Born: April 23rd, 1968 Height: 5’6”; Weight: 135lbs Eyes: Brown Measurements: 36DD-23-37 Orientation: Bisexual Years Catfighting: 15
Previous League:E3X (European Porn League), 3XL, Page 3 AL-CF (British Apartment & Catfighting League), numerous British and European indie leagues
Previous Belt: E3X World Champ 2x’s, E3X Anal Champ (Fuck-Fighting) 6x’s, E3X Tag Champ (with Julia Channel) 5x’s, (with Anna Amore) 2x’s, Page 3 Queen 7x’s, Page 3 Tag Champ (with Julia Channel) 3x’s
Finishing Moves: Queen of Kingston (Overhead Release German Suplex), Surrey Rock Crusher (Leglock submission around targets tits while wrenching the arms), Running Sinclair Smash (Running Senton Splash), Running Sinclair Smash II (Running Sitout smash on targets chest), Jamaican Jam (Counter move out of irish whip where she reverses the person who irish whipped her, INTO a Side-suplex or Overhead Suplex!), Bottom Drop (Top rope Leg Drop or Top Rope ASS SPLASH!) Page-3 Pinup (Variable smother moves for submission/KO)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great power and brawler, great at body attacks as well as defending body attacks, can take an ass-whipping, can win long matches, great tag wrestler with Julia Channel, great tag wrestler with Geese, ultra-aggressive, attacks perceived weaknesses immediately, attackes exposed weaknesses immediately, abilities increase when with Julia Channel and/or Geese, great fuck-fighter, high endurance and stamina, great at countering charging attacks
Weaknesses: Extremely vulnerable to speed fighters, fetishes can cost her matches, takes abnormal damage from high-flyers and speed fighters, tends to KO before submits, back of the neck, tits, low-blows, countering her finishing moves stuns her and she takes extremely abnormal amounts of damage if hit, can actually be made vulnerable to power moves by repeated hits, can be KO’d by power moves once vulnerable, once stunned can be chain-stunned, overaggressive, bizarre sense of naivety, extremely vulnerable to “Pedigree”-type moves (WWE Triple H finisher move) which strike multiple weakspots & can actually KO her, takes twice normal damage from double teams and surprise attacks, can be worn out mentally, low psyche, Geese

Charmaine Sinclair was born on April 23rd, 1971 and is the 2nd-in-command of all of Geese’s Maid Enforcers. She is also the 2nd person that Geese brought into his organization. She is officially married to Julia Channel in the UK and Europe. Charmaine speaks several different languages, is a jack-of-all-trades, yet decided to go into softcore pornography in 1990. She began fetish and glamour modeling and not soon after she entered hardcore porn too. With her entry into hardcore porn she also joined the European Porn Celebrity Catfight League, E3X. Before there were “Video Vixens” and the like, there was Charmaine Sinclair. Except Charmaine never attempted to pretend that what she was doing had some sort of “high-end” aspiration to it. If she was shaking her ass for cash, then as one UK interviewer found out, she simply stated that she was shaking her ass for cash! One interviewer tried to sass her in French and was softly humiliated in return for his rudeness. It is said that Charmaine actually suffered from Low Attention Span when she was younger, which accounted for her brilliant mind, but inability to stay committed to normal 9-to-5 jobs. Ironically it was this straightforwardness that would land her in some actual European TV shows. Charmaine more likely than not would have continued down her path had it not been for her encounter with Julia Channel in 1992.

At this time Charmaine was actually working as a call-girl along with modeling and doing porn. She encountered and began a steamy and serious relationship with Robert DeNiro in 1993 as well. Julia was also doing porn throughout Europe and the UK, with some minor work in America, she had just started interacting with Geese Howard. Julia had just joined the E3X and found herself drawn to the straightshooting Charmaine, Charmaine was unaware that Julia was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Geese. Either way Julia and Charmaine struck up a conversation and began what would ultimately be the rest of their lives together. Charmaine was definitely drawn to Julia and the two had a separate relationship running parellel to Julia’s relationship with Geese. And Charmaine’s relationship with “Bobby”, but while Julia insisted that Charmaine belonged with “them”, she kept warning Sinclair that her so-called “boyfriend” was simply sowing his wild oats until someone “legit” came along. Charmaine actually stopped speaking to Julia due to her claims that DeNiro would ultimately abandon her. Desperate, Julia began leaning heavily on Geese to intercede and get Charmaine to leave Bobby before Bobby could actually hurt Charmaine. Julia introduced Charmaine to Geese practically telegraphing her intentions in neon lights that she wanted her to skip out on Bobby and join her AND Geese. I’m sure you can imagine how graceful that conversation went…

Charmaine SinclairCharmaine’s blunt force brutal honesty meshed perfectly with Geese’s grim outlook on everything! And while Julia often warned Charmaine about “Bobby”. Geese simply stated that Bobby was pre-programmed to follow his dick, but not for the reasons one would think. Charmaine found his gloomy attitude intriguing and so she actually went back-and-forth with him about her own relationship! Geese simply told her flat out that “Just as there are foolish Black men who lust after White women for all the wrong, pathetic reasons. There exists the rarely talked about but everpresent White men who are just as stupid as there Black counterparts. He collects Black women as trophies until he is ready to settle down, he then disappears without warning and marries a nice, wholesome, White woman.”

