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After a lengthy absence Stone Rage is back and moving again. What better way to regain prominence than another STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!. Since Stone Rage did not have his usual STONE RAGE HALLOWEEN BASH!, he decided to make this yearís event a costume party. As always with Stone Rage's fight parties, the arena floor looks like a banquet hall. It has table cloth covered round dining tables with table settings and decorations to ring in the New Year. Tonight the ring is in the center of the room with typical metal barricades surrounding the ringside area. Also there is a sloping ramp leading up to a stage and the backstage area. Streamers, balloons and '2019' banners hang all around while waiters dressed as Chip & Dale dancers and waitresses dressed in Playboy bunny costumes take care of the guest. Stone Rage's favorite dj, DJ Lady Tribe once again rocks the house. Open bar and a gourmet meal for those in the VIP floor section. Mostly it is made up of celebrities and entertainment executives. Up in the stands are thousands of fans to watch the fight and the party. In this ever changing league, today this party has special guest hostess. Stone Rage thought it is better to have more involvement from the ranks of the league. It produces better moral and truthfully he recognizes his roster is getting older and looking for more ways to transition them to other meaningful positions and make way for the younger generations.

After an early dinner the party officially begins. The DJ announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, your hostess' for the evening, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Aniston. Jada and Jennifer enter from the backstage area going down a sloping ramp to the ring. Everyone instantly recognize their costumes and their relevance so many chuckle. Jada is wearing a blow out afro wig and a white jumpsuit that's open down the front to show tremendous cleavage. It has bell bottom pants and she wears white Gogo boots with eight inch heels. She is easily recognized as Pam Grier's famous cult movie character, Foxy Brown. Jennifer wears an extremely familiar red satin bustier with a gold eagle on the front. Of course she has the blue satin tights bottoms with white stars. The red boots, big gold bracelets, gold belt and tiara finish her creation of a Wonder Woman costume.

The costumes are one final reminder and jab about their landmark tag team victory over Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter and Foxy Brown, Pam Grier to overturn the power structure of the league. Pam and Lynda among others were ousted and Christina Applegate became chairperson of the booking committee. Fans compliment their creativeness and humor as they enter the ring. Lynda and Pam are seated together at a table and curl their lips at the outfits.

"Hi everyone and welcome to the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!" Jennifer begins. She pauses allowing the crowd to cheer this glamorous return. "It's good to be back, right?" Jennifer adds to encourage more cheers.

"To show our appreciation we've got a championship bout tonight!" Jada adds. "I'm happy to announce that after not defending the belt in who knows how long, Shakira will defend her Songbird title in two matches. First Shakira is defending the title tonight in a tune up bout against Ms Paris Hilton!" Jada pauses and allows the fans to cheer. "Then she will defend the title again in the rematch many have wanted, against Beyonce at theThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!!" Jada pauses and awaits the reaction from this huge announcement.

"Jada be nice." Jennifer begins playing the straight person of a comedy duo. Shakira has to win here tonight before she can make it to Beyonce. There's no such thing as a tune up match in this league. It can easily end up Paris versus Beyonce."

"Come on girl. Everybody in here knows that long, tall skinny barbeque chicken legs are going to be on the buffet table later tonight, because Paris is about to get roasted!" Jada says and allows the audience to laugh. "It's New Years Eve, I'm Foxy Brown, the baddest chick in town, and I'm going to keep it real tonight!" Jada continues with swag in her voice. "We all know Paris is a handpicked tomato can! How else could she get a Songbird title match with her one hit that went plastic, singing career. Actually I apologize to people with legitimist sing careers for saying Paris had a singing career."

"I have to admit that out Resistance sister, Jessica Simpson should get a title shot before Paris. Jessica beat the living hell out of Shakira their first match, and they've had a competitive and exciting series afterward." Jennifer not so modestly campaigns. "However that is a discussion for another day. Tonight Paris gets her match and we're going to be good hosts and you never know, especially in this league, Paris can pull off a victory."

