Born: August 14th, 1966 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 127lbs Eyes: Dark Brown Measurements: 36C-22-37 Orientation: Bisexual YearsCatfighting: 18 years
Previous League: BZL (defunct), The BBA (Black Beauties of America), Video-1, G3L Previous Belts: BZL War Queen 1x, BZL Hardcore Champion 1x, BBA Champ 3x’s, BBA Tag Champ (with Vivica Fox) 3x’s, V1-Champ 5x’s, V1-TV Champ 7x’s, G3L Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Blitz Bomber (cunt-kick, then she grabs the back of the bitches head with a handful of hair while she is stooped over and delivers three gut-punches! Then two forearms to the tits where she then breaks away from opponent and steps back! Only to lunge back at the bitch while unloading a straight right hand to her heart-tit!), Super Blitz Bomber (Irish-whips the opponent and then on her return stops her with a cunt-kick, then does Blitz Bomber Finisher), Leg-scissor Stretch (Gets opponent in a leg scissor around their tits from behind, while securing their arms away from their body), Career Killer (Variable finisher that ends in a Spear, can be done from the top rope, or from the mat, but generally used when opponent least suspects it)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, MILF, great fighter and brawler, does abnormal damage with her punches, fast, good speed moves, some submission moves, great ring awareness, exploits known and exposed weaknesses immediately, able to withstand opponent momentum runs, can win long matches, tenacious, can take an ass-whipping, abnormal ability to snap out of stuns, abilities increase in title matches, abilities increase in grudge matches, hidden ruthless streak, deceptive, great showmanship, great leadership, great tag catfighter, great teammate and stablemate, can rally teammates
Weaknesses: Has reached full potential as a catfighter, no power moves, takes abnormal damage from power moves, limited wrestling moves, can be overwhelmed by actual wrestlers since she is more of a fighter than wrestler, ring awareness decreases as match goes against her, takes abnormal damage from top rope moves, vulnerable to being smothered out and especially late in long matches, vulnerable to Dirty Tactics, although able to withstand others momentum she can sudden KO from taking too much damage, constantly pressuring her wears her out, low psyche, bizarre vulnerability to taunts which can cause her to make costly mistakes and lose matches, vulnerable to certain catfighters

Halle Berry has had to look long and hard in the mirror lately and she is still trying to figure out exactly how things reached this point and where did the train jump the tracks? Like De La Soul’s song, Stakes is High. Halle knew that things could get bad or go from bad to worse, especially whenever the ABA was involved, but now? Never in a million years could she ever conceive or believe that they would go so far, so fast!? Throughout her time in Hollywood she has had to grin and bear it at times, but she worked hard to get to where she is, and in the end she ended up an icon in entertainment. She mirrored that success on the silver screen with the same inside the squared circle of celebrity catfighting. As celebrity catfighting took more and more precedence and prominence here in the States, she stepped up her game, holding gold of some sort almost every year of her catfighting career, but still not having found that one celebrity catfight circuit, promotion, or “brand name”, that she could settle down on. She thought she would be able to stay with the V1 League, but ultimately left after being a major force and title holder there. Her time in the BBA, in some ways, hindered her as being merely a “Black catfighter”, much like she used to be seen primarily as a “Black actress” in the early and mid 90’s.

At the heart of one of her biggest current problems lies the fact that while in the BBA she wasn’t too comfortable with just being seen as “a Black actress”, while her tag partner, was wayyy too comfortable with it. This, she realizes, is the primary reason why she’s stuck with not only her failure to stop the ABA, but not realizing that her former best friend and tag partner from those days, was quietly carrying a hard grudge against her. The fact that both of these big-time problems have grown and grown without her really realizing just how big and bad they’d gotten, has Halle more than concerned about how she lost track of all of this. Let’s get one thing straight, Halle always knew that the formation of the ABA was going to be big-time trouble, they were bad enough as Bad Ass, under Alyssa Milano. People can sleep on Alyssa, but Halle knew first hand that the bitch could fight and still can. Looking at the way that things fell, when Halle left from the BBA, she was headed into the fledgling BZL where things were a little more balanced, as far as she was concerned.

Her departure was… sudden. She had been milling it over for years, but she thought she had made it clear enough to Vivica that she wasn’t exactly feeling the whole “Black Beauties of America” thing. Even when she explained it to Vivica she could see that it bothered her and whenever they talked about it, Anji always found a way to make it make sense. But after a while Halle would always fall back to that feeling of “This isn’t exactly what I want.” So she ultimately decided that moving on was in her best interest. Vivica was on a roll and they had already lost the tag belts and Halle had no individual gold anymore so she decided now was the time. She tended her resignation and said goodbye to the fans only to have Vivica come down to the ring and publicly put her on the spot. What shocked Halle was that half of the arena sided with her and the other half sided with Vivica?!?! And what exactly did Vivica say? Well, it doesn’t merit repeating, but those who know can figure it out without a reprinting because it has secretly dogged Halle’s career in some sectors of the Black community. In the end it started to turn ugly with chants of “Sellout!” growing louder and louder, which was not what Vivica wanted. Halle thought, with the way that Vivica had come to her aid as the crowd suddenly started questioning her move to leave the BBA, Halle was sure that things were cool between her and Anji when Anji quickly quieted the crowds callous chants.

