With Cindy Crawford & Elle Macpherson

NOTE - This story continues the Sports Illustrated Grudge Match
Sports Illustrated never published all of the controversial pictures of Tyra Bank's crushing defeat to Naomi Campbell. The magazine said the cover photo of Naomi seated on Tyra's back, flexing her bicept in a victory pose was a planned lampoon of the well publicized feud between the two Supermodels. The public and mainstream press accepted the explanation, although word of their fight spread like wild fire throughout the fashion industry. The lucky photographer made quite a bit of extra money selling pics of the fight to private buyers, willing to pay dearly for the controversial secret battle.

It was two months between the actual fight and the magazine cover being released. A couple of weeks after the magazine's release, Naomi is modeling in Paris with her friend Elle MacPhearson at a high society fashion show. Naomi started bragging about kicking Tyra's ass right after the fight, but since the cover hit the news stands, her bragging has intensified to a nonstop level. Cindy Crawford, a good friend of Tyra, is sharing the dressing room with her fellow Supermodels, and is quickly tiring of hearing Naomi brag about how she trashed, "the shitty bitch" over & over again.

They are changing into their last outfit for the finally of the fashion show, when the dressing room door burst open. All three ladies are in bra & panties, and angrily turn to see who was intruding upon their domain. Tyra Banks stands in the doorway with an evil scowl and her eyes fixed on Naomi. Cindy develops a tongue in cheek grin, knowing Naomi is in serious trouble. Tyra starts toward Naomi. Arrogantly standing, with her hands on her hips, Naomi smirks, "What do you want? Another fucking ass...." She never completes the last word as a silent Tyra plants a right cross across, Naomi's kisser.

Naomi's knees buckle and she may have gone down, but Tyra's left uppercut straightens her up. Before her head could reel back from the uppercut, a right fist slams into Naomi's chin, followed by a short left hook. Naomi tries to protect herself, and put her hands over her grimacing face, but a rocketing punch plows into her stomach, and knocks the breath out of her. Naomi's arms drops and holds her stomach over her navel. Her face has that weird, painful expression that is common when a person tries to breath after the breath has been knocked out of them. Tyra's hand flashes out and clutches Madonna's favorite sex toy by her neck. Holding her in place, Tyra rears her fist back and lands one last devastating punch. Naomi staggers away from her silent attacker, reeling several steps away.

The dazed & desperate woman staggers on shaky legs until she picks up a tin trash pale. With a roar of anger, Naomi charges to hit Tyra with it. Tyra easily stops the trash can in mid flight by grabbing Naomi's wrist. Tyra plows her knee into Naomi's flat belly a few times, before she snatches the pale out of the gasping woman's hands. Tyra then slams Naomi's own weapon down on Naomi's head, and watches as the Supermodel crumpled to the floor. Tyra tosses the dented pale away, and has a thoughtful look, of what other kind of torture can she put her previous conqueror through.

Elle unexpectedly charges at Tyra, pushing her back against the wall. Alliances are of the upmost importance in the fashion industry. Besides their personal friendship, if Tyra takes down Naomi, it hurts her power circle. Elle pins Tyra against the wall and tries to batter her with her fist. However she finds that Tyra has adeptly adopted a crab like defense covering her face and tits, blocking her blows.

Naomi lifts her head wearing a beaten and defeated expression. Seeing that Elle has come to her defense, Naomi forces her battered body to rise. She bravely plods to re-enter the battle on rubbery legs. The two women get a few hard punches in on the raging silent woman. Tyra just covers up and tries to block the punches as best as she could.

Seeing the unfair double team of her friend, Cindy flies into action. She assaults Elle from behind by leaping on the back of the unsuspecting woman. Cindy wraps her legs around Elle's waist and starts clawing at Elle's eyes with her hands and wailing punches when possible. Although, Elle is an imposing physical figure, earning her the nickname 'The Body', Cindy did not hesitate about attacking the larger woman. Cindy, a former farm girl, was about to introduce Elle to some good ol' fashion country sufflin'.

