Born: October 10th, 1984 Height: 5'4" Weight: 90lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Lucy-chan! Years Catfighting: 8
Previous League: NNL, Jr. NNL Previous Belts: NNL Shikoku Queen 10x’s, NNL Tag Champ (with Aya Ueto) 1x, Shikoku Street Fighting Champion 3x’s, Pegasus Invitational Tournament Champion 2x’s, Queen of Evil (promotional belt voted on by fans) 6x’s, Great Showmanship Award (promotional belt voted on by fans) 3x’s
Finishing Moves: Blooming Mountain! (5 Star Frog-Splash!), Chiaki Sault! (Moonsault off the top rope), Chiaki San-sault! (Hits a top rope moonsault on target, then IMMEDIATELY gets up and hits TWO STANDING MOONSAULTS one after the other!), Full Brightness (Standing Frankensteiner into a face smother submission), Anime Upgrade! (She steals the Finishing Move of her Opponent! Varies, but she knows many of the finishing moves of NNL Catfighters!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, lightning fast, great at high-flying, top rope and body attacks, great speed and technical moves, good submission moves, decisive in the ring, solid ring awareness, tougher than she looks, can take an ass-whipping, can win long matches, ultra-aggressive, attacks exposed weaknesses immediately, great showmanship, imaginative and intuitive, devious, evil, merciless, Goth fetish, honest, hard worker and eager to learn more, great tag wrestler, great teammate, great stablemate, shows potential for leadership and founding of stables/groups, Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox, Geese, abilities increase dramatically when managed by Geese, rarely submits, still has not reached full catfighting potential
Weaknesses: Weight, fetishes cause bizarre results that can cost her matches and even cause her to become vulnerable to certain catfighters, if beaten repeatedly or definitively by a catfighter may become not only vulnerable to them but unable to beat them at all, takes extremely abnormal amounts of damage when finishing moves countered, can be worn out and overpowered in matches, extremely vulnerable to certain catfighters, cannot defeat Aya Ueto, cannot defeat Kou Shibasaki, cannot defeat Yukie Nakama, extremely vulnerable to Jennifer Love Hewitt, vulnerable to Lucy Liu and Vivica Fox, tits, nose, mouth, neck, ring awareness decreases as match goes against her, extremely vulnerable to abnormal damage/KO from finishers while momentum is against her, extremely vulnerable to power moves, has no power moves, can be KO’d by power moves in long matches or if chained properly, takes abnormal damage from top rope finishers, psyche can be whittled away at due to fetishes, takes abnormally high damage from low blows and dirty tactics, tragic heroine complex, hostile crowds while match and momentum are against her can KO her mentally, Goth fetish, once she gives out she cannot recover and can be chain-hit till KO/submits

Chiaki Kuriyama was born October 10th, 1984 in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture. She currently resides in Sin City and is one of “The 3” that are local lore amongst Geese’s Maid Enforcers and some of his Queen’s of Color. The other two members are Vivica Fox and Lucy Liu. All three of them make up the catfighting stable of VLK, which stands for Vivica, Lucy and Kuriyama. All three of these ladies owe their current relationship with Geese, to Tarantino and his movie, Kill Bill Volume One. But the very first lady that Geese spoke to was Chiaki. In the end she would be the hardest to recruit, but the easiest heart to win. The Gothic Tragic Heroine was instantly smitten with the gloomy Kokujin recluse whose behavior and mannerisms attracted her like a magnet! What thrilled her even more was that once she started speaking to him he actually could speak some crude Japanese! And he was also very-very funny! Plus his appearance? His eyes held the same deep expressiveness and she found his nose just as interesting as her own! Her friend was kinda creeped out by their weird physical symmetry, so Chiaki simply sent her on her way. Finally alone, the two of them spent much of their time, ooooo… trading jokes and comments about everything around them, indeed it was love at first sight!

