Yahoo Groups are all but defunct. This web site has seen a lot of things come and go and kept going on, so this will be no different! We have found a new service that does the same as Yahoo Groups and more. Please check StoneRageCatfights. I have moved all the poll and group discuission to Groups.io. There we have new polls going on for the next championships matches. Pick the winners. Guide the future of the storylines. Do what you like, make it your clubhouse. Post who you want to see and what you'd like. We're all one big family here. I post a lot of pics that are downloadable too. Let you voice be known. Current polls involve Amber Heard, Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Catherine Bell umong many others.

I would definitely like to add some new young celebrities to the fold. However in this new media world things aren't like the old when we only had 3 or TV stations. The youth movement is necessary. Now more than ever the new Group StoneRageCatfights as a tool to make the site better for everyone. Most of my ideas will be floated there. As I post a story, it is announced there. Polls are crucial. I use the traffic numbers to determine who gets to the polls, but after that, the polls determine most things from there. The celebrities that fight are determined by the polls. The winners and how the story goes is in line with the polls. Your vote really determines who you see and who wins. I'm looking for ways to best organize the stories so everyone can follow the storylines better. You have the influence, you have the power.

I've introduced The Hollywood Cole Bombshell League as a NXT type league going in with the youth movement. I will move some older stars that aren't as well known anymore there, along with young stars that might not be known but a year a two there too. So if you still find Gena Lee Nolin, Esther Baxter, or Busty Angelique sexy like I do, you can write stories making them champions there in their glory. Also I will start some new stars there before moving them to the Stone Rage league. It should be fun!

The Studio Specter project has started. The basic concept is that the studio's unite to to bend the league to their will. It seems particarly the ABA and the Fabs are now united behind the scenes in Hollywood. They are knocking down the 'old guy network' and doing their own things with their combined money and influence. The network must maintain status quo and take the battle to Stone Rage who is encouraging the movement.

Lastle if you don't see what you like, you're welcome to start it. I am always happy to see new ideas and give someone a voice. Francesca Le is probally the latest into the Hall of Fame. Shannon Tweed and Betty Page are always on the tip of my mind to enter.