"You're always too nice Jennifer. We need to change that about you." Jada comments, "But now we have to make our introductions of our fighters." Jada announces "It's time for our Main Event of the Evening! Coming to the ring, the challenger, fighting out of Mulholland Estates, Los Angeles, California, The businesswoman, television personality, singer, (chuckle) actress, model, and a DJ that Stone Rage can't even afford... the Hilton Hotel heiress.... Paris Hilton!!!!!!"

Paris comes jogging from backstage poses on the stage before cat walking down the ramp to the ring. she wears a red bikini with a firefighter's helmet, a firefighter's coat with red boots. The lovely blonde enters the ring and receives a warm reception from those in attendance. The sexy firefighter prances around the ring and stirs her fans. Meanwhile her last song release "I Need You" plays over the speakers, reminding everyone that she is still indeed a singer and owner of Heiress records.

Once things calm a bit Jada approaches Paris for an interview. "Now Paris I had a little fun out here earlier at your expense. But let's be honest, your singing career isn't like a Mariah Carey I would say." Jada begin to some boo's from Paris' fans. "Your win loss record and accomplishments in the league aren't on par as your opponent, Shakira. Nether less you are in this ring right now with an opportunity to win the Songbird title! You're also collecting a big check tonight to try! Girl you are an All-Pro at collecting checks! I admire respect and like that about you." Jada emphasizes to give Paris some props. The question is, what are you going to do to make me eat my words, win the title and not be a tune up match? What are you going to do to make me apologize and say Paris Hilton, you are one sexy, bad mutha.... Oh hush my mouth?"

Paris takes a deep breath then answers, "Well she's older than me and she's short, just like you." Paris says giving a smart look down at Jada. "So I can just step on her get her down and beat the shit out of her!" Paris finishes with another semi threatening look at Jada.

Before the feisty Jada's blood boils Jennifer wisely raises her microphone and shouts, "Now introducing the Songbird Champeeeen..... She fights out of Barranquilla, Colombia. She is the international darling SHAKIRA!!!!!!!" Jennifer loudly yells as the crowd already start to drown her voice out with cheers for the immensely popular champion.

Shakira bursts from backstage dancing and grinding and wiggling her hips. The crowd is in frenzy. Then she prances to the ring and continues her performance. She dances and shimmies then finishing out by breaking into a few salsa steps. Then she raises her arms up and accepts the accolades from the audience. Shakira was dressed as something, but no one was sure exactly what. She's wearing a black masquerade ball mask decorated with gold designs and red rubies. She had a black bra top with matching gold designs and rubies. Shakira completes her outfit with shiny gold tights. Jennifer approaches her for an interview. "Shakira itís been a long, long, long time since you've defended your title. How do you think it will go against Paris? How rusty are you?"

Shakira recognized the shade in Jennifer's question, but the classy warrior ignores it and answers, "I'm sorry to my fans but I've been busy with my music, my new tour and I've had a baby, but I promise I will entertain them with my match tonight and give them my best, which is exactly what they deserve."

"I'm sure you will, but with the big match with Beyonce looming ahead are you underestimating Paris?" Jennifer continues.

"No never" Shakira quickly responds "I'm ready. I would never disappoint my fans. I'm at my best tonight, and hopefully that will be enough to win." the spunky singer finishes. Realizing she is not getting any flammable comments, Jennifer withdraws her microphone and walks away.

Paris takes off her helmet and coat of her sexy firefighter costume, leaving only a red bikini and her boots, perfect for a fight. Shakira takes off her mask, and now is fit to compete in a fight, although a little bedazzled. The referee enters the match as both vixens begin concentrating on the task at hand. Then the bell sounds, and the match begins.