With Elle out of the way Tyra easily walks through Naomi's weak blows, and again starts pounding on the already hurting woman. On this occasion Tyra is far too strong for the already dazed Naomi to contend with. Tyra wraps both hands around Naomi's neck and reverses positions by throwing Naomi's back against the wall. Tyra uses her control of Naomi's neck to bang the back of the legendary model's head into the wall. With her rival weakening, and desperately trying to pull the choking hands from around her neck, Tyra punishes Naomi a little more, by repeatedly driving her knee into her panty covered crotch. Naomi's strong body convulses at each shot, and her eyes glare at Tyra begging for mercy.

Meanwhile not even Cindy's country strong legs can contain the awesome power of The Body. As the strong Australian Elle, is about to buck Cindy off her back, Cindy hops off on her own. With Elle off balance from the weight on her back being suddenly removed, Cindy kicks Elle in the small of her back, launching her face first into the make up table. Elle is propelled forward and her forehead crashes into the edge of the table, knocking her silly. With the element of surprise still on her side, Cindy quickly follows behind and grabs Elle by the back of the neck, and slams Elle's forehead in to the table more two times, then slings Elle into the wall.

Cindy stays on Elle like a bad rash. She rushes over and grabs the tough Ausie and spins her around to face her. With her brains already rattling, Elle turns into a right cross followed by a left to the jaw. Elle is swooning then Cindy nails her with a kick into the stomach that doubles her over. Cindy grabs a handful of hair and straightens Elle up with a devastating upper cut, only to blast her again with another right punch. Elle staggers away trying to command her jelly legs. Cindy shakes her head, telling herself that there is no way that her punch drunk rival is going to escape her wrath. Cindy storms up behind The Body and spins her around by her shoulder.

Tyra lands her coup de gras punch on Naomi chin, that lifts her off her feet, before sending her crashing on her face to the floor. Tyra looks over her shoulder, to see that Cindy easily disposing of Elle in similar fashion. A right cross crumples Elle to the floor into an unmoving heap.

Just then, the Fashion Show director entered the room, to see 2 of his 3 Supermodels lying in their bra and panties on the floor. The horror is etched on his face as he sees the finally of his show ruined. Tyra gives the distress man an insightful smile and tells him "Don't to worry, just go tell the MC, we'll be out in 5 minutes."

Tyra saunters to the make up table and scoops up a large amount of white makeup and rubs it on her hands. She walks over to Naomi and rolls the semi conscious woman onto her back. Tyra gingerly plucks off Naomi's bra. Naomi's tits have already popped out of the flimsy undergarment and rendered it useless already. Tyra places both hands over Naomi's handful of tits and squeezes unmercifully until her victim groans, "UUuuuunnngggghhh"

Tyra looks up at the slack jawed director and yells, "I SAID MOVE!" The startled man jumps and runs to follow Tyra's orders.

A couple of minutes later the MC announces its time for the designer's masterpiece creations. Tyra struts down the runway in a devastating evening gown, followed by Cindy in an equally stunning creation. In tow, Tyra has Naomi, crawling on all fours like a dog, topless, but still wearing her panties. Tyra had made a makeshift leash out of a long leather belt tied around Naomi's neck. Naomi has two large white handprints covering her dark chocolate tits. Cindy has the topless panty clad Elle attached to the end of her leash. Elle has red hand prints covering her bouncy breasts. The crowd goes wild. Tyra announces, "Dog may be man's best friend, but every girl needs a good BITCH". The crowd erupts again.

Tyra & Cindy continue walking their "pets", flaunting them up and down the runway. Naomi & Elle complied hoping the crowd will think it was part of the show, and not realize the truth that they were at their master's mercy. Also, neither would chance having their "master" discipline them on stage for disobedience.

After Tyra & Cindy left the runway and exits behind the curtains, the press and photographers descend on them taking pictures and trying to get the story on the final act. Cindy & Tyra play off the incident, again lampooning the rivalry. Naomi & Elle, quietly untie their leashes during the congestion and scurry back to their dressing room and lock the door.

Naomi rumages through her bag until she finds an address book. Naomi picks up her telephone and dials a number. She shouts into the phone, "Tyra, you're going to pay for this! You thought I kicked your ass last time, but wait till I see you again!" Naomi finishes and she throws the phone against the wall in anger.

Tyra gets back to her hotel room and hears the message. She quickly shares it with Cindy, who is still with her. Then the two burst into laughter, very proud of themselves for their victory today.