Hollywood, Martine Beswick, Tanya Danielle, Raquel Welch, Pam Grier, Barocca, Tia Carrere, Jenny McCarthy

"Give up yet?" the beautiful busty babe said, taunting her breathless rival. Barocca gasped for air, and she weakly clawed at Pam Griers back. Every muscle in Pams beautiful upper body strained as she felt her opponent weaken. Four magnificent breasts crushed together as they seemed to be doing their own private battledance.

Suddenly Pam released Barocca; beautiful legs wobbled. Pam stepped back, shot fist into the porn stars jaw snapping her head back. As Barocca moaned and started to fall, Pam shot her hands out; long strong fingers grabbed two huge beautiful melons; hard sharp nails dug in deep.

"Aiiiiieeeeeee!" Barocca screamed with what voice she had left.

"Oh my, do those big tits hurt?" Pam sneered.

"Here's some more pain."

Whooosssh. Crunch. One hard knee to pubic bone. Barocca's knees buckled; Pam released her tit hold and let her fall.

"And just who's next-Uhhhhhh." Pam's answer was a hard punch to her lower belly.

"That would be me, I'm next-and my friends." Tia Carerra's fist was not very friendly. But neither was Tanya Danielles arm that snaked around Pam's throat from behind. Blonde and brunette worked as one, and worked rather methodically, quite erotically; the two doubleteamed Pam, both knowing neither could take her alone.

Tia ripped at what remained from Barocca's initial attack moments earlier. The torn dress-and then the overstuffed sexy bra. Both Tia and Tanya each broke a shoulder strap; each grabbed a bracup and tore it off. And each slapped and punched a big lovely breast; Tia pinched a nipple; Tanya had a different tactic; her lips kissed, carressed, then sucked the rock hard nub, then a nasty, long painful twist and pull.

Two free hands went for a lower target. Rip away that soft fabric, the thin barrier to soft tenderness.

"Aieeeeeee. Arggggggh. Nooooooo. I'll kill you," Pam screamed. Threats fell on deaf ears. Punches, slaps, choke holds, clawing, vicious hair pulling. A whirlwind catfight assault. Suddenly Tia's hand clamped over Pams nose and mouth. Beautiful dreamy eyes glazed.

"One, two, three, four....Nighty Night!" Tanya whispered as Pam's loveliness went limp.

Two down, who would be next?

"Let's get the winner," Tanya chirped.

But just who would the winner be?

Martine Beswick and Raquel Welch were going at it tooth and nail. Both had worn tight blouses, short skirts, pantyhose and heels. Both sexy hellcats wanted to be number one. What started out as insults, and threats turned into slapping. This was for real, not pretend fighting as both had in some earlier pictures.

"My money's on Raquel." The voice sounded familiar. It was Hollywood. But she was preocuppied. At least for the moment. She was concentrating on one lovely gorgeous busty blonde. Somehow Jenny McCarthy had busted into the Stone Rage Hall of Fame catfight extraveganza. Nice. Big mistake, but Nice!

"You stupid blonde bimbo-you're gonna be so much fun," Hollywood hissed as she delivered a series of slaps, followed up by ripping Jenny's sexy top. She was now going for the blondes bra...

"Get her Raquel...

"Get her Martine....

Tia and Tanya cheered the two classic catfight legends on; both observed how the two hellcats still looked young; must have been some kind of magic-Stone Rage Magic; word had it, he could keep all catfighters young and in their prime some how.

"Should we jump in?" Tia asked.

"No, let them strip each other first; at least let's see some boobs," Tanya giggled. After all, whats a catfight without sexy boobs exposed for pinching and mauling?

Martine was taking the lead in that area; Raquels bra went flying through the air; for payback, she ripped Martines blouse to shreds. Then her bra became the next target.

"Yeah, lets see her titties," Tanya shouted. In a second, Tia lunged, grabbed Raquel by the hair and pulled her off of Martine. The tall Asian beauty took control with a choke hold, then a headlock. She pounded her fists into Raquels belly and ribs, Slamming her head into a wall she then fired punches to the sexy babe's lower back-kidney punches as it were. Raquel moaned. A nasty, but oh so erotic breath stealing bear hug. Raquels final gasps, and then a solid punch to the jaw; a knockout. Tia removed the "sleeping" beauties skirt and yanked down her panties just enough to expose her pussy.