Shakira darts out of her corner prompting Paris to charge forward to meet her in the middle of the ring. Paris lunges to grab her smaller nemesis but Shakira ducks under. Shakira pivots and fires off a volley of hard low kicks to the back of Paris' thigh. Paris screams and hobbles with each kick, as Shakira tries to chop Paris down. Shakira gets five hard kicks in before Paris is able to hobble far enough away to escape. Paris looks furious at the little woman and comes after her again. Shakira dropkicks Paris in her knees, knocking her feet out from under her and making her plummet flat on her face. Shakira hops on Paris' back and runs in place real quick stomping her feet down on the fallen celebrity several comical seconds before Paris could unseat her and make Shakira hop off.

Paris is peeved now. She raises her hands for a fist fight. Paris flicks out a stiff swift jab that grazes Shakira's nose. The Columbian is quickly educated that Paris' height advantage is a significant factor in fisticuffs. Paris has been trained by kickboxing champion, Gabe "Godzilla" Ruediger. Paris lashes out using her long legs with kicks. Suddenly Shakira is ducking and dodging and retreating, looking for a place to hide. Paris could not catch up to Shakira to land a hard power blow, but she is controlling the action. She stalks Shakira and tries to use ringmanship to corner and trap Shakira so she can do some damage.

Shakira fans start to worry. Their favorite seems like she has no answer for Paris' size and reach advantages. Shakira is much quicker and more athletic than the socialite so Paris has not landed an effective punch, but it looks like it will come sooner than later. Eventually Paris starts cutting off the ring and restricts Shakira to a corner of the ring. Paris closes in and fires a kick. Shakira waits till the foot launches then leaps and bounces off the middle rope to springboard, and comes crashing down on top of Paris knocking both of them to the mat. Shakira eased all of her fans concerns when she rolls off top of Paris to her knees and begin peppering Paris' belly with piston fists.

Paris pushes Shakira away and both women scramble to their feet. Shakira was not about to make the same mistake and allow Paris space. After Paris stands, Shakira leaps up and wraps her legs around Paris' head and sends the heiress somersaulting head over heels back to the mat with a head scissors take down. "Fuck you, little shit!" Paris screams as she goes sliding across the canvas. Shakira dives on top of Paris and tries to wrestle her to the mat, but quickly found the taller blonde was having none of that. After almost being tossed off, Shakira sinks her teeth into one of Paris' pert breasts through her red bikini top to hold onto her. Paris screeches and tries to wiggle away, but Shakira holds on. Then Paris gouges Shakira's eyes to get the little monster off of her. Free of the bite, Paris tries to stand, but Shakira is still latched onto her and holding her around the waist.

Paris' long strong legs push Paris up to her feet with Shakira still clinging to her. Paris reaches around and captures Shakira into a headlock. Shakira elbows Paris in the side a few times hoping to loosen Paris' grip, but feels no relief. Then, Shakira tightens her arms around Paris' waist and hoists her into the air, and throws herself backwards, dropping Paris on the back of her head with a back suplex. Paris screams and frees Shakira.

After a few seconds, Paris starts to rise. She gets up to one knee and finds that is the perfect height for the standing 5'2" singer to capture her 5'8" model in a side headlock. Shakira contains Paris for a bit, but eventually, she starts powering up to her feet. Shakira is ready however. She launches both of the forward and bulldogs Paris' face into the mat.

The Columbian cutie rolls Paris over onto her back. Shakira fires punches into Paris' stomach as she sits beside her. First there seemed to be no effect, but after a few more punches, Paris is letting out loud deep grunts. Paris' taught flat stomach can take a beating, but Shakira's fists have her at her limit. Paris' long leg rockets up and knock Shakira away.

The two start rolling around on the canvas. Paris tries to lock on a headlock but finds it impossible to maintain, and ends up just hanging on to Shakira as they wrestle around for an advantage. Finally they end up with Shakira on top of Paris facing her opponent. Their hands are locked together struggling against each other trying to out muscle the other.