Halle never put two-and-two together when Vivica “retired” from celebrity catfighting a few months later. By that point things were picking up and Halle was always working and had been recruited into Stone Rage’s, Battle Zone League. There was less-and-less time to talk to friends and they always had schedule conflicts and different projects and shit like that, but now it all fits together too nicely that the Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy was growing exponentially inside of Vivica and her “retirement” was a forced move for a number of reasons. All of this is hindsight now, because of the fact that they would collide light-years later after Halle had risen to the top both the entertainment world and the American celebrity catfighting circuit, within the BZL. Magazine covers, photo-ops, prestige, power, wealth! Halle had become a member of the very heart of the BZL’s establishment, the Fab-4, and it really started in a funny way with some odd ironies here and there. Tia Carrere, helping her out against that bitch Jeri Ryan. The growing threat of internal insubordination by Alyssa and Britney, as well as Christina Applegate, but the formation of Bad Ass, under Alyssa Milano… would ultimately signal the beginning of the end for the BZL.

Like a silver screen story of many of the ancient empires of the world, the BZL had risen to the top under the stalwart stewardship of Stone Rage, becoming the be all-and-see all, of celebrity catfighting and connections to top tier talent agencies and Hollywood projects. Stone Rage selected Halle as one of his chosen, if you will, to rep and protect the BZL name that he had breathed life into, along with: Tia Carrere, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Lopez, the Fab-4. They would be his bitches in the ring, his enforcers… and his most favored. There would be times that this wouldn’t protect them from the various other groups of the BZL and it made for great rivalries, but more and more it became an us-or-them thing and more and more the stakes were ratcheted up a notch, till they had to go Finding J-Lo. The reality was that the Fab-4 became outnumbered by the malcontents. So Stone Rage slowly started to put together a secondary group, unofficially of course, to help his Fab-4. In all of this, Halle still didn’t see how real the danger was and one would guess that after Escaping Las Vegas, they certainly had proven once and for all that in the BZL… there is the Fab-4… and then there is everyone else. They had dealt the ABA a crippling blow even after the ABA had tried to set Vegas on Fire with all kinds of hired help. The odyssey over, Halle, like her teammates, thought that they’d seen the last of the ragged cunts, but she was wrong. Part of the reason why she was so distracted was because the past had reared up in her face in the most personal of ways. Anji… Vivica… had somehow gotten herself involved in all of this mess with the ABA. She hooked up with Alyssa Milano’s, Generation Next and they ended up in some knockdown drag out catfights, one of which led to big-time, very public, personal humiliation for Vivica. Even though Halle had lost one of the encounters with Vivica, she’d scored two big-time wins which clearly showed the difference between the two Black Beauties. It was crystal clear that Vivica’s career was over, while Halle’s would shine on long after the lights went down. It was painfully obvious that this bothered Vivica, bitterly so and it is now the primary reason why she is after her ass.

However… while Halle was caught up in trying to figure out why she didn’t disarm this situation with Vivica sooner, she was totally unprepared for the Backlash that the ABA would unleash. She was quickly caught off-guard and swept under by their sudden regrouping after taking such a crippling cunt-kicking in Sin City. Never mind that Halle was also mildly concerned that during that final showdown, her personal arch-rival Carmen Elektra had some choice words that had supposedly come from out of the mouth of a man that she’d never personally met, but heard more than enough rumored whispers about behind the scenes. So all of this was more than enough to cause Halle to take her eye off the ball and get blindsided by Demi Moore, the new leader of the ABA. Demi effectively incapacitated Halle and put her up on the shelf after whipping her ass and humiliating her. By the time Halle recovered and got in touch with Stone Rage and the rest of the Fab-4, it was too late. The Demi led ABA had already drummed him out of his CEO spot, thanks solely to the Fab-4 themselves! Further demoralized, they were too slow to act as Demi and her ABA bitches began making monstrous changes to the BZL. The departure of Stone Rage under investigations and allegations of abuse of power and mismanagement of funds, trumped up bullshit by Demi and the ABA along with the other cackling cunts that wanted him out, caused a panic by shareholders. Unconcerned, Demi pushed ahead and pushed too far, too fast, destabilizing the BZL and causing its collapse in a matter of weeks!

This time… the Fab-4 could not ride to the rescue… and the BZL closed its doors abruptly. Devastated, Halle demanded some payback, but found that the ABA was the least of her problems. She then received an invitation to return to Sin City, from Vivica. Upon accepting the invitation she found her entire trip paid for entirely by Vivica including a private jet to bring her back to Sin City. Aboard the plane was a platinum card specifically set out for the known serious shopper that Halle is, and also… an accompaniment of oddly dressed maids… After a shopping spree that she thought was being paid for by Vivica, Halle was shown to her penthouse suite with the best view of Sin City’s beautiful nightline. Waiting for her there was Vivica who handed her an invitation to join the W3W, BUT ONLY IF! She could defeat Vivica in a one-on-one match at the newly constructed W3W Arena...