The very heart of Geese Howard’s organization is his gun-toting, French maid wearing, Maid Enforcers! Built off of his own conceptualizations of BDSM and a bizarre pyramid of poly-amorous interaction, say that 10x’s fast! They are a conceptual idea he originally had in his early teen years. A “brilliant pest” in the words of one of his relatives, Geese’s youth was filled with adventures that would make Marco Polo proud… if people today weren’t questioning whether or not Marco actually had any adventures. Geese showed unearthly aptitude and ability in intelligence and creativity, as well as a natural feel for psychology and sociology. While most 3rd graders were content to play with their toys and hang out with their friends, he would play with his toys, hang out with his friends, while questioning where the toys came from. Along with, why did his friends parents behave the way that they did and why did HIS OWN PARENTS!? Behave the way that they did!? This usually ended at the obvious question of, why did HE behave the way that he did? And why exactly was it that adult’s didn’t care for him not only questioning the world around him, but the fact that if he got no answer on the issue, then he would quietly be about the business of finding the answers on his own time. His behavior and the fact that he compiled a massive journal that contained everything from his own feelings about “life”, “death”, where he fit in, as well as actual financial information on the companies who created the toys he enjoyed playing with… Kinda left his parents with no choice on testing his IQ.

After a number of intentional attempts on his part to tank the IQ tests, mostly out of disgust for his actions not being taken to show that he didn’t need any “tests”, to prove he was “smart”! Because the information that they’d STOLEN from out of his VERY PRIVATE JOURNAL!?!! Covered everything from philosophy, local politics, his opinions on America’s military actions throughout its history, AND?!?! The girl that sat in front of him named Sheena, whom he had a huge crush on! Within that journal they also found the fact that he had found his father’s nude magazines and XXX “literature”. His father was none too pleased with the fact that he had “rated and reviewed” his various smut books, describing some of them as “lacking in good articles of imagination and creativity”.

It was within this journal he had written down that he described what he would do when he became insanely rich and powerful. He also noted the odd fact that his skin color seemed to cause some to freak out when he talked to them. Either way because of his own rapid advancement through the American public and private school system, he decided that unlike most other insanely successful people who employed numerous hulking men to guard their belongings and their person, he would go with something a bit more… “unexpected”, once his time came. He earned a number of accolades as he worked his way through the high school system and encountered a man who introduced him to Japanese American society and ultimately Japanese society directly. A brash boy, he instantly hit roadblocks as he studied abroad because he questioned society a bit too much for Japanese taste. Undaunted, he returned to the US after a series of weird adventures with some Yakuza who liked his “crazy thinking as an American kid”. He also successfully helped his Japanese host family out of some “trouble” that the husband had “gotten himself into”, which is how he met the Yakuza in the first place. This along with some papers he sent out while in Japan, got him his first “job” and earned him enough money to assist his own family.

All the while though, the only thing swimming under the surface of his head was how quickly he could bring his dreams to life regarding his Maid Enforcers. He was especially influenced by watching how Japanese society dealt with gender in comparison to how American society did. It only cemented in his mind that employing actually lethal and well trained WOMEN!? Would be one helluva of a “WHAT THE FUCK!?!?” to most people! Since everybody loved showing it in entertainment, but this art form rarely imitated actual life.

Nearing the legal age of adulthood he shut down most of his wanderings to focus solely on the things that would turn his dreams into reality. He’d completed his major in psychology, a minor in business/finance and was now working towards a degree in psychiatry when he was introduced to Lynn Whitfield at one of the many monkey suit events he often got dragged off to! He was immediately taken by her demeanor, the way she carried herself and the fact that she was the living, breathing embodiment, of what he wanted his Maid Enforcers to be! Lynn however? Thought it was cute that he was interested but she was old enough to be his mother, and she told him as much. He quickly countered with the fact that she wasn’t his mother and although he liked Greek mythology, he had his limits and that was one of them! She still thought it was cute that he was so interested, but she shot him down anyway. She also pointed out that she’d come to the party with a date and intended to leave with him. A series of events happened that night and the main one was the fact that Lynn’s date, got piss drunk and made a fool of himself! Geese was there to make the save when Lynn had finally had enough of her date’s public stupidity. Geese commandeered the limo and its driver that had brought him to the party and made sure she got home safely, but it was while they drove to her home that he spoke his peace and ended up in a very deep discussion with Lynn. They would spend the next few hours simply driving around talking…

That would be the foundation of the Maid Enforcers, embodied in Lynn for the next few years of their relationship which ultimately didn’t work out. But she would help him through the transition of boy-genius to worldly young man. They would share a lot of misadventures until Geese gave her a perfect white diamond necklace, as a momento of how much she meant to him. By the time she broke up with him, he had already had a few encounters with Julia Channel. She would be the very first actual Maid Enforcer and she would embody exactly what he had written down in his journal when he was a little kid, just as much as Lynn did. It would not be long before he would encounter Charmaine Sinclair and then Jessica Steinhauser (Asia Carrera) again. His Maid Enforcers are many and varied and carry out his direct orders. They range from freelance operatives bouncing back and forth from his overt operations, to direct servants for him. This page is specifically set aside for them and their multitude as they continue to carry out their master’s orders, increasing his power and influence towards an unknown agenda. The known Maid Enforcers include the assistants to the top-tier Maid Enforcer’s such as Devin DeRay’s sub-assistants: Devon Michaels and Sandee Westgate. Charmaine Sinclair’s sub-assistants: Michelle Thorne, Adele Stephens, Michelle B and Goldie. Anna Amore’s sub-assistants and a host of individual others who make up the Maid Enforcers…