Paris looks up at Shakira and smiles. Then with one mighty heave, long and lean Paris flips little Shakira over and reverses position. Paris has Shakira pinned and looks down and gets a good look at Shakira's boobs bouncing and jiggling under her bikini top like two mounds of Jell-O as the pinned bitch struggles against being pinned. Out of envy, Paris, that will later describe it as a heat of the moment that just felt right decision, the blonde reaches down and grabs Shakira's bikini top with both hands and yanks the top as hard as possible. At first Shakira's top stretched enough to reveal much of what it was covering but, it did not tear completely off. Shakira had absolutely no intentions of going topless during this match and had taken precautions to prevent being stripped. Then Shakira hears stitches ripping and snapping as the bikini top tears off her torso. Paris tumbles onto her back with Shakira's top in hand. Paris then scrambles away and gets to her feet, while red faced Shakira immediately covers her breasts then slowly stands with her arms modestly covering her chest.

Shakira is obviously embarrassed about her top being stripped. Her head was down and body drew up a bit. When Shakira looked up Paris stood with the biggest smile in the world, seeing Shakira's anguish. She started twirling the top around above her head and bouncing up and down to taunt the champion. Shakira's expression immediately flares into rage. She breathes very heavily, her eyes turn red. Her arm drops from her covering her breasts and ball into fist.

Shakira takes off at Paris faster than a bullet. Before Paris can stop smiling Shakira is at her, leaping in the air and flying at Paris like Supergirl. Sharira catches Paris by wrapping her right arm around her head and Shakira's famous sculptured belly is on Paris' shoulder. Still in one fluid motion Shakira spins her sexy body around making Paris spin in a circle like she is caught in a storm. Finally Shakira ends the storm by whipping her body to the mat spiking the crown of Paris' head into the canvas with a pro wrestling hold, the Tornado DDT.

The audience 'ohh', 'ah' and some gasp. Some rise to their feet after seeing such a spectacular move. Paris' cranium was just planted into the mat like a tree. Her body stood straight for a long extended second then fell over. Her arms and limbs lifelessly flopped as they hit the ground. Shakira sprung to her feet and looked down at Paris with contempt. Uttering "Bitch!", Shakira places her foot on the unconscious Paris' chest. The referee dives in and makes the three count.

Shakira's smile returns as soon as the bell rings. With her foot still on Paris's chest and her breasts bare, Shakira waves to the fans and politely tells everyone to take their pictures, she stays and poses and accommodate all of them. Shakira gets a standing ovation. The fans and photographers love it. They seem not to be able to get enough of the popular little blonde, cheering and snapping millions of pictures of Shakira in her moment of victory. No one could resist this little sweetheart.

When Shakira is done posing, she takes her foot off of Paris allowing the medical team to quickly get in the ring to attend to Paris with smelling salts. Shortly after, the Wonder Woman dressed Jennifer Aniston enters the ring with her microphone. "Wow that was an impressive win." Jennifer announces as she walks to Shakira. "I know it was only Paris, but that move was incredible. It totally wiped her out! That was simply amazing. How do you feel?" Jennifer asks doing a post match interview.

"The most important thing is to entertain the fans, and put on an exciting match" Shakira answers. "I unexpectedly showed more than I expected." Shakira stops and shakes her naked tits with a smile before continuing, "But it's okay. It's not the first time my puppies have come out to play in this league."

"Your next title defense is against Beyonce." Jennifer states, "and she is one of the toughest in the league. She's not Paris, Beyonce can throw you like a lawn dart. If you try that Tornado DDT, she's strong enough to toss you to the mat instead. How can you beat Big Bad Beyonce?"

Shakira smiles again and giggles. "Beyonce is one of the best in the league an she can destroy over 80 percent of the league, but not me. Styles make fights and so far Beyonce hasn't figured out mine. She didn't know what to do when I beat her the first time. She couldn't handle the pointers I gave Rihanna when she beat Beyonce twice. She fell for the moves I gave Britney Spears when she beat her ass. I've got some new tricks for Beyonce this time, so I'm confident that Beyonce has absolutely no chance of defeating me."

Jennifer looks at the tiny hellcat like she is insane. "Beyonce has no chance against you?" Jennifer utters as if that statement is totally asinine. "Paris must have kicked you in the head or something. You're out of you mind. I've got 50 grand that says Beyonce beats your little ass." Jennifer challenges.

