After her victory over Christina Aguilera, Kelly's prestige was rising in the league. She soon signs on to fight Ashlee Simpson next. She continued to train hard with Shakira and the other Gen Next members and followed their instructions. Ashlee trained with her older sister Jessica. Since the match was scheduled, Kelly publicly vowed to avenge Shakira's loss.* Even though she was angling to fight Jessica - the Simpson that Shakira actual lost to, she agreed to fight Ashlee. "A Simpson is a Simpson." She publicly stated. "No matter which Simpson I face, I'll beat either one and avenge Shakira's loss. That's what friends and teammates are for."

Ashlee scoffed at Kelly's remarks, "We all know Kelly is Shakira's bitch. After this match, Kelly is going to be my bitch because I'm going to beat Kelly like Shakira did."

Kelly got miffed at Ashlee's comment. She would have been just happy to beat Ashlee, but now she really wanted to make her pay for her statements. Even though Kelly was Shakira's bitch on the whole, they were teammates, friends and lovers. She couldn't believe that Ashlee had the guts to say that. Kelly quickly got a call from Shakira after the comments hit the airwaves. "Hello?" Kelly said picking up the phone.

"Kelly, it's Shakira. I just heard Ashlee's comments on the TV."

"Yeah, me too. I can't believe that bitch. I can't believe she'd actually say that in an interview." Replied a pissed Kelly.

"Don't worry about her talk Kelly. Stay focused on the match and you'll be fine. I'll be at ringside just in case you need any help, ok sweetie?"

"Ok Shakira, I'll do that…and anything else you say. She is right though about me being your bitch. The thing is, I just wanted to keep it between us and Gen Next."

"I know and I really do appreciate that you're my bitch. I see you more as a friend and lover too. I'm just as pissed about it as you are about her comments. Tell you what, you win this match and we'll celebrate it by turning the town red."

"Really?" smiled Kelly.

"Yeah, really." Smiled Shakira.

"Sounds like a plan to me Shakira. I'll win this for you and avenge your loss to Jessica."

As the date for the match came around, both fighters felt prepared and ready to take the other on. First, Ashlee enters the ring to her song "Invisible". She is wearing her boxing outfit from the video. Her sister, Jessica, who is wearing her daisy dukes outfit, accompanies her. They are greeted with a mix of cheers and boos. They both play to the crowd by showing off their bodies.

Ashlee and Jessica showboating is cut short as Kelly's "Behind these hazel eyes" comes blaring on the speakers. She is wearing her jean outfit from the forest scene. As promised, Shakira accompanies her wearing her mini-skirt outfit from the 'La Tortura' video. They come in to resounding cheers from the crowd. They smile, wave to the crowd and blow kisses to them. As they get to the ring, there is some pre-match jostling between the two pairs. I, G-Man, am the special guest referee for the match. I have to separate the two sides. I then ordered both Shakira and Jessica to the outside of the ring and the combatants to their corners. They all comply with my demands all the while keeping a close eye on the other.

After seeing the two fighters start to get antsy in their corners, I call for the bell to start the match. The two fighters charge at each other like a pair of rabid dogs. They wail at each other with one punch after another. Each block a number of the other's punches, but just as many got through. The more experience Kelly is able to get in underneath one of Ashlee's punches and gets a knee in to her gut. Ashlee staggers back a couple of steps from the knee then stands back up. Kelly takes advantage as she moves in with one hard shot after another to her body and head. Ashlee is getting rocked by each of Kelly's shots. She is able to fight back with a number of shots herself, but she is being out-fought by Kelly.

Kelly force Ashlee back to the ropes, where she adeptly grabs Ashlee's left armed and propels her to the opposite set of ropes. As Kelly goes to bounce off the ropes near her, Jessica runs over, grabs and yanks Kelly's ankle causing her to fall flat on her face. I quickly look over at her direction only to see Jessica throw her hands up and give me the 'What are you looking at me for?' look. Ashlee quickly takes advantage of Kelly's situation as she begins to stomp and kick her prone body.