Geese then never brought up “Bobby” again, while Julia fretted and gnawed her nails off. Charmaine continued her love affair with the superstar from afar, while also racking up titles in the E3X with her lovesick scorpio partner, Julia Channel. In 1995 the wheels came off of Charmaine’s world ABRUPTLY as “Bobby” most certainly did vanish without a trace! The next thing Charmaine knew she was reading about his impending MARRIAGE!?!?! To “a nice wholesome White woman”. ^_^ Mmmm, wholesome White woman… It was at this point that Geese simply reminded her that Bobby is also American, NOT, European. The odds of a highly visible White American male celebrity marrying a KNOWN Black European Pornstar, no matter how pretty she is!?!? Hell will freeze over, Satan will apologize to God for screwing with mankind, and a Philadelphia sports team will win a championship!

It was that last one that pushed Charmaine over the edge. Even she knew that no Philadelphia sports teams were ever gonna win squat within her lifetime! No matter HOW PROMISING IT LOOKED!

INFURIATED! Not only because she’d been abruptly DUMPED! But then the fact that “Bobby” had carried on in American press as if he’d been “all alone” for the last 3 years! While British tabloids and entertainment papers were starting to beat down Charmaine’s door, since some on her side of the Atlantic pond were well aware that he was frequently seeing the British Bombshell! The things that he’d said to her over the last three years was really what drove her batshit-bloody-CRAZY! And we all know that tellin a woman how “special” she was and then droppin her like a hot rock only for her to find out that you’d not only been lying!? But ran off and married the first bitch that fell at your feet!?!? Charmaine, knowing that Bobby valued his privacy more than life itself, sold her story of their relationship for a gigantic sum of British pounds! To the smarmiest, tabloidiest, FILTH! That she could find! Which IMMEDIATELY DESTROYED BOBBY’S PRISTINE IMPENDING MARRIAGE! Bobby’s bride to be immediately hauled ass away from her “loving Bobby” as fast as she could and we can all guess what happened next…

He wasted no time in “finding” Charmaine’s number, because you know he “lost it”, heh-heh! He found that shit in a hurry! And called the bitch up so she could hear EXACTLY how he felt about her OUTING HIM! He berated the hell out of her for running her mouth until she was reduced to tears! Charmaine fled to Paris and Julia’s home in the middle of the night! She wasted no time in confessing the exact same things that she’d told Bobby, on why she had did this to him, BECAUSE SHE BELIEVED HIM! She honestly believed that the two of them were building a relationship and all of the times that she kept quiet was solely out of her love and loyalty to HIM and what THEY HAD! She knew how some “Americans” would wanna ream him out for falling in love with a European pornstar and all of that! And she was far from daft about the fact that America still had its share of racial crap still going on, BUT SHE NEVER IMAGINED THAT HE’D JUST UP AND ABANDON HER OUT OF THE BLOODY BLUE LIKE THAT!?!?! And then pretend like they never even were?!?! Like they never had anything together!? And it was at that point that Julia told her straight-up that to HIM, clearly they never were actually a THEM. Just him, fuckin her, and lying his ass off about how “serious he was” about her and them being private and discreet. In its own way Julia told Charmaine that for all of her straightshooting/straightforwardness, she’d actually been pretty naïve. A mini-argument broke out as Julia decided that Bobby’s loss was HER MASTER’S GAIN!

While most people may have tried to be warm and comforting and all that other shit, Julia went straight for Charmaine’s throat as she told her period-point-blank! That she should have seen that Bobby’s ass was lying through his teeth because of the fact that he was wayyyy too keen on making sure to KEEP HER QUIET! He treated her more like a Kept Mistress than his actual woman, never mind that Julia already knew all the juicy details straight from Charmaine herself! About his need for as much Black ass from her as he could GET TWO HANDFULLS OF! They were practically LIVING in the bedroom! It almost made Julia laugh that Charmaine would think they “had something” since all they did WAS FUCK! Oh he hadddd something all right! He had his cock up her ass and down her THROAT! THAT’S ABOUT IT! And Julia made sure to verbally bitch-slap the crap out of Charmaine with THE LAST ULTIMATE TRUTH “You and I are pornstars! Your boyfriend, or shall we call him ‘your John’ of the last THREE YEARS! Was too cowardly to simply say that he wanted to FUCK! AND THAT’S IT! HIS FAKE ASS EGO WOULDN’T ALLOW HIM TO ADMIT HE WAS CHASIN ASS IN THE UK! AND YOU WERE TOO BUSY SUCKIN DICK AND LISTENING TO HIS BULLSHIT TO SEE THROUGH HIS PATHETIC LIES AND EXCUSES! HE WAS ONLY USING YOU AS HIS PUTAIN!” this immediately led to a brutal all-out bitch-fight that quickly turned into a fuck-fight, which then just degenerated into hot nasty LESBIAN LUVVVVV!!!!!

The two joined up with Geese a few days later and the central core of his organization had taken root. Charmaine would ultimately marry Julia and the two of them would serve Geese as his left and right arms. They would eventually recruit the reclusive Devin DeRay, then the fanatical Anna Amore, while old acquaintances of their master would one-by-one start to file in and fill out the ranks. Sin City would become their permanent homebase for all of Geese’s operations…