Shakira smiles back and politely answers, "I love Beyonce. I loved collaborating with her musically. I hope we stay friends after the match, but I'm going to beat her up really bad. Then when she's tired and frustrated I'm going to knock her out." Shakira looks at Jennifer very seriously, "I've got 100 grand that says you're wrong and 250 thousand more that says Beyonce leaves the ring on a stretcher."

Jennifer responds with an exaggerated laugh then extends her hand for a handshake and to take the bet. Shakira shakes Jennifer's hand but holds onto it when she tries to withdraw. "Before you go I have one question for you." Shakira asks.

"It was a long time ago, but do you remember a match between Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood? Your Resistance Team ended up outnumbering and raping my Generation Next Team. You were one of 3 people who jumped me!" Shakira then backhand bitch slaps Wonder Woman Jennifer right across the face. "I've been waiting a long time to pay you back bitch!"

Jennifer drops the microphone and recoils away from the unexpected slap. As soon as she realized what had happened. Jennifer straightens up and slaps the shit out of Shakira right back. Next thing the two sweethearts are exchanging slaps. Jada Pinkett Smith rises to enter the fight, but Stone Rages voice rings out over the speakers, "NO! Keep this one on one! Fines and suspensions for anybody that interferes! That's how thing got out of control last time!" Rage understands how volatile this situation just got. The majority of the league is in this room. This could easily turn into a mass war all over the place with stripping and sexual violating everywhere. Jada sat back down very unhappy.

After trading countless slaps, Shakira kicks Jennifer in the belly. That doubles Jennifer over, but Shakira quickly straightens her back up with an uppercut. A swift left right combination peppers Jennifer's face, setting her up for the right cross that sends her reeling back against the ropes. The fight has quickly turned into a fist fight and one that Wonder Woman Jennifer is getting slaughtered. Shakira closes in and scores with a right. Jennifer leans back against the ropes to avoid the left she knew was following. Next she retaliates with two big punches that find empty air, but she thought that would at least make Shakira back off. Jennifer was wrong. Shakira swoops back in with a combination to Jennifer's tits that almost knock her breasts out of her Wonder Woman bustier. Finally Jennifer does a wide sweeping kick that grazes Shakira and makes her back off.

"Are you crazy attacking me like this" Jennifer shouts at Shakira "Don't you remember what The Resistance did to your little group last time?"

"This time its not three against one, its just me and you." Shakira explains. "Second, Stone Rage got tons of security to make sure that our groups don't interfere causing all Hell to break loose." Shakira tries to attack again but misses and receives a stiff counter shot for her efforts.

"This is going to end very badly for you little woman, I promise!" Jennifer claims. Then Jennifer lounges out and grabs a hold of Shakira's hair. However she finds that she had stoked Shakira's Latin fire. Shakira roars like a wildcat and rips off a flurry of fist to into Jennifer's mid section that knock the breath out of Jennifer. Seeing that she has taken Jennifer's breath away, Shakira's punches become even more furious. They are lightening fast and all aimed at Jennifer's plump breasts and body. Jennifer tries to fight back, but Shakira is well trained, in great shape, and was ready and waiting for this opportunity to revenge on her in the ring tonight.

Jennifer is beaten back to the ropes, and is so dazed that she has to lean against them for support. Shakira taunts her punch drunk foe "You're about to get stripped and ring the New Year in with a screaming orgasm at my hands." Shakira measures Jennifer for a haymaker, as she launches the bomb, Jennifer bends over and back flips Shakira over the top ropes and out of the ring.

Shakira tumbles out of the ring for a hard landing on the floor. Jada looks into Jennifer's eyes to see that she is still dazed and groggy so she tries to buy her co-hostess some time. "You stupid little bitch! You fucked up bad!" Jada yells going over to a few feet of Shakira. "This time after Jennifer beats your ass and strips and humiliates you, we're taking you in the back and take turns riding your face all night long." Jada threatens with a laugh. Then we're going to give you to Jessica Simpson so she can smother you with those big titties until you're tamed enough to star sucking them."