Kelly yelps and groans as Ashlee is taking it to her. After about a minute of kicking and stomping Kelly, Ashlee pulls Kelly to her feet by her hair and hurls her to the corner. Ashlee quickly follows behind her and rams a shoulder into her gut as Kelly turns around to face her. She rams her shoulder into Kelly's gut a dozen more times, driving the wind out of Kelly and further weakening her. Once Ashlee stops the assault, Kelly slouches over as she falls to her ass in the corner. Ashlee then places her foot on Kelly's throat pushing her throat back to the turnbuckle and grabs the top turnbuckle for added leverage. Kelly quickly grabs Ashlee's ankle trying to pull it off her throat and also kicks her legs around trying to get Ashlee's other leg. I quickly begin the 5 count on Ashlee. Once I get to the 5 count, I order Ashlee to release the hold, to which I only get a raise eyebrow from her and a "fuck you" as well. I quickly grab her and pull her away from Kelly and the ropes.

"I'm warning you Ashlee, you keep this attitude up and I'm disqualifying you." I sternly warn Ashlee.

She just scoffs at me and responds "Whatever ref." as pushes off from me and gets ready to get back to fighting. We stare off for a couple seconds.

We quickly turn our attention to Kelly who has managed to get to her feet in the corner. Ashlee takes her time getting to Kelly. "I'm going to finish you off bitch and make good on my promise." Snorts Ashlee. We all can see the anger growing in Kelly. As Ashlee gets closer, Kelly charges her grabbing her by the collar and tosses a surprised Ashlee into the corner. Kelly unleashes a flurry of punches to Ashlee's face and head. She include several uppercuts to her chest and head taking Ashlee off her feet from the sheer power and furry of her hits. She climbs up to the second set rope, and pull Ashlee's head back causing Ashlee to yelp. Kelly pounds away at Ashlee's prone face. The crowd counts the number of punches to Ashlee's face.

Jessica yells out from ringside, "Hey ref, she's hitting my sis close fisted. That's illegal. Do something dammit." I play deaf to Jessica's protestations after what happened earlier.

Seeing that I'm ignoring her Jessica enters the ring to help her sister. Shakira enters from the other side and charges the unsuspecting Jessica. Before Jessica can reach Kelly, Shakira spears Jessica putting her flat on her back. Shakira wails on the shocked Jessica. Shakira brings Jessica to her feet, then unleashes a series of kicks to Jessica's body starting from the crotch and working her way up, reminding everyone of their match a bit. She continues with a moonsault kick to her face causing Jessica to spin and stagger to the ropes. Shakira finishs with a massive kick to Jessica's chin sending her over the top rope and to the floor below badly dazed. Shakira goes outside the ring, quickly untied Jessica's top and ties her hands with it. The fans nearby whistle at the site of Jessica's breasts and cheer Shakira on. She brings Jessica to her knees facing the ring to watch her sister's demise at the hands of her apprentice.

By this point, Kelly gets to over 30 punches and one of her final punches cause Ashlee's nose to start flowing. After 3 dozen punches, Kelly jumps up, wraps her legs around Ashlee's head and executes a hanukanrana sending Ashlee across the ring. Kelly takes a look outside to where Shakira is and smiles. "She was coming after you in the ring. I took care of you for her though. Now go and finish off her sister for me." smiles Shakira.

Ashlee quickly makes it to her feet. She immediately got a shocked look on her as she sees her sister half naked, tied up and on her knees with Shakira next behind her. She starts to make her way to them "Jess…". She is interrupted however by a deep gut punch by Kelly, then by a second one causing her to double over and taking the wind out of her.

"I'm sorry Ashlee, was I interrupting a family reunion?" teases Kelly. She brings Ashlee's head up to face her and teases her about her bloody nose "Oh geez, I'm sorry Ashlee, did I ruin your nose job? Let me take care of that." She grabs her hair and knees her several times followed by several knees to her chest. She quickly wraps her arm around Ashlee's neck and DDT'd her. Ashlee's ass stays in the air for a couple second before gravity takes its effect and she falls to the mat dazed and on her back.

By this point Jessica had revived from her daze and sees her sister's predicament and cried out "Oh my God, Ashlee!"

Shakira yanks her hair "Shut up bitch. You won't be able to help your sister out. She's done for. All you can do now is watch."

Kelly gets up to her feet, runs for the ropes, bounces off them and returns to Ashlee to lay a leg drop on her. Ashlee flops on the mat. Kelly brings Ashlee to her feet by the hair. Ashlee tries to mount a comeback with several gut punches and body shots as Kelly brings her to her feet. Kelly grunts at each punch and is caught off guard by them. But Ashlee's comeback was short lived as Kelly raked her eyes causing temporary blindness. Kelly now unleashes on the unprotected Ashlee with a number of chops to her chest forcing her back. Ashlee desperately tries to fight back firing aimlessly in Kelly's direction, but has no success as they were either missed entirely or blocked and countered with one devastating chop after another. Jessica quickly gets a forlorn look as she comes to the realization that her sister was done for. After about 10 of these, Ashlee is staggering on her feet and her arms are dangling at her side.

