle knocks Rosario's hands away and hauls off and pimp smacks the fuck out of Rosario's face.

The fans react and are impressed by Gabrielle's fire and defiance. Rosario was not impressed at all. She snatched Gabrielle up and started woman handling her. Gabrielle might be a bad ass when she is at full force, but she is nowhere close to half force right now. Rosario is angry and stronger and knew it. She handled Gabrielle easily and Gabrielle's facial expression displayed it. Rosario slings Gabrielle face first into the ring post. Gabrielle bounces off and is about to go down, but Rosario hair hauls the shell shocked Gabrielle upright and smashes her face into the ring post again. Then she slings Gabrielle across into the ringside barricade. Gabrielle wants to go down again but Rosario captures her in a headlock. Rosario socks Gabrielle in the face a few times to show everyone who is boss. Rosario ushers Gabrielle over to the announcers table. The helpless woman had no choice but to comply. Rosario slams Gabrielle's face into the table and flashes Halle a quick smile.

Rosario takes the dazed and helpless woman over to ringside and rolls her into the ring under the ropes. Magically Halle has taken over the timekeeper's table and is ringing the bell loudly and long. "Let's go! Time to start the match!"

The bell is ringing continuously. There was confusion for the referee and Iggy about what management wanted everyone to do now. So, everybody did what came naturally. Iggy marched over to start the match and the referee starts officiating. Gabrielle knew she was rolling down shit's creek without a paddle in sight. Iggy starts applying the boots to Gabrielle and kicks and stomps her all over her body, and there was not a damned thing that Gabrielle could do about it. Halle and Rosario make a very quiet exit from ringside while arm in arm. Halle shouts,"Revolution!" as the smiling duo disappears.

After testing the waters a bit, Iggy finds that Gabrielle is as bad off as she thought. Gabrielle just flops around on the mat as Iggy stomps the shit out of her. Iggy knows that she can have her way with Gabrielle. Iggy peels Gabrielle off the mat. Gabrielle wears a concerned look on her face, that practically asks for mercy. Iggy Irish whips her opponent across the ring and nails her in the face with a big boot to the facete rebound. Gabrielle plummets flat on her mat to the canvas. The fans hoists a loud pop for Iggy. Most of them came to see young and sexy Iggy over Gabrielle anyway. They could care less about Gabrielle's problems with Rosario, Halle or their factions. They do not care about Gabrielle already getting her ass smashed on the way to the ring either. They paid to see Iggy do her thing. They will not leave the building happy until they do.

The fans were cheering and getting louder. Iggy and Gabrielle knew that they wanted a show. Both knew that they had to deliver something. Gabrielle starts rolling out of the ring, but of course Iggy could not allow it. "You're not going anywhere." Iggy mutters and hauls Gabrielle back to feet. Iggy pumps a several punches into Gabrielle's flat and taunt stomach. She tenderizes Gabrielle's belly until she is about to fall over. Next Iggy puts Gabrielle into position for a suplex. Iggy hoists Gabrielle upside down for a suplex. Once she is upside down, Iggy holds her there for a while. The fans get behind Iggy and cheer on the display of dominance. After an inordinate amount of time, Iggy falls backwards to complete the stalling suplex. The pair lands with a big boom to the canvas and the fans pop their approval.

Gabrielle arches her back and howls. Iggy pops to her feet to acknowledge her adoring fans. Gabrielle slowly rolls over to rise to her hands and knees. She is catching a beat down unlike any that she has ever experienced in life. Gabrielle is lost in a pain and pity party in her mind. Iggy reminds Gabrielle that it is actually her party tonight, and Gabrielle is just the entertainment. Iggy gets a running start and races over and punts Gabrielle in her tits and chest to launch her up and flip her over onto the mat in a very painful way. Poor Gabrielle goes rolling across the mat.