Shakira reaches her feet with more Latin rage in her eyes. Shakira dashes out the blocks and drop kicks Jada sender the unsuspecting veteran tumbling several feet. "Fuck you bitch!" Shakira says to the downed woman. "We're Generation Next not the Fab Four. We find a way to exact revenge. You're not getting away with miss treating us!" Then Shakira hops back in the ring. Jada scrambles back to her feet and wants to get in the ring after Shakira, but Stone Rage has come down to ringside to try to contain this volatile situation and stops her.

Jennifer has some of her faculties back now. She hears Shakira running across the ring at her. Shakira leaps at her trying to nail her with a flying knee actually. Jennifer just catches Shakira out of the air, then drops the Columbian heroine pussy first on her extended knee. Shakira bounces off the knee but remains standing, however she is knock kneed and crouched over holding her pussy with a pained expression on her face. Jennifer had backed off but comes charging back with a shoulder block the plows through Shakira and knocks her to the mat.

Jennifer goes kicking and stomping on Shakira. Jennifer has suffered several defeats lately and takes Shakira's assault as a personal disrespect towards her. She believes Shakira thinks she is a cream puff, and Jennifer is out to prove she is not. Her strong thighs and legs are powerful enough to have Shakira squirming in agony on the mat like she is being electrocuted.

Jennifer reaches down and hauls Shakira to her feet. Once standing Shakira knocks Jennifer's arms away and spins smacking the shit out of Jennifer's lips with a spinning back fist. Jennifer's head spins like a merry-go-round then staggers away. "Hell no bitch! You're not stripping and fucking me today!" Shakira shouts, remembering the embarrassment and pain of that assault. "It's my turn!"

Like a wild woman, Shakira runs and jumps on Jennifer's back as she staggered away. While hanging on Jennifer's back like a spider monkey with her legs around Jennifer's waist and one arm around her neck, Shakira starts pounding the side of Jennifer's head and face with reckless abandon. She seemed in a berserker rage, just wildly punching being fueled by pure emotion. Jennifer felt like she truly was Wonder Woman fighting Wonder Woman's arch enemy, the Cheetah. The little blonde's assault was so wild and enraged, Jennifer did not know how to counter or escape this type of insanity. Jennifer staggers around wildly swinging and trying to throw Shakira off. Jennifer also does some screaming; she is doing a lot of screaming.

After the rage burn away, Shakira locks on a sleeper and wrenches the hold in with a precise execution that has never been seen by Shakira before. Jennifer frantically flails, then she have a crazy idea. She staggers to the ropes and flings herself over the top rope with Shakira attached. The two tumble over the top rope and out of the ring for a 360 degree freefall. Neither could control of their tumble to the hard arena floor, so Shakira releases the sleeper hold to try to soften her fall. Jennifer and Shakira both try to maneuver their bodies to soften their landing.

Shakira is more athletic and finds a way for the softest crash landing, but it was still a crash. Shakira is down trying to take inventory, and moving her fingers to rid them of their tingling. Jennifer wacked something on the apron during her fall so she is still down. She is investigating bruised and numb limbs. Either way, both are down with Jada near Jennifer encouraging her to get back up.

To Jada's chagrin Shakira gets up first. She goes to Jennifer and hauls her to her feet while giving Jada a death stare the whole time. Shakira ushers Jennifer to the steel steps by her hair. Shakira slams Jennifer's face down on the stairs as hard as she could. A lot of resistance leaves Jennifer at that moment. This allows Shakira to slam her face a little harder the second and third times. Shakira adds a fourth slam just for general purposes. Then Shakira rolls Jennifer back into the ring under the bottom ropes.