Kelly smiles and winks at Shakira "This move is for you Shakira." Kelly first smiles at Ashlee, then runs back to the ropes near her. As she returns from the ropes, she does several back-flips and as she approaches a wide-eyed Ashlee, she opens up her legs wrapping her legs around Ashlee's neck forcing the two of them to the mat in a 69 position with Kelly on top.

Kelly locks her ankles behind Ashlee's head so they won't come undone and to also deny Ashlee any air. This also brings Kelly's ass inches in front of Ashlee's mouth. Ashlee desperately tries to get out of the hold as she kicks her legs and tries to pull at Kelly's thighs. All this is to no avail as Ashlee is too weak to do anything and Kelly has the hold too well executed. To stop Ashlee from kicking about, she punches Ashlee hard in her pussy several times which does the job. Just as Shakira did to her in their match, Kelly intermittently loosens then tightend the hold on Ashlee's neck. Within a minute, Ashlee's eyes flutter as she was nearly out. Her hands have gone from trying to pry Kelly's legs away from her neck to just resting on them. Not long after that, Ashlee is completely out.

I raise Ashlee's arm, and hold it up in the air for a couple seconds for each of the three counts. I then call for the bell to end the match. Kelly then turns her head around to Ashlee and snidely remarks "Who's the bitch now?" As I walk to Kelly to raise her arm in victory, she smiles up at me "Raise my arm while I'm facesitting her, ok ref?"

I just shrug my shoulders "OK." She quickly repositions herself so that she plants her ass on Ashlee's face. I then raise her arm in victory. After I let Kelly's arm go, she flexes her arms overhead and smiles for all the photographers.

By this point, Shakira is dragging the crying Jessica into the ring and forces her to her knees. Shakira then stands in front of Jessica smiling at her. Jessica resigns herself to accept whatever Shakira is about to do to her. Kelly joins her at her side "knock her out sweetie." Shakira nods, rears her right leg back and brings it forward for a devastating front kick to Jessica's chin sending her to her back dazed.

Shakira then removes her miniskirt to reveal her sexy ass to all. She then straddles over Jessica just long enough for Jessica to see what's coming to her. Jessica looks up to see Shakira's ass shaking from side to side seductively as it comes down on her face. I smile the whole time this is going on. Jessica's legs weakly kicks while she is getting smothered out by Shakira's sexy ass. She calls for a microphone, which I bring to her.

She looks into the camera and says "Hey Alicia Silverstone, take a good look at what's happening here. I'm going to be doing the same thing to you too soon. I'm going to smother your weak ass face out and take your title away from you, 'cuz I've got the best ass in the league." She then throws the microphone away. Within a couple minutes, Jessica is completely out under Shakira's ass, but Shakira keeps her ass on there for a few seconds longer just to make sure.

She gets to her feet, then she and Kelly walk toward each other, embrace and makes out in front of the whole crowd.

"I love you Shakira." Kelly says softly.

Shakira responds, "I love you too. Now let's go have some fun on the town…on me."

As they were leaving the ring in each other's arms, I call out to them "Hey girls."

They both turn their heads around simultaneously and say "Yeah?" together.

"I just want to say that I just love the two of you girls and Alyssa and Nelly to death. I want to be for you guys what Anna is for the ABA. I'll look the other way in your matches and even help you out in other ways you girls like. I'll do anything for you girls." I say nervously.

"Oh, that's really sweet of you. Thank you so much. We really appreciate the offer and on behalf of the group, I accept it." smiles Shakira as she walks toward me, kisses me on the cheek and gives me a hug. "Why not come back with us to our locker room?" continues Shakira.

"Ok." I reply. Before we go anywhere, Kelly too kisses me on the cheek and hugs me.

I then follow the two of them to their locker room. Once we get back, Shakira explains what happened at the end of the match to Alyssa and Nelly. The two of them smile and each thank me. "Thank you very much G-man for wanting to help us out. We really could use your help in looking out for us in the future. We could use friends like you in the league. We'll make sure to make it worth your while too." says Alyssa with a huge smile and a wink. Her comments bring a smile to my face too knowing that I've been accepted into their group.

* Jessica destroys Shakira