"Ouch. Yikes. Owieeeeee." Martine was still full of energy, anger and fiestiness when Tanya attacked. She slapped the busty blonde silly, pounded those huge beautiful jugs with pleasure and wondrous speed. She even stripped off the blonde's top exposing that sexy black see through lace bra. Somehow Tanya stayed in the game. A lucky wildly thrown haymaker smacked into Martine's ear. Pain exploded. The sexy brunette felt dizzy, dazed. A vicious hair pull and oh my, a nasty head butt. Long arms wrapped around Martines chest; a bearhug from behind. Tanya squeezed as hard as she could. Martine was lifted up and her feet left the floor. She kicked, squirmed, gasped for air. Begged, pleaded. Tanya squeezed harder. A quick release; a wicked bitch slap. A hand clamped over the catfight legends nose and mouth. Another down. Tanya snickered, giggled, proud of her accomplishment.

She stripped Martine naked, bent down, pinched her nipples, gave each breast a long hard passionate suck, swatted each breast and proudly stated, "There, see, I win....nice titties sweetie."

"Way to go, congratulations," Tia shouted. She came up and gave Tanya a love squeeze on her tight right ass cheek. Then she gave her a passionate kiss. Her right hand cupped the busty blonde's left breast firmly.

"Gosh, your beautiful; they are so big, yet so firm. Gonna have some fun with them-when I take you down!" Tanya moaned with pleasure, then bristled with anger and a twinge of nervousness. "No way in hell are you gonna take me," she thought. She imagined herself slapping, stripping, working over Tia. Man was she hot......

"Yeah, you'd better run you crazy blonde bimbo!" Hollywood screamed as she charged after Jenny McCarthy who was running straight towards Tia and Tanya.

"Sorry for the distraction, but I've always wanted to take this blonde down," Tia said as she gave Tanya a push. Tanya felt miffed, but decided to enjoy the show.

Tia lunged towards the charching Jenny; stopped suddenly, shot out her long leg tripping Jenny, sending her sprawling. Tia was on her in a flash, buried her long strong fingers in Jenny's lustrous blonde silk. She jerked her to her feet, shot two punches to her ribs.

"Nice bra-but the straps broken-let me fix it," Tia snickered. She reached out, grabbed the bra cup and yanked down..

"Oh my, sorry-my bad," Tia cackled as she fired a punch square into the now exposed big beautiful breast.

"Argggggh," Jenny gasped as she grabbed Tia's beautiful dark hair.

"Ouchhhh," Tia yelled. She shot her leg up hard and fast, slamming her knee into the shrieking blondes crotch.

"Oh my, ya know she may give us trouble," Tanya said as she watched Hollywood flinch at the sight of Tia's nastiness against Jenny.

"Ya wanna-yeah, Lets-" Tanya slipped up behind Tia. Hollywood moved in from the side. Tanya interocked her fingers, made a double fist, raised her arms; Whammmm. Right in Tia's back. Hollywood fired two punches to Tia's ribs. Jenny was gasping, on her knees, holding her crotch. She snarled, made a fist and slammed it hard into Tia's groin.

"Payback-how's it feel?" Jenny snarled, still gasping.

"Uhhhhhh.Ooooohhh.Ungggggh,"Tia staggered. Tanya moved in, put her in a reverse headlock, smacked her into a wall.

"Let's see what ya got," Hollywood purred as she reached up with her talented talons. Ripppp. Ripppp. Tia's was now clad only in bra and panties.

"Ohhhhh, come on-get her bra off," Tanya said as she strained to hold Tia. Hollwood ripped Tia's bra off, squeezed and slapped her beautiful breasts for a few pleasurable moments before the two bid her goodnight courtesy a good punch and a sleeper hold.

"Uhhhhhhh? What's going on here? Isn't that Raquel Welch? I thought this was a party, not a fight?" Jenny said looking a bit confused.

"Boy are you stupid or what?" Tanya chirped. Hollywood laughed a bit wickedly.

"Yeah, confused, stupid, beaten and stripped?!" Hollywood stated, matter of factly and with a lustful tone.


Whammmmm. Bifff. Booom. Slap..Ripppp. Tanya and Hollywood doubleteamed the beautiful blonde...pulled her hair, slaps, punches, tittie torture and yes even a bit of forceful catfight style lovin'.

"Good night, sweetie....next time keep those big boobs out of uninvited parties," Tanya warned as she watched Hollywood bid the blonde Nightynight courtesy a sleeperhold.

"Just you and me-and I'm gonna win," Tanya snarled.

"Whaaa-?Uhhhhhh." Hollywood grabbed the nearest unoccupied bra she found, wrapped it around Tanya's neck and pulled her down. A bra-choke to La-la land, a leg scissors around the waist. As Tanya struggled, her beautiful eyes glazed, Hollywood slowly released her lovely prey before stripping her naked. She kissed and sucked her nipples until Tanya came to; then gave her a good spanking....

"I give...you win...ouch...my butt...ouch...my beautiful butt....ouchh.Ouchieee.."

Hollywood Smiled. "Yes, I win..." Just remember....when it comes to catfights...winning catfights...among celebrities....of course... "HollyWood Wins..."