Shakira climbs on the apron, but does not enter the ring. Instead she climbs to the top rope turnbuckle and patiently waits for Jennifer to rise. Jennifer is dazed with her brain scrambled like an egg from the hard steps. Jada is shouting for her to look out. When a dizzy Jennifer stands she tries to understand what Jada is shouting at her. So she turns to toward the corner where Shakira is perched. Shakira leaps off the top turnbuckle and grabs Jennifer around the head just like Paris Hilton earlier. There is a quick spin and a wonderfully hard snap driving Jennifer cranium into the mat with a boom, for a second Tornado DDT.

Jennifer's head is driven to the mat with maximum force. Her body collapses to the mat in an instant. Her enticing tits leap out of her Wonder Woman bustier from the impact. To her credit, Jennifer is still conscious, but knows that the fight is over. Jennifer starts rolling out of the ring and drops to the floor and curls up into fetal position. Shakira sits up as Jennifer started rolling out of the ring. She observed Jennifer and knew all the fight was gone from her. Shakira wanted to strip that Wonder Woman outfit off of her and make her cum, but she will have to wait for another time. Instead Shakira gets to her feet and starts celebrating taking two hot celebrities down in one night. In her mind she knows that she is totally ready for Beyonce.

Jada looks in the ring at Shakira dancing around with anger, resentment, and malice. She knows she should be attending Jennifer but every bone in her body wants the hip shaking bitch in the ring. Jada stealthy slides into the ring under the ropes and stands. With a snarl on her face, she waits till Shakira starts to turn to pander to the fans on the opposite of the ring, then Jada charges at her. Jada plows through Shakira with a spear to the belly. Shakira never imagined it coming and Jada delivered all her force into the spear. It was a spear the Rhyno or even Bill Goldberg would have been proud of.

In an instant, Shakira went from pure joy, jubilation and achievement to flat on her back and unable to breath and in pain. Jada springs to her feet. Jada pulls Shakira up to her knees then rocks her with four forearm shots to the jaw. Then she hauls the girl to her feet. With the breath knocked out of her, Shakira offered no resistance. Jada's hands were already buried in Shakira's frizzy hair from hauling her to her feet. It was easy for the tiny but powerful Jada to fling Shakira half way across the ring by her hair. Shakira flies halfway across the ring and lands with a thunderous sound from Jada's hair toss.

Jada walk over to Shakira, reaches down with one hand to grab a handful of hair and pulls her to her feet again. "I told you, ya fucked up messing with the Resistance bitch!" Shakira fights back by slapping Jada across the face with her left and right while Jada still held on to the hair in the front of her head. Both slaps had nothing behind them from the breathless Columbian. Jada responds with a short, hard quick punch to the nose. Jada held Shakira by the hair so her head could not recoil, but her whole body shuddered. Her knees buckled and Shakira's eyes crossed like a cartoon character.

Jada whips Shakira into the corner, With her blow out Foxy Brown afro on her head Jada saunters over like a movie scene. A groggy Shakira knows a bad mutha fucka is coming to get her. Jada comes over and starts punching Shakira in the ribs like she is working over a punching bag. Shakira is trapped and tries covering up but she is totally getting mugged. "Oh baby, when talk like that... You make a woman go mad... So be wise and keep on...Reading the... Signs of my body.. Jada sings a few bars of 'Hips Don't Lie Tonight' as she works over Shakira's body. I'm on tonight... You know my hips don't lie... And I'm starting to feel it's right... All the attraction, the attention... Don't you see baby, This is perfection?"

By the time Jada Foxy Brown had finished her beat down and song, Shakira was finished too. Jada steps back and Shakira slowly sinks to a seated position on the mat in the corner. Jada grabs Shakira by the ankle and drags her across the mat to the center of the ring. Then like a big sister, Jada tenderly helps Shakira up to her feet. "You're a tuff little chick" Jada compliments while patting Shakira on the back. "It's over, I'm done." Jada says and start to walk away.