The fans are still on their feet cheering and eating up Gabrielle's destruction. Iggy plays to them almost pandering as bad as Hulk Hogan in the 80's. Gabrielle sounds like an injured animal, grunting, groaning, barking and howling as she crawls to the safety of the corner. She uses the ropes to pull her battered body to her feet and turns around, hoping to be able to defend herself against Iggy. However Iggy comes charging like a speeding locomotive. Gabrielle finds a dazed brain and a beaten body to be a very bad combination. She stands like a deer in headlights, frozen and not knowing what to do,. Iggy raises her big foot at the last minute to kick and face-wash Gabrielle with her boot in a move very reminiscent of WWE wrestler's Sammy Zayn's Helluva kick. Gabrielle's head is knocked back till she is looking straight up at the lights while her body reels forward out of the corner. She reels a few feet while sill looking up until she pitches forward and face plants on the mat.

The fans are laughing, joking and enjoying themselves at Gabrielle's expense. She is face down and damned near out. Iggy could roll her over and pin her with one pinkie, but the fans are still begging for more. So instead Iggy unties the knots in Gabrielle's bikini top and rolls the dazed battler over and removes her bikini top for the fans. Gabrielle's perky tits makes their debut to the arena fans. Gabrielle's breasts are no where as impressive as Iggy's or Rosario's but they are still greatly appreciated by the fans.

Gabrielle is far from an exhibitionist. She does not enjoy being exposed publicly. Her slight embarrassment makes her little girls stand at attention like two flag poles topping a hill. Gabrielle's body is not overpowering sexy like Iggy or Rosario's. She is a slow, burning, sultry kind of sexy. Something about how her body comes together perfectly and moves artistically and bewitchingly. Gabrielle does not feel particularly sexy right now. She feels like she has been jumped by King Kong and Godzilla afterward. The fans are enjoying the sexy masterpiece splattered across the canvas.

Iggy can certainly feel the attention and lust moving away from her. But, she wants and knows how to get it back. Iggy smacks her big jiggly ass with both hands. The thunder claps snap the fans out of their Gabrielle trance. After regaining the fan's attention she walks heavily to Gabrielle while making big tits and ass bounce vivaciously with every step. Gabrielle looks up and sees her impending doom coming. She tries to shout out a few defiant expletives, but her words are silenced by an avalanche of lily white ass crashing down on her face before anybody can figure out what Gabrielle was trying to say. Iggy bounces on top of Gabrielle's face as she smother's her opponent out. Iggy slaps, squeezes and plays with Gabrielle's little tits to further entertain herself and the fans. Rosario may have served this victory up to Iggy on a silver platter, but Iggy is feasting on her meal and the moment. Gabrielle struggles needlessly. Few expected much different from her. She is strong, stubborn and prideful on another level. However it is not her day. Rosario and Halle made sure of that. It is time to accept this set back and defeat in order to move forward.

Iggy smothers Gabrielle out finally. It definitely took longer than she expected. The fans cheer and sing her praise. A healthy "IGGY IGGY IGGY IGGY" chant rises through the building. Iggy acknowledges and indulges in the love and affection for a bit. Then she wisely makes a quick exit using the off stage exit to backstage.

It was a wise move because following the match, Gabrielle's team mates in the Resistance are able to leave their dressing room and come to Gabrielle's aid. Gabrielle's bestie Jessica Alba leads Eva Mendes, Jeri Ryan and Christina Milian to the ring. Eva, Jeri and Christina immediately tend to Gabrielle while Jessica demands a microphone. Once receiving one, Jessica angrily begins, "Halle Berry, are you insane thinking that you can get away with some bullshit like this? The next time I get my hands on you, I'm putting you in the Crippler Crossface, and don't bother tapping or begging. I'm not letting you out until your little body goes snap, crackle and pop. Ro! (Rosario) you already know what Gabby (Gabrielle) is going to do to you. Megan Fox, Jessica Beil, and Halle's whole group is going to pay for this gutless attack. When Rosario, Halle, Megan and Jessica are all in a ring getting split in two by the biggest dildos we can find... we'll see if what you think about this attack then! When you're all naked, lying on the mat after being fucked into oblivion, we'll see if you think this cowardly attack was worth it. This isn't a threat, Halle, this is a promise."

Jessica and her teammates gather Gabrielle and help her backstage. Ringside, Cole comments, "I just had a vision of Halle, Jessica Biel, Rosario and Megan Fox lying naked and ravaged in the ring. I just got a major chubby...."

TO FAB FIFTY: The Renegagde Run

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