That year was spent just getting to know each other and constantly talking back-and-forth. He was also instrumental in her attempts to test the English she was learning, although her busy schedule often constrained not only her English lessons, but also her time to talk with him. The two managed to make it through the first year far apart and more as friends than a couple. After a while though, Chiaki began to feel as though Geese was trying to let her down nicely. A somewhat morbid high school dating life along with a Gothic outlook on things certainly didn’t help. Then when she threw in her whole “Tragic Heroine” complex, it got downright depressing. She didn’t understand why he was slowly drifting away from her and things cooled off considerably as her work took her in a totally different direction with her time. His work schedule didn’t help either. But on the day after her 18th birthday he arranged for her to spend some time in America with him. At first she was hesitant with the way things had dwindled off until one of her much more Americanized Japanese friends told her that in America, she was considered underage. It… made her laugh! She wondered why he never mentioned the fact that he was concerned about their age difference or age of consent laws or anything else like that? Once she arrived at his Estate she was quick to turn the tables on him and play off of his fears, only for her to find out that he was well aware of what the age of consent was in Japan, which shocked her. No, the real issue had become her Talent Agency (TA), which shocked the shit out of her again!?!? He then began reading off the “list of things” that they had tried to “insist on” making him follow. Even she could see by the look on his face that he wasn’t somebody that followed “what people insisted on”. It was one of the reasons why she loved being around him. He challenged her to grow and expected her to reach out into the world and touch it. She’d gotten to where she was with that attitude, but found out over time that too much yammering, by a woman? Could really cause some problems. Mind you… too much yammering by anybody in Japan… can cause problems… FOR THEM!

Things took off quickly and soon she found herself unwilling to head back to Japan without him. In this instance however, since he was his own boss, he could make an exception for himself! But also she didn’t need to read any “tea leaves” to know that her TA was watching her like a hawk. Julia and Charmaine presented to the young couple, information on Chiaki’s TA and made it clear to them that SHE, Chiaki, was the biggest and brightest star in their stable, IN ALL ASPECTS! So as an idol and as an NNL catfighter, her TA was small, pun intended. And there livelihood literally hinged on Chiaki’s success or failure. They couldn’t afford any missteps as they were trying to find new and inventive ways to market themselves through the success of Chiaki. And so it began, the secret war of Chiaki’s Talent Agency with Chiaki and Geese over their relationship. However, unbeknownst to Chiaki, Geese sat down secretly with her TA and they actually LOVED THE IDEA and cosigned it quickly, HOWEVER!?!? They were just as Julia and Charmaine said, a small agency in the much larger Japanese entertainment industry. The NNL’s management was a giant consolidation of all of the top Talent Agencies in Japan and with Chiaki’s ascendancy early on as a child model, they’d finally earned an invitation to join the NNL Organization. What they found was “the Old Guard”, alive and well, as the Executive Board of the NNL. Most of these men looked down on outside interference in a distinctly Japanese organization. Most prominent NNL members were not dating gaijin, and they certainly weren’t, well, you know? Kokujin gaijin…

Ultimately Geese convinced them to let Chiaki in on where they actually stood and they were all faced with the reality that if they didn’t play their cards right, Chiaki may well find herself black-balled in Japanese entertainment. So the plan was put together to LITERALLY spin this very real and VERY DANGEROUS career-killing situation! To everyone’s advantage. Chiaki’s TA played their stereotyped role of EEEEVIL CONTROLLING ORGANIZATION! Geese, much to his disgust, played the role of the Black gaijin American using his EEEVIL BLACK GAIJIN AMERICAN POWERS! TO CONTINUE THE DOMINATION OF AMERICA OVER JAPAN! He didn’t keep his role in this sick J-drama for long, which freaked out Chiaki’s TA until he explained that his parents didn’t raise a coon. He did however play along early on to give the plot the push and punch it needed with the Executive Board of the NNL. Chiaki simply had to be herself. The reality was that she IS the flagship idol of her TA. Her sudden “progressive” behavior could actually sink her Agency and they had always been accommodating and upfront with her in the past, so she couldn’t just abandon them for her own selfish happiness when they gave her the opportunity to do what many-many-many Japanese people dream of… Actual individual self-expression… Ultimately the Executive Board took the bait and they approved the Contract Clause that Geese would eventually bring Lucy to Tokyo, to cash in on. From there, things have just been one rollercoaster ride after another…