Shakira looks a mess. She is coughing and trying to catch her breath. Her legs are weak and she looks like standing is all she can do. Then she sees Jada turn as she is as she reaches the ropes and come charging back at her. Shakira's eyes got big as saucers but she could not move. Jada plows through Shakira once again with another spear. That finished Shakira she crumbled on impact and lie spread eagle face up on the mat. Jada sits up to one knee and says ,"Naw bitch, I was just kidding. I'm not done with you at all."

Jada goes to Shakira's legs and starts pulling down her gold tights and thong. With Shakira totally nude now, Jada pulls the barely conscious woman to her feet by holding her under her arms. Next Jada, who is behind Shakira twist one arm into a hammer lock. The pain revives Shakira a bit because every time she starts to fall the hammer lock painfully reminds her against it.

Finally Jada reaches around with her hand and goes exploring in Shakira's clean shaven snatch. The Columbian's body automatically moves and gyrates to the stimulation. Jada relentlessly goes after her. Shakira comes out of her stupor and realizes her predicament and knows there is no way out. Shakira makes eye contact at the table where her teammates in Generation Next are sitting Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna give a look like they are coming to help her regardless of the consequences. But Shakira gives them a stern look and shakes her head for them not to interfere. Shakira knows they will be outnumbered and the entire group will get violated again.

Shakira pleads for mercy and begs Jada to not humiliate her in front of everyone again, but hard Jada ignores her. Jada feels she must be taught a lesson for putting her hands on Jennifer. Speaking of which, Jennifer has tucked her tits back in her Wonder Woman bustier and has joined Jada in the ring and fondles Shakira too, while Jada's hand digs in her pussy.

Looking on from their table, Lynda Carter tells Pam Grier, "Is somebody going to do something? I'd love to go in that ring and strangle those two little candy ass bitches." Lynda finishes. She looks at Pam and sees the fire blazing in her eyes that she wants to too. Back in their heyday Lynda and Pam would have turned Jennifer and Jada to smear marks on the mat without breaking a sweat, but now..... Pam just takes a deep breath her shoulders drop and does nothing. Realistically Lynda and Pam both know what will happen if they tangled with them tonight at their mature age. Jennifer and Jada may not be the greatest Wonder Woman or Foxy Brown ever, but they have earned the right to wear those mantles today.

Shakira resists with all her will power, but with Hot Wonder Woman Jennifer playing with her tits and also rubbing her twat, and the knowledgeable and experienced Foxy Brown Jada, the ending is inedible. Just being fondled by these two smoking hot bitches makes Shakira hot and wet. With all the extra fighting most people lost track of time. Then DJ Lady Tribe announces "One minute till midnight!"

Jada smiles and whispers to Shakira "You know what you better when the clock strikes." Jada's hand pumps in Shakira's twat faster and deeper. Next Jennifer starts ribbing Shakira's clit also. Shakira makes high pitched erotic wail. Jada threatens her "You promised a screaming orgasm to ring in the New Year for the fans. You already fucked up trying to make Jennifer do it! You better not Fuck this up, or I will fucking destroy you!" Jada finishes sounding like a bad ass chick like Foxy Brown that you know you do not fuck around with.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Shakira was struggling not to cum for thirty long second. At last Shakira is allowed to release and her body convulses and she squirts across the mat with an erotic yell. Jada and Jennifer let go, Shakira stands on shaky legs for a moment then crumbles to the mat. Then Jada and Jennifer hug each other and Jada says "Happy New Year girl" with a tender embrace.

"Happy New Year to you" Jennifer responds "This will definitely be a New Year's Eve that I'll never forget." Jennifer says hugging her friend as well. Once they were done Jennifer gets Shakira's Songbird title belt. She walks back to Shakira and drops it on the quivering blonde curled up in fetal position and tells her, "Here's your belt. Happy New Year Shakira." and drops the belt on her body.

Jada and Jennifer exit the ring and walk arm and arm up the ramp back to the dressing room. As they leave, Kelly Clarkson, Kirea Knightley and Rihanna rush to the ring to check on Shakira. Jennifer says "2019... this will definitely be a year with plenty of surprises.

"It certainly will Jen, it certainly will